Up-to-date automakers also have to focus on the individual and on catering to a customer’s needs in order to deliver the right product for the right person.
After it recently made its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the newest kid on the full-size sport utility vehicle block already received a configurator microsite, although deliveries are slated for summer 2015.
The cheapest model comes with a 290 horsepower and 235 lb-ft (318 Nm) 3.5-liter Ti-VCT naturally-aspirated V6 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.
If you want to find you what Explorer fits you best, click here and have fun configuring your own. Right now, they are looking for nominations for a worthy organization in need of a web site. Also, while they have a core team of Drupal site builders from the LaDUG group already signed up for the event, they are looking for additional volunteers who would like to join them to help build the site.
For more information on the event, or to nominate an organization that is in need of a site for a worthy cause, please contact Jeff Diecks, LaDUG coordinator, at 678-580-1690 x 21, or visit the LaDUG meetup group website.
The website, which includes fact sheets, video, information about Stanford's tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship, and a list of companies that faculty and alumni have helped create, will be updated as the university finalizes its proposal, due Oct.

A view of Manhattan from Roosevelt Island, one of the locations being explored for Stanford's New York City campus.
The website will provide the latest information about Stanford's NYC campus proposal, which is being developed this fall for submission in late October.
In July, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the city was issuing a request for proposals to build a new campus for engineering and applied sciences. Bloomberg also announced that the city was prepared to offer up to $100 million in support to the selected institution or consortium. Earlier this year, Stanford responded to a request for expression of interest from the New York City Economic Development Corporation regarding the creation of an applied science and engineering campus.
During development, designers and engineers have to consider that the all-new family-hauler needs to boast with at least as many personalization options as there are potential customers in the market. Individuality is a make-or-break matter in this day and age, and the sixth-generation 2016 Ford Explorer doesn’t disappoint in this department. It only gets front-wheel drive and 18-inch aluminum rims, cloth bucket seats and SYNC multimedia entertainment complemented by MyFord.

And here’s a shout out to LSU Continuing Education for their assistance in helping make this event happen. It was the latest step in a city initiative, unveiled last December, to seek a university, institution or consortium to develop and operate a new or expanded campus, in exchange for access to city-owned land. The mayor said he hoped the initiative, called Applied Sciences NYC, would result in an engineering and applied sciences campus that will drive technology development in the city, diversify the New York City economy and generate new companies and jobs. Cornell, Columbia, Purdue and the University of Chicago were among the other universities that submitted proposals during that initial round.
In one day, they plan to build a Web site for a local charity or non-profit organization in a single day, using the powerful and popular web content management system, Drupal.

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