Unsupported browserThis site was designed for modern browsers and tested with Internet Explorer version 10 and later. This tutorial demonstrates how to create an online resume that incorporates Schema.org Microdata. The tutorial demo is a one page site template that you are free to use for your online resume.
Please note that this is not a web design or CSS tutorial, so only the HTML5 and Schema.org Microdata markup will be covered.
Because Schema.org Microdata is based on the HTML5 microdata specification, HTML5 markup is being used to create the one page resume site template. Note: An HTML5 JavaScript shim is not required in IE9+ and other modern browsers that support HTML5.
The HTML5 article element is used for standalone content that would most likely be syndicated like a blog post or news article. The first types of schemas that we are going to add to the markup is Person and PostalAddress.
Itemprop attributes need to be added wherever appropriate using span tags so that additional information is provided to search engines about our web page. Next the EducationalOrganization and PostalAddress schemas are going to be added to the markup. Step 3 Scan Your Individual TargetOut of the returned list of targets, pick one that you would like to scan for services. How Can I Protect Myself?Luck for all of you lovely people, I recently made a tutorial on iptables, which will filter out unwanted connections. Occupy The Web.I just wanted to ask you a question.Here is the scenario,I want to hack into someone's computer that is outside the network, (By outside I mean he lives far away) The only thing I know is his Pubic IP Address, Can I or Can I not Hack into my Victim computer?If I can, then How?
Family tree templates have previously only been available to members of a few select websites. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. We've all had to write an essay or research paper at some point, and undoubtedly the hardest part about it is always the citation, right? Even if you can’t hire a fancy designer and are stuck with Microsoft Word, a few tweaks can turn your blase resume into an elegant and functional showpiece. At the same point size, Georgia appears larger than Times New Roman, so you’ll want to set the font size a point or two smaller. To improve readability, also increase the line spacing (also called leading) to at least 120% of the font size. A typographic hierarchy expresses an organizational system for content, emphasizing some data and diminishing others. Our example resume already uses bolds and italics to highlight important information such as names and job titles. To make these section headings more distinct, use horizontal rules above and below each section heading. In the pulldown under Line Spacing, choose Exactly if it’s not already chosen, and set the line spacing to 16pt. To give more emphasis to job descriptions and responsibilities, deemphasize the cities and dates by setting them in grey.
I saw this article on Digg when it first came out and decided to use it to update my resume.
I am just starting another job search so when updating my resume I put it in this format and it worked very well. It would be great if there was a cover letter template with the same formatting, but that may be asking for too much.

This is for MICROSOFT WORD.1) Click on INSERT2) Scroll to PAGE NUMBERS3) Click on TOP RIGHT**Make sure that it is in 12 point Times New Roman font by double clicking on the number so it's highlighted. Our latest PowerPoint and Keynote templates are editable newspapers, in which you can add your own headlines, articles and pictures. I love the newspaper template and am able to modify it and print it off so that children with disabilities can participate in making a newspaper. I am writing to request permission to use your template in our materials that we provide our special education teachers for assistive technology trainings. Hi im trying to mske a school news paper and was just wondering if you have any more templates? I downloaded your template as i was desperate and needed to due a Mock artice for english tomorrow, i expected to get a virus and it be total junk but i was presently surprised to use this. Thank you so much – these helped me immensely for my project and were way better than all of the other ones i had found.
As a bonus, several color versions are included in the source files zip; dark green, light green, dark blue and light blue. Unfortunately, older web browsers like IE7 and IE8 do not recognize certain HTML5 elements.
THis is due to the fact that it makes more sense, when considering how each item has a title and a description. The section element was used in the markup because none of the sections of the resume are considered to be standalone content. This article does a really good job explaining the difference between HTML5 article and section elements. Also, disable any unnecessary programs that connect to the internet (remote administration, media sharing, etc).Windows users, install Comodo firewall, it's incredible and uses a simple point and click installation, and will filter ports for you.
If not, use an appropriate IP address range.Second, the 24 in the command represents CIDR notation. Times doesn’t read well on-screen and lacks typographic subtleties such as non-lining numbers.
A hierarchy helps readers scan a text, knowing where to enter and exit and how to pick and choose among its offerings. I just used the template you provided to update my own resume, with a few adjustments (like moving the education to the bottom and adding a section for technical skills) that are appropriate to my industry.
Dave Perry has obviously moved on from this discussion (he must be busy out there guerilla marketing something to someone) but I did check out his linked websites: horrible. Have used the ideas on my resume and hopefully should go towards giving me an internship… thank you. Since then I’ve shown my new and improved resume to my wife, a couple co-workers, and a former boss. I have access to a huge repository of high-grade fonts and I wonder if someone might be able to recommend a high quality font which is sleek on-screen and printed.
Every time I click download, it takes me to a powerpoint presentation of the various templates you can use?
I wanted baskerville oldface then i put the color and size then it automatically went back to that annoying Calibri font. Anyone in the world can contact your computer through its IP address, and send a retrieve information with it.I'm sure at one time or another you've heard that hackers can hack your computer via your IP address. SSH piques my interest, so let's move on to banner grabbing to learn the software version or our choice of service. The laptop was dropped a few months back and messed up the sensors in the screen but did not crack the screen.
It means look for all 255 IP addresses in the fourth octet of the IP address.If none of this makes sense, you might want to read some of the basic networking tutorials here on Null Byte.

