Opening the Photos app in iOS will tell you how many total photos are within the different picture albums and Camera Roll, but how much space do the pictures actually take up? As you can see the data is basically presented the same, you’ll see a total space used by the pictures in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).
Knowing how much total space photos are taking up on a device can be really useful information, since photos in particular can often be the culprit when running out of device storage. You might also add that if the camera roll gets too full the camera will no longer function, only by deleting photos can the camera be restored. IMO ? the generic PHOTO Album on the iPhone 4 your photos is the WORST thing I’v? ever seen !! From 2012, the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) standard for passenger cars and light trucks is to be tightened progressively, until it reaches its goal of 160g CO2 per mile in 2025. That looks great, but there's a veneer of make-up on the cheerful face of the automotive industry, and if you look a little more closely, you can see the wrinkles underneath. Here is another problem: The CAFE standard uses some obsolete and half-forgotten old standard that is favoured by the car industry because it yields very optimistic, that is high, MPG numbers.
Last but not least, the CAFE standard is habitually ignored by many car manufacturers, who simply choose to pay the imposed penalty for non-compliance. There was a $7,500 tax credit for the purchase of electric vehicles in 2011; there is now a proposal to raise that tax credit to $10,000 and to extend it to any vehicle running on alternative technologies such as hydrogen fuel and compressed natural gas - anything but oil. I think it's great that the White House is supporting the development of alternative technologies for transportation.
The scientific consensus is that global warming is occurring, and that it is tied to human activity.
Since this is really all about keeping CO2 emissions down, then, as the consumer, I want to see an arrangement based on those CO2 emissions. And let the person who really wants an Escalade with high CO2 emission have that choice, but impose a vehicle sales tax on him so that in effect he is supporting the purchase of the low-emission vehicle.
Let all vehicles get taxed (or supported) at a level determined by their total CO2 emission, counted well to wheel (or coal-mine to wheel, or wind to wheel, as the case may be).
If I manage to buy a car the size of a Ford Expedition but with the gasoline consumption of a Chevy Volt, I want to be taxed at the same level as the Volt. You can set this up so that it's revenue-neutral (where is the $10,000 per car tax credit to come from when the nation is $16tn in the hole?). But you could be bolder and set it up so that there is a net revenue, that you can use to build a high-speed rail network and other public transportation alternatives, hedges against the time when oil runs out, as it will sometime, whether or not we close our eyes to that certainty.
I like freedom of choice, and I like being able to see clearly the consequences of each choice. It would make it more likely that I can buy "sub-compact" city cars like the Toyota Aygo or the VW Up! CelloDad suggested checking out the Mazda 3, so off I went, cello in hand, to the Mazda dealer. The unfortunate who has to sit behind CelloDad won't have too much leg space, either, since tall dad needs to scoot the passenger seat way back so his legs fit under the glove compartment. In the driver's seat it's roomy enough, and everything is within reach of my short arms, always a plus. The Mazda 3 hatchback is sold around the world outfitted with a bewildering array of engine options, carefully tuned to the local market.
As is often the case, the two versions sold in the US require the most gasoline to run, with the possible exception of the four-wheel drive 2.0L sold in the UK. If the Mazda 3 hatchback with the 2.2L, 148hp diesel engine were made available in the US, it would cost a lot less than suggested by the UK price tag (which includes all sorts of vehicle taxes). But the ZEV label is so highly coveted that, pretty much meaningless to begin with, it is now plastered on cars that have a highly dubious claim on the label.
There are now lots of wannabe-ZEV cars that sport the PZEV label, some of them brazenly stuck on the rear.
