Every construction project we tackle is unique, and we take your concerns, needs, budget, and time constraints seriously. Horizon Development and Construction provides a full range of services to meet your industrial and commercial construction needs. Whether you need metal buildings, tilt wall construction, build outs, design build services, remodeling or renovations, we can help.
Holden Roofing’s strong reputation throughout the commercial roofing industry dates back more than 50 years. Holden Roofing’s Commercial Shingle Division services multi-family developments, motels, and churches. Why Choose Holden Roofing“Your Holden Sales Representative called on our business today, and I wanted to say how courteous and helpful he was. When you work with Winslows, you'll receive a fair price for your building and we'll put it in writing!
Though we do our best to answer every question and ensure every detail is covered, we're always here to help if you need us - before, during and after the sale of your new building. Winslow's offers a wide selection of buildings including storage sheds, metal, steel, carports, garages, portable, wood and vinyl buildings. We manufacture all of our metal and wood buildings at two production facilities in Wills Point, TX to ensure the best quality. We're a family owned and operated company, focused on quality and superior customer satisfaction. We also have highly skilled contractors to insure that each product is professionally installed the way it was designed and to our customera€™s complete satisfaction. As far as metal carports, we know Texas people are interested in these structures primarily for the protection that they provide to their vehicles and other possessions.
We are a fully customer-oriented company, capable to incorporate design, fabrication, engineering, and construction of all our projects. With over 75 years of expertise in several states, wea€™ll assist you in the process of determining what kind of building you need based on your goals and budget. We have established a unique team of design staff that are proficient in the design and production of our building system. We also offer a range of accessories to help customize your metal building and a few options include wainscote, wind anchors, insulation and skylights.
We are a informative company that educates and advises on the features and benefits of purchasing a metal building. Ours is a family owned business, specializing in the design and sale of Carports, Garages, Boat and Other Structures. We will not give out any information you submit at our site or office to any third parties except in compliance with a request of a law enforcement agency. The mayoral race is heating up and, naturally, Houston’s waste management and infrastructure have been under the spotlight. Traditionally, individuals are required to dispose of their recyclables in specific containers; there is a separate bin for glass, plastic, and paper. This is nothing new for residential recyclers; one could place all of their recyclables (only paper, plastic and aluminum) in one bin already. The new 96-gallon single stream carts come with wheels and handle, making them easier to push to the curb.
Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is a scrap metal recycling facility that buys all types of steel, carbide, lead, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum. Commercial metal builder - pre-fabrication, design, architectural services, site planning, site preparation, site grading, construction management, structural and architectural design work, complete start to finish commercial metal building installation.
We work on all size projects, from metal sheds, metal garage installation, to massive large scale commercial steel building structures. Our team of professionals has the experience that you can count on for any project, from tilt-wall construction and metal building warehouses to office build outs, turnkey construction projects, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our construction services in Houston and to schedule a consultation for an estimate on your industrial or commercial construction project. We recognize that roof leaks and repairs cause costly downtime to both your business and your tenants. We offer strong labor warranties and No Dollar Limit manufacturer warranties on specific projects. We always try to help you find the right carport or any type of building according to your needs, budget and options. We'll take the time to help you decide on the best model for your needs and provide a drawing of EVERY feature, to ensure you get exactly what you ordered!