As long as it's just a "scenario".You can still hack a system outside of your network using portforwarding. Each private and secure website is loaded with Photos, Charts, Reports, Maps, Relationships, Events and Stories. That has all changed, and we are now pleased to offer you the opportunity to download free printable blank family trees. Even more so if you're gathering your facts from a huge variety of sources.You could spend more time citing than actually writing. Because it’s available on virtually all computers and designed to be readable on on-screen, try Georgia instead. While useful in outlines, too many indentations in a resume will cause your eyes to jump all over the page, destroying page harmony.
In June 2011, Google announced the creation of Schema.org, a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo!
This is one of the reasons proxies and anonymity services exist, to protect people from learning your IP address.
I found that if I remoted in with Remote Desktop, I could just disable the HID Compliant touchscreen service in the Device Manager and then I could use the laptop just fine. Just add names of your relatives or import a GEDCOM file and instantly create your website. Our high quality charts can be downloaded to your home computer and either printed off in the convenience of your home, or taken to a professional establishment that will produce them on durable oversized paper or canvas. Especially if you're confused by the many different styles of citation.I once had MLA for one class and APA for another.
Not surprisingly, it includes random groupings of typefaces, color, and the deadliest of sins, clip art!
I did get a little too wordy in my descriptions so perhaps that’s what they dislike but has anyone else received feedback from peers? So how are hackers using just an address to get into your computer and make your life hell?Open ports. However, after upgrading to Windows 10 a couple of days ago, the HID touchscreen service was reloaded and I have only been able to physically access it once. Your site can create custom newsletters for each member with birthday and anniversary reminders, recent site activity and send them out every two weeks. Get started on your family history now, and download one of our free printable blank family tree templates. As you could imagine, it was pretty easy to confuse (and even accidentally combine) them without constantly verifying my grammar books.If you're just as confused as I was, Google Scholar will help automate it for you. Google Scholar is a free resource to find scholarly reviewed articles and books, but a newly integrated feature provides citation for the three major citation styles (APA, Chicago, and MLA).
I have since, tried to find some backdoor options with metasploit etc, which led me to this site. After they learn that information, they would search sites like Packet Storm for known exploits to run against the service.Today's Null Byte is going to demonstrate a simple "port scan" on local computer using Nmap, and teach how a hacker would exploit these services, as well as how to guard ourselves against it. Any ideas on using Metasploit on Windows 10 to backdoor the target pc that is also Windows 10? If you can't figure out how to install it in Windows with the GUI installer (yeah, right), follow along using Cygwin.
Just click on that and all of the formatted citations will appear, ready for you to simply copy and paste!

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