The Obama administration is proposing a $10,000 tax credit for consumers buying a car running on alternative fuels. My dealer's face lit up; he was happy to inform me that if I buy Honda's optional navigation system (for an additional $1500), it can direct me to the nearest CNG filling station. For those who love the Fit but are looking for space to stow a full-sized cello, the introduction of the Fit Shuttle is good news. The extra length goes not only into a much larger cargo space, but also into more leg space for the passengers. Even in Japan the introduction of the Fit Shuttle saw a few months' delay following the devastation of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
When it does come here, I hope Honda will make the passenger-aid option available, where the passenger seat turns out towards the side, making it much easier to get in and out of the car. Preston Superbox is the perfect size for business and personal stuff and also furnitures and big household. Upcoming Services for Sony's 2015 Android TVs: NETFLIX, BBC iPlayer, Internet browser, YouView etc. We offer over 150 individual storage units; in various sizes and shapes at very competitive rates.
Do you want to open a Fitness Club, a Restaurant, a Coffee Shop, a Printing House or your new business idea?
We offer a wide range of indoor options to meet your storage needs, ranging from closet-size to warehouse-size units. Choosing the amount of storage you need for your device is more often than not decided by how much you are willing to splurge on your new gadget. Everyone takes photos with their smartphones: kids, pets, airplane window shots, selfies, food, a new purchase etc.
To make it simpler, if you take 10 photos a day, you’ll fill up 16GB in a little over a year. Photography Addicts, instagrammers and new parents be warned, the photos you take can take up a lot of storage space, very quickly. Note however that housekeeping doesn’t mean that you have to delete all your photos (ok, some of the failed ones), it just means you should transfer them to your computer or to a larger storage space for better safekeeping.

The iPad is a great tool to keep kids (and sometimes adults) entranced and sitting still in a corner. A savvy parent’s tablet might also include some video content like cartoons for the kids to watch and probably an abundance of learning apps.
Bear in mind, while there are replacements required, you might want to keep the older apps intact in case there is a demand for an encore out of the blue.
Music can help kill time while commuting on public transport, studying, jogging or even swimming.
However, when you crunch the numbers, based on a 4-min song being 5MB heavy, 1GB would give you roughly 200 songs (most of which you will skip through) aka 13 hours of continuous playback aka way more than your battery can survive through per charge. If, however, you’re an audiophile that enjoys only top quality music, more than anything else, you might prefer FLAC files stored on your device, in which case 32GB should be more than enough.
There might be a need for higher capacity storage if the device needs to be filled with business related apps, utilities and large PDF manuals that load faster outside of the cloud, but if you can charge it to the company, 128GB sounds like a good deal.
All the above are common culprits of space hoggers in your mobile device so while 32GB will more than suffice, if you need more storage later on, you can always fall back on cloud storage apps, micro SD cards and OTG cables. Our favorite cloud storage app for music, video, ebooks and doc files is Dropbox with its many desktop Dropbox tools and apps that support many file types. Certain Android and Windows devices provide the option of expanding your storage space with a micro SD card.
These OTG USB cables for Android devices allow users to transfer data in and out from the Android device to a USB flash drive, an external hard disk, or other storage form. Apple also has an iPad camera connection kit for you to export pictures from your photo gallery.
So there you have it, 16GB or at most 32GB, is more than enough for anyone to survive on due to the little amount of time we spend on mobile devices. Come to think of it, tell us how you would optimize the usage of 64GB or 128GB of storage space on a smartphone or tablet in the comments area below. If your iPhone is your go to point-and-shoot camera (like it is for me), then it is quite likely that you’re filling up the limited storage space on your device without noticing it. While the Photos app tells you how many photos and videos are there in the Camera roll and the Photo Stream, it doesn’t give you any visibility on the storage space occupied by them. Here under Storage¬†you will get to see the total amount of storage used by all the apps (it may take few seconds for iOS to gather the storage info). If you’re running out of space then it may be a good idea to do some house cleaning and delete some the photos and videos.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
The apps that I have left are not adding up to the storage I have left… Meaning there should be way more space left than there actually is. Photo Library are photos synced with iPhoto on the desktop, in the screenshot example there is nothing there.
