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In the 1980s my daughter’s favourite toys were Polly Pocket, My Little Pony and Pound Puppy. Polly Pocket was like a miniature doll’s house in a flip-top compact, complete with a tiny doll. Yes, I loved Polly Pocket because I could carry a tiny portable doll’s house anywhere we went with all the different rooms. I went searching recently for a retro pound puppy pattern, just out of interest, to see if there were any still in circulation. There were definitely books since I had two or three of them and there was a board game too. Halloween is upon us, and in celebration, I’ve compiled here my 5 favorite haunted houses to get you in the mood!
Tanner is a cool cat from Alaska who left the arctic in search of the hot fashion scene in NYC. Cape Cod house plans were originally developed by English early settlers in America, who grew the northeastern United States style including a plain front with central door between two windows, and gabled roof with little dormers. While Cape Cod house plans are a typically American style, the earliest styles were established in the 1600′s by English early settlers in simulation of the simple thatched cottages universal back in England. Coastal home plans from the 17th to the 18th centuries often had unprotected crawl spaces under the first floor that were used as the root cellars and the original early settlers packed seaweed against the stone bases to insulate against the chilling drafts driving from the ocean. The majority of houses seen these days were constructed after the World War II, when returning the soldiers with young families needed inexpensive and functional housing. Pan Abode Cedar Homes Designs, Manufactures and Ships Custom Post and Beam, Log, Timber Home & Cabin Kit Packages all over the planet . Whether you are looking to build a couple hundred square foot remote Hunting Seasonal Cabin, a weekend Cabin of a couple thousand square feet, or a lavish second home vacation retreat, PAN ABODE Cedar Homes has the easy to build Building Systems and the Design expertise to fulfill your discerning needs. Standard Materials specifications for all our Building Systems are based on IRC energy code compliant requirements.
We also offer Custom Design to our customers, choose to modify one of our Standard Plans, Cabin Kit Plans or supply a sketch of your own to take advantage of PAN ABODE's ability to custom design the right cabin for you. We asked Margaret Simpson, curator, to share her memories of classic 80s toys, and she’s consulted her daughter, who spent quality time with these toys in the 80s.
It was the ideal toy to take shopping and visiting, small enough to carry but big enough to keep my daughter amused.
I’d play with it on the train and even remember taking it overseas when I was five because it was a wonderful portable toy.

She was purple with a light purple mane and tail with a lovely rainbow pattern on her rump. It was a bit of an expensive soft toy fad that we wouldn’t have bought for her ourselves but she did love him.
I vaguely remember the Pound Puppy TV shows and I’d borrow Pound Puppy books from the library. It came in a box and was a different theme and had a backing board and then lots of different felt pieces to create a scene.
I loved this toy, I could take it on long car rides and once I was done just close all the small piece up inside so not to lose them. I lived in an area that has a high ratio of girls to boys and always was jealous that they all had their Kids and I never got one. He stays hydrated in the heat drinking coconut flavored anything and warm in the cold by cocooning himself in layers of his hand knit scarves.
The next time you see somebody playing Monopoly, look at the small green houses put down in Park Place and Boardwalk.
It is a great design to keep out unkind New England winters, given that the heart of the house is a huge central chimney that provides heat to all spaces clustered around it, as well as lighting and fire for cooking.
The Cape Cod house plans filled this bill wonderfully, and it was the basic style of some of America’s first large housing developments, for example William J. For 60 years PAN ABODE has supplied Cabins and High end Homes to our customers all over the planet. These systems come precut and part numbered so virtually anyone can assemble these systems without much construction know how. We assume any of our plans can be perceived as a cabin depending on the customer point of reference. Although I loved the Polly Pocket concept I found it really annoying that the little doll didn’t have a moveable waist or limbs.
Like every little girl I suppose she always wanted a horse and My Little Pony would be galloped along any available surface, along train or car seats or magically flying through the air. It must have been related to some sort of TV tie-in because there were all sorts of extras you could buy like plastic kennels and bones and various books. I don’t know whether it was his squashed in face, floppy ears or soulful expression which appealed to me. This game piece, with its central chimneys, rectangular shapes, and steep roofs are good examples of the classic Cape Cod house plans architecture. Exteriors as well as roofs of the Cape Cod house plans were wrapped in cedar shingles that also helped to insulate against the chilly.

We use West Coast wood products that are superior in strength, and are proven to stand the test of time. I would make up a story moving her to various parts of the house but found it frustrating that when I’d sit her on the lounge or the bed she’d fall off.
A couple of years later I got a hand-me-down, pre-loved yellow one with a messy curly mane and tail which had had some serious plaiting problems. My parents decided that we would have cats so Ralph was the closest thing I had to a dog at home.
The inhabitants of these monstrous mansions are ghosts for goodness sakes – can they truly appreciate or do they even need all that space? The style had mostly died out until the Royal Barry Willis, a Boston designer, renewed the design in the 1920′s as a modern option for housing. The key elements which describe Cape Cod house plans are a big central chimney located behind the front door, a steep roof with shallow overhang for quickly shedding snow and rain, and rooms which cluster around the chimney in a rectangular shape.
I also didn’t like hearing the doll rattling around inside her house when I was carrying it along.
Another thing, if these houses weren’t so poorly looked after, they would be beautiful homes! Willis retained the exterior style of the Cape Cod house plans, but he adapted the interior decoration to a modern lifestyle. I used to worry that I’d loose her somewhere because she was so tiny and wasn’t attached to the house. So common Casper, get your ish together and stop scheming on how you can passive aggressively spook people to leave your place and get to work on some much need, long over-due home improvement. I was also envious of my friend’s “McMansion” Polly Pockets with garages, gazebos, swimming pools and palm trees and a whole family of dolls but I could take always take my Polly Pocket anywhere.
They came with a collar, an adoption certificate and my parents bought me a carry case for the Yuppie. I suppose I learnt basic hairdressing skills and certainly perfected my plaiting at a young age, especially tiny multiple plaits on the tail. There were also massive Pound Puppies you could buy that were always outrageously priced at Toyworld. The ponies were wonderful entertainment and would occupy me for hours on long car trips as I could continuously style and restyle them and I’d never get bored.

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