I wrote Plotz online voxel sphere generator to help people build hollow spheres made out of blocks in Minecraft. I hope you find Plotz useful and please leave feedback here on my blog with any comments you have!
17 May 2014 02:27 by KevblogI can't quite do 600, but the new HTML5 Plotz goes up to 256 blocks.
Where there are no overlapping blocks between one layer and another, just use dirt blocks as 'joiners' and remove them later. You can then print out a schematic or use Plotz's on-screen step facility to see how the sphere is built layer by layer.

This way I made sure I wasn't going to end up having to dig out any mountains or cliffs that might be in the way.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. This size took me a day to make (In Real Life) although I did mine all the materials myself. Always enter (and exit) from the top in case there are any creepers about and light up the inside with torches to stop skeletons and zombies spawning inside at night. Switch between Plotz and Minecraft while building using your OS hotkeys (alt+tab for windows).

Make sure that they are also positioned at right angles to each other so you are building side to side, as well as front to back.

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