Let the consumer who buys an EV and can prove that the electricity powering that EV comes from wind or solar (truly zero emission), have that $10,000 tax break. I want to see a clear delineation of the vehicle tax (or tax break) for a given level of CO2 emission, so that I know exactly what is due to me (or how much I pay extra) as a consequence of my emission choice. Yes, Detroit as we know it may find its demise unless it retools itself; isn't that called progress?
A progressive and transparent taxation on car sales is what's needed to put firm and steady downward pressure to CO2 emissions, even more than gas prices, which after all may fall as well as rise. As a consumer, I want my choice to broaden: I want to still be able to buy that Escalade, or that Expedition, if my purse and my environmental conscience so allow.
If you stay with the same model you drive now, but outfit it with a smaller or smarter engine, you can still enjoy the space and safety features you're used to, but at a much higher fuel efficiency. The Mazda 3 comes in sedan and hatchback versions; and for the sake of climate control for the cello, I was more interested in the hatchback. It fits exactly, thanks to a small space between the wheel well and the rear (bafflingly, only present on the right-hand side of the trunk; I'm not sure what's behind the wall on the left-hand side). Here is one clear example of how going with less power under the hood saves you money both in the purchase and in the operation of the car. Over the 150,000 mile lifetime of the car, you would need 1580 fewer gallons to run the diesel. Considering that diesel engines in general have a proven record of longevity, the diesel might just be the better option in the long run. There is no doubt that zero tailpipe emissions helps keep down smog, one of those nasty side effects of operating millions of cars in a tight space like a metropolis. It's pleasing to the green-leaning ear, and pleasing to regulators who want to keep smog down in their large cities, and so what if the coal-powered electric plants powering the EVs still emit soot and carbon dioxide elsewhere.
This sticker entitles them to a hefty tax rebate, zero-toll lanes on all toll roads, tunnels and bridges, preferred parking spots at malls, and other perks that turn regular drivers green with envy. It's hard to argue with its distinctive jazzy styling, the sparkling choice of colours and, best of all, its 35mpg fuel efficiency (for manual transmission). The Shuttle is the wagon version of the Fit, and I suppose with the additional foot in length it's fit to shuttle your crew plus sports equipment and musical instruments around their various venues.
The cargo space is thresholdless, and the second row of seats fold flat to give six feet worth of flat-bottom storage space that could probably sleep two, as long as you're not too tall.
As per the gradual increase promised by Google, the storage space on the email account would have been close to 7.4 GB today. I still have about 7.4 GB so I suppose the figure mentioned on the home page is indeed wrong. When I received your comment I check the Gmail homepage again today and now it shows 7.4GB!
For instance, if you are looking for an iPad, this is the price range you will probably be looking at – a $300 difference for an extra 112GB. 128GB is quite absurd for a mobile device, considering that you can do so much more with it on a 128GB solid state drive in a laptop.

By housekeeping your device once in a while, you can probably survive on 16GB but if you create albums after albums of retakes, this is going to run out pretty quickly.
Parents these days know the effect Angry Birds can have on a rowdy child, and if you happen to come across this dynamo duo on your 3-hour flight, you may probably object less to a child being enamored with colorful and fun games that will keep them entertained until touchdown. Videos can take up a lot of space (around 300MB), but a few videos can easily provide hours of entertainment, so long as they don’t bore of it quickly.
With these radio services, you don’t have to lug around your entire song collection on your device anymore, leaving space for other materials. Unless it’s a comic or very visually laden, carrying around 1GB of free ebooks is equivalent to a library that fits in your tablet or smartphone.
This is a very inexpensive option to give you another 32GB (or sometimes 64GB if it’s supported) that will cost less than $20. This allows another form of storage expansion and to access files outside of the device’s internal storage. This gives you the option of housekeeping without a computer and freeing more space for more photos.
Larger storage does give you room to hoard more files before a springclean is needed but if you aren’t a power user, you can spend the extra $100-$200 on other things. For instance, the smallest passenger cars are required to average 61mpg by 2025 under CAFE, but that corresponds to only 43 mpg according to the current EPA sticker, which does closely reflect real-world fuel efficiencies.