Our experienced building crew can deliver buildings or build larger buildings onsite throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
Our mission has always been to exceed our customers' expectations, while maintaining honesty and integrity in everything we do!
Besides our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the right building type for your application. If you own one or more vehicles, including cars, RVs, motorcycles, trucks, motorcycles, and so on, then you may understand that protecting these machines with carports will give them longer life and safety from theft as well. You'll feel confident with our 30 plus years of experience and our friendly no pressure sales approach. From carports and garages to workshops, equipment sheds, horse barns and more, all of our metal buildings feature heavy-gauge, galvanized steel construction for durability you can count on!
That's why we have many of our metal buildings on display at our showroom locations in North, East, and Central Texas, as well as Louisiana and Oklahoma. Our key staff members have been highly trained and have experience in all aspects of design. With our multi-cultural and diverse staff, we boast a depth of knowledge pertaining to diverse environmental conditions, cultures and economies.
We strive to be able to price quote faster and with more accuracy than the competition across multiple manufactures.
Under no circumstances will your name, e-mail, phone number or address be sold to, or given to any other parties.
Mayor Annise Parker proposed an expansion of single stream recycling in her budget proposal for the 2014 fiscal year (which started July 1).
Single stream recycling is revolutionary because it allows you to put all of your recyclables in one giant bin. With the right Metal Building Contractor your metal building can be completed on time and under budget. We do everything from site preparation, site grading, concrete foundation, site planning, metal site design, project management, installation services and finish work.
We have completed projects all around Texas in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Galveston. We know how important it is to manage a crew and our owner is onsite making sure that every detail of the plan is followed. We focus on quality metal construction for all types of customers - Metal Homes, Metal Commercial Buildings, Industrial Metal Buildings, Metal Sheds - Metal Building Installation, Construction and Site Work.
You can be assured that we will manage site plans, evaluate surveys and schematics, produce and implement construction drawings, and establish and maintain schedules.
Our commercial roofing division is accustomed to working on large scale projects and will out perform all other crews in the city. We pride ourselves as one of the top carport & metal building builder in Texas that offer quality building products at reasonable prices, along with our excellent customer service.
When you visit our showroom locations, prices are clearly marked on each building model, to make it easy to compare features and get the best building for your needs. Every metal or wood building we build carries our family name and we'll do our best to ensure your complete satisfaction! We also offers a wide variety of metal carports, storage buildings, and other carport accessories. Many of our buildings are also available in easy-to-assemble kits that can be shipped throughout the continental US. Outstanding quality, excellent prices, and superior experience, winslow provides all of that and more to residents of Texas! Texas residents must deal with the sun, rain, and other elements that is a usual phenomina here and knows that these can harm their vehicles when their vehicles are exposed to these weather factors for an extended period of time.
Our knowledgeable staff and experienced installation crews will make your metal building projects simple and easy. The team are capable of completing total design, supply, project management and construction.We manufacture our complete range of products providing total quality control.
So whatever is your idea pertaining to your building, we can design and built it keeping in mind all the factors.
We are fully contactable and able to assist customers through the design, decision process, delivery and erection of their new building. We will never willfully sell, lease, or rent any of your or your business' personally identifiable information to any third party. What are the implications of this new method of recycling for Houston scrap metal recycling?

Traditional recycling bins were open top, leaving recyclables victim to weathering and exposure, thereby damaging the quality of the recyclables. Overall, the initiative should encourage recycling by making it a simple companion to taking out the trash. Instead of giving your scrap metal up for free, you can sell it to a scrap dealers and recyclers for instant cash. Give Brand Metal Buildings a call and see why we are the #1 Houston Metal Building Contractor! Metal Building DesignNot unlike building a house you also have choices when building a metal building.
Rural remote sites to metropolitan cities where we have designed and erected metal buildings.
You can count on Holden Roofing to protect your property, minimize the inconvenience to your tenants, and to always maintain a tidy work area. We address all roof top insulation needs from basic, to taper systems which alleviate water ponding.
And without a garage or carport these are certain to attract rust and other factors to damage it.
With our experts backed with their years of experience, we can help build almost any building type such as metal garage, boat cover shed, sheds for RV, cars, barn and many more for both commercial and personal purposes.
Visit our showroom locations across Austin, Houston and throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.
The bins were also difficult to set outside, particularly for those with disabilities and the elderly.
Our Houston Metal Building Design team can create different styles and versions of metal buildings to accommodate your needs. Holden Roofing tightly controls the entire process, making sure each job is done right the first time. We also ensure of the highest standards while working on your project, from fabrication to installation every minute details are taken into account.
Our Metal buildings can keep these elements off your vehicle and could incerase the life of your valuable property.
Finally, the 18-gallon cans simply don’t hold very many items and do not accept glass. Different styles of siding and roofing gives you the ability to create a unique building that suits your needs. When it comes to Steel, you can certainly appreciate the durability, long lasting products, and great value we provide for any kind of metal and wood Buildings. Our Houston Metal building Installers have the knowledge and experience to complete your metal building correctly the first time and under budget. Do not take a chance with a company that does not have a background in Metal building construction. Not only must it contain the required thickness and re-bar to satisfy the local building code, it is very important ensure that it is level. We say the same about a metal building that you are going to spend a long amount of time in. We cover the interior of the metal building with the latest insulation techniques for your comfort. When it comes down to the different materials for roofing metal is one of the most resilient, long lasting, and durable material out there.
Much like siding these wall panels protect your metal building from harsh weather conditions. If you are looking for a addition that will hold up to weather and not brake your bank then think about Metal Building Additions. Metal additions are structurally sound and when it comes to budget in the end it is cheaper.
You can not ask for a better material when it comes to building. Interior Build OutNow that your Metal building is up, what are you going to do with the interior?
I owe you a big thanks for being one of those professional companies who makes my job easy!

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