Below you will find a selection of websites that I have designed and published for clients. If you are interested in the Bouncy Castle Hire websites that I’ve created they can be found here.
Our graphic designs grab all the right attention, instilling true confidence in your business.
Catapult your business ahead of the competition and increase your ROI by taking advantage of effective search engine optimisation strategies, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Tonic Fusion is a cutting edge graphic design agency based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, just minutes from central London. We design brochures that breed business, adverts that articulate your core message, and brands that captivate the minds of millions. Below you will find a selection of Bouncy Castle Hire Websites that I have designed and published for clients. ChallengeAfter five years of business growth, KK Apparel’s success outgrew the capability of their previous website developer. Continue this step by step tutorial to create a simple single page portfolio website design that will self-update using shots from your Dribbble profile. So the first step towards building the fully working portfolio webpage is to export a few images from the concept. The HTML page can then be started with a basic structure of Doctype and head section containing the page title, stylesheet link and Google Web Font’s stylesheet for the Droid Serif font we used in the concept.
We can then begin copying the content from the concept into the HTML document, semantically choosing the best HTML elements for the job. When we view the unstyled HTML in a browser it all appears perfectly legible thanks to the semantic choices we made with our code. With the HTML in place it can be styled up to match the concept with CSS, but first the stylesheet needs setting up with the basics.
The width of the content area in the concept comes in at 820px, which is added to the container div. We’ll skip the portfolio section for now and return to it once the jQuery code is in place, so next up is the contact form. To aid usability, styling for the :focus state is added to change the colour of the form fields to white (as opposed to the slightly off-white) and the border made slightly darker when the fields are active.
Sample Javascript code from the Jribbble readme can be used as a base for the code to activate the Jribbble plugin in our scripts file.
Testing the webpage in a browser shows the Dribbble shots being pulled into the page, but they’re currently being added as unstyled list elements. This leaves our little portfolio website project complete as a fully working webpage that automatically updates itself with Dribbble shots. Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Nice idea and it works really well, however, I would probably add a simple link to your dribbble page as a sort of backup just incase JS is disabled. Line25 was built in March 2009 as a place to share web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs.
This tutorial covers part one of a multi-part series where we’ll go through the process of building a stylish design portfolio website. The website we’ll be creating features a nice and clean layout and makes use of a contrasting header area to draw in the user. Right click and transform a selection to 960px, then draw guides to highlight the centre and each side. Use the rounded rectangle tool to draw a content area, but leave the edges around 10px short of the guides to allow for a Drop Shadow effect to be added. Make copies of the button to either side of the logo, then add text to each navigation item.
CMD+click the thumbnail of the of the white content area, then ALT-drag across the lower portion with the marquee tool to leave a shorter selection. Use a black to transparent gradient to draw a small shadow along the bottom edge of the header. Draw a button shape using the rounded rectangle tool, then use the layer styles window to begin sprucing it up.
Give the button a beveled appearance by manipulating an Inner Glow into a thin light grey border, then add a 1px dark grey Stroke. Finish off the button with a line of text and adjust the settings of the Drop Shadow effect to create an inset appearance.
Add a Drop Shadow using Photoshop’s layer style effect then right click and select Create Layer. Use the typography from the header titles on headings in the main content area and write out the main body copy with a nice large sans-serif font.
Draw a grey rectangle as the base of a portfolio item preview, then give a rounded rectangle an Inner Shadow to create a subtle button element.
Finish off the portfolio item with a thumbnail with the project being showcased, then add a text link using the font styling from the navigation menu. Group and duplicate the elements that make up the portfolio item then swap out the thumbnails to showcase your latest work. The Portfolio page can be constructed by duplicating the portfolio items and replacing the thumbnail for each of your design projects. Use a range of rounded rectangles to lay out a typical contact form for the contact page, then list out your favourite social website along with icons. Don’t forget to stop by over at Line25 to learn how to take your PSD concept and turn it into a fully working HTML and CSS website. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. I’m still on the evolutionary road as a designer and at the moment it is mainly 3D design or design for print. As with everything it takes some initial time to learn the basics but you’ll get the hang of it no doubt.