I might buy the smallest gas sipper in their line and still get socked with a hidden tax that may or may not be smaller than what my friendly neighbour pays on his 12mpg truck. For instance, in 2012 would you want to be working for a company that manufactures typewriters?
But if I am gentle on our environment, and frugal with our finite resources, I want to be rewarded for my choice. However, as with many other cars, the bottoms of the side windows lie on a line trending up towards the back of the car; it just seems to be the unfortunate fashion right now. I hope by now you've realised that even most electric vehicles (EVs) are not really zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) unless they're powered by sun, wind or water. It so happens that I was at the local Honda dealer yesterday, getting answers to my questions about the reality of ownership of a car running on compressed natural gas (CNG).
So the proposed tax credit for alternative technology vehicles comes at a good time (also, it's an election year).
Though the fight for providing the biggest storage has kind of ended with Yahoo Mail doling out unlimited storage space, Google has taken a steadier approach with the Infinity+ plan.
Plus, photos taken with smartphones are improving in quality, which is why you might see them to reach 4MB per photo.
Nicer graphics, faster response time, more complicated gameplay, storylines etc, contribute to the hallmark of popular games played by a global audience, and a lot of these games rake in millions every year.
If data connection is a problem where you are, Spotify’s premium service also lets you create personal playlists and download songs to play offline. That's a 42% difference, or something which would earn you a FAIL on a grade school math test. It only serves to make ordering jeans online nearly impossible, since you can never tell how much larger the real waist is on a size 29 pair of jeans. A car with a smaller engine is cheaper, and the price difference might easily be enough to offset a new car sales tax. I went to sit on the back seat and sure enough, if I were any shorter (or an average child younger than 12 not using a booster seat), I would have to crane my neck to see the road surface in the car's lane. But perhaps it a moot point: this is one of those models where the automatic version comes with a smart, electronically controlled transmission that gets slightly better mileage than the manual version.
Diesel in the UK costs about twice as much, so the choice there is doubly clear - especially if you factor in the fact that the diesel engine runs cleaner and therefore gets hit with a lower annual road tax. Such cars are cleaner to run, and the price of natural gas, already low, is going down.Cries of pain are heard at gasoline stations all around the nation as the price of a gallon of regular unleaded is close to $4 again. Its generous nature can be taken as a sign of the administration's outlook on the price of gasoline: it is not optimistic. I’m not sure if we will ever get unlimited storage on Gmail but you can be sure that it will keep increasing with time.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. If you cause even a teeny puff of greenhouse gas emissions, even far away from your tailpipe, you don't have zero emissions. It's time to get used to it: 2012 is the year that oil consumption of OECD countries is surpassed by that of non-OECD countries.
China is ready to add 125 million cars to its roads in the next five years, and all those extra cars will compete for the same pool of oil with everybody else's cars on the planet. Whatever your opinion of modern fracking methods, they are effective at unlocking the vast reserves of natural gas in ancient North-American shale deposits, and that success is reflected in the steadily declining price of gas.
Natural gas that is, mostly a mixture of methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6).Never mind, for now, how a natural-gas engine works. One option would be to install my own filling station, which is just a pressuriser hooked up to my existing gas supply line, and I can fill up right on my own driveway.
I can buy such a device for around $5,000 including installation.Between the price difference with a conventional Civic, the navigation system, and the charging system, I would be paying about $17,000 more to own the CNG Civic.
Several auto manufacturers are fielding natural-gas cars, but because I was just at the Honda dealer I'll use as an example the Honda Civic, which comes in various flavours, including a hybrid version and one running on natural gas. No wonder there aren't that many of those on the road, despite the fact that a CNG car puts out significantly less emissions: no soot particles, no SOx, and about 20% less CO2.
But the rising oil prices, and the declining natural gas prices, might just put a different slant on that. And I will call D the difference between the total purchase price of the CNG and that of the conventional car.

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