Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Now our technology is very fast so keep it in mind that website loading time must be good as well as product image loading time must be fast. This will be a good if arrange any offer or discount on product in any special occasion or weekend. Following infographic is presenting short information on how to develop e commerce website build customer engagement on an online store. Online shopping allows customers to directly buy goods and services from seller over internet.
After  activation , the WooCommerce Settings page will be displayed at the top of the dashboard that looks like a notification. In  this tab, you can configure the tax options for your online store, By default tax settings are disabled. The Shipping tab provides you options to set up several shipping options available to your customers. These pages need to be set so that WooCommerce knows where to send users to access account related functionality. In this tab you configure the email options and email templates used when having transactions with your customers. The Kcaptcha plugin allows you to implement security captcha anywhere in website’s form.
Third party email services plugin integrates sendgrid email service through wordpress setup.
E-commerce is becoming a big online industry, making many people wanting to start their own online store to sell their goods. One of the main parts of managing an online store is of course, adding and managing the products you want to sell.
One of the few, or perhaps its greatest weakness is that Goodsie does not allow those that are able to dig into designing full layouts to even touch the default design.
But when it comes to the extras, Goodsie makes up for it, going a bit further than other e-commerce services with awesome and useful extra features. The extra features of Goodsie starts with its statistic dashboard that gives you all of the information that you need from your store including the amount of visitors, actions from the visitors, average time spent on the store, common actions, searches, links to your store, countries and sources of the traffic.

Last but not least we have two other extra features which is the ability to use coupons for your online store and products being sold and the ability to accept credit cards using Stripe Payments.
Up to 55% of shoppers want multiple payment options and will abandon their cart if the option is not there to pay by the channels they are most comfortable with.
Goodsie has some useful and unique features but if you are looking for really awesome design, you may find it lacking in that aspect. For the most part, I recommend Goodsie for storekeepers that are looking for a simple easy to use e-commerce service especially, for those that are just starting out in online business and ecommerce. You should have an idea of latest trend of ecommerce web design as well as ecommerce marketing strategies. Now a days internet has become an essential part of everyday life and Shopping online is occupying an essential part of shopping. You know, the most exciting part of WordPress is, it can do almost anything using premium and free plugins. You will able to see a WooCommerce tab in menu section, Click on it .WooCommerce plugin comes with a variety of settings for an specific part of your online shop. Even physical stores are taking it to the Web for brand exposure, extending a digital arm into the world of online commerce. Apart from having fields for description, titles and price, Goodsie also has some rare features in their product manager such as SKU, an option used to keep track of all your profit margins, and not to mention the ability to add extras like wrapping, color, etc.
I’m hoping that there will be improvements in this area, hoping that Goodsie will eventually allow designers to play and experiment with the design side of things.
Podcasts offer easy access to ecommerce veterans with helpful information on the pitfalls and triumphs in growing an online business.Here is a list of useful podcasts for ecommerce merchants. To detain customer on your online store always keep attention that how would be your ecommerce product page, check out process, payment system, trusted website or not etc. In her blogs she shares code snippets, tutorials, freebies, resources to help people develop their skills. After entering all your details for your store you are presented with a flat UI dashboard to manage your newly created store. You can customize the page layouts, backgrounds, colors, fonts and effect, or add your custom logo for the site.
Most of the podcasts center on ecommerce professionals, providing practical tips and strategies from industry experts. It’s fine because you can fall back on tools like Goodsie, to do all the coding for you to have your very own online store.

The blog and podcast is from Fizzle, a site for honest business training and a community of entrepreneurs who won’t let you quit.
The eCommerceFuel podcast focuses on tips, strategies, and stories to help online merchants take their business to the next level. The podcast is an interview-based show with small business entrepreneurs who started their own ventures to improve their lifestyle in some way. The site was started by Andres Warner, who, with his brother, created a system that enabled designers to create shareable electronic greeting cards.
Listen to experienced entrepreneurs like Gregg Spiridellis, who watched his company, JibJab, get reduced to almost nothing and then turned his business around.
Failure is part of every journey, so the first story shared is the guest’s biggest failure and lessons learned.
The second story is the guest’s ah-ha moment and the steps taken to turn that moment into success. Each show ends with a lightning round of six questions to extract resources and actions steps for the listeners.
It’s a good show for those interested in entrepreneurship, travel, internationalization, and personal freedom. The podcast is a useful resource for online merchants that are looking for practical advice and solutions on creating and running a niche ecommerce business.
The mission of the site is to provide transparency and reveal the victories and obstacles of running an online business.
Both run their own online stores and share their successes, failures, and what happens behind the scenes.
In addition to the podcast and blog, the site also includes a list of helpful resources and available services for merchants. Email Newsletter Signup Sign up to receive EcommerceNotes, our acclaimed email newsletter.And receive a free copy of our ebook 50 Great Ecommerce Ideas Coming Sept.

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