Photo by jimwelsh at FlickrInstalling an outdoor shed of wood usually requires building a shed foundation.
What if you don't know which will be the best place for your shed or you will be changing your place often?
Note that some companies call their sheds portable, but what they mean is that they'll bring it to your place. The main characteristic of the quality portable storage building is the strong construction. Having a large portable shed requires a different approach - and we are getting back to the metal buildings.
Before disassembling a large portable shed, make sure you keep the assembling manual with you. When moving a large shed make sure you are not exceeding the permitten weight for your driving license.
Finally, don't forget that portable storage sheds usually cost more than the equivalent static sheds. The standard metal storage sheds are a bit simpler to install but are also fixed on their position. They are usually made of steel and have a robust floor which allows using them without the need to build foundations.
If your shed is going to be placed once and never moved, you can afford to save some steel or joists. If your storage needs are small you can decide instead of steel shed, to get a plastic one. The best choice in such situation is to choose a knockdown shed that can be pulled with a car and easily mount again when needed. You want a shed that can actually be moved without breaking apart even after a couple of years staying at the same place.

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