Amazing work there, it is such an art(no pun intended) to get wonderful web design right but you have nailed it with this one. I especially like that you’re following this up with how to code into a WordPress theme, awesome, thanks. A great looking portfolio site is crucial for any designer to instantly present their work to potential clients or employers.

Last month, I had the pleasure of writing an article for internationally renown NET Magazine, also known as Practical Web Design in the US.
Your online portfolio is your place to introduce yourself to the world and showcase your work and skillset.
What we’re looking to achieve, is to build a simple website that compiles the important information of who you are, what you do, examples of your work and methods of contact. Using the grid as a guide, type out your name and a brief introduction of your services in your favourite typeface. After the viewer has browsed your selection of work, they may want to get in touch or connect.
Here we have our graphical concept for our website, laid out exactly how we plan it to look. Our concept uses the large area of stone texture as part of the design, toggle the visibility of all the other layers and copy a large section of the graphic. When it comes to exporting the icons, we can combine these files into a single sprite graphic. With the relevant HTML tags in place, CSS styling can be added to change the appearance of the code. By default an unordered list will display vertically with ugly bullet points, but the good old UL can be extremely versatile with the help of CSS. By default the image links for the portfolio will simply open in the browser, but that’s boring! The jQuery lightbox downloads as a complete example, pick out the files we need and copy them to your own project folder. With the peace of mind of a correctly displaying site in various resolutions and browsers we can go ahead and place our freshly baked website live for the world to see. The lightbox script used the tut doesn’t mix with flash, but there are a bunch of similar javascript scripts that could be used instead. You an use a simple pop over or popup javascript, simple is often better remembering that flash is not readable with Google so make sure you title and alt the flash display to show the accessible (nice) side of yourself.
Better yet with your current clients just put the image of the work you have done, and give a link to the actual site where your work currently resides.
To view a larger image please click the thumbnail or you can visit the website by using the link below the thumbnail.
We live, work and breathe design, creating eye-popping visuals for companies in Hertfordshire, London and the South East. We design and build outstanding web sites using the very latest technologies fused with SEO and PPC for winning online strategies. We specialise in delivering compelling and results-driven graphic design solutions for print and web. Great web design is one thing, but a web site with integrated search engine optimisation (SEO) and keywords tailored to increasing proactive traffic to your site are critical to securing ROI. We create web sites that will look as appealing to Google as they will to your target customers. Last time we finished off mocking up the design in Photoshop, so now let’s get our hands dirty with some HTML and CSS coding.
With new CSS3 properties many of the effects can be replicated in code, but we’ll still need images such as a repeating background texture. Toggle off the background layer to copy in the transparency, then export this image as a PNG-24 file.
Thanks to the integration with Dribbble all the portfolio piece thumbnails are hosted elsewhere. The for="" attribute adds an extra touch of usability pairs each label with its corresponding input. Even though it’s not too pretty it still features the correct hierarchy between the elements. A simple reset removes any default browser styling, then the body is set up with the texture background image. The logo image is centered and given 50px bottom margin, then the various font sizes are set on the headers. CSS attribute selectors can be used to target specific labels in order to adjust the margin on the Email label and hide the Message label. The original design of the form fields is quite visual with the inner shadow and border effects, but they can all be replicated with CSS, using properties such as box-shadow for the inner shadow effect.
A range of declarations then set up the input with the ID of submit to match the concept by using the dark grey background texture image, resetting the width & height and adding various CSS shading effects on the button and text. Dribbble does offer an API, but for those like me who aren’t too hot with their PHP it can be a little daunting.
The sample code pulls in a list of a player’s shots and includes the title as a H3 element.
The final few CSS declarations float the LI items side by side and a touch of box-shadow creates a shadow effect that increases on hover.
Every subscriber gets a free pack of 100 HD Blurred Backgrounds + bonus 10 realistic web shadows. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.
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In this particular article we’ll create the visual concept and overall design concept in Photoshop, using various effects, blending modes and layer styles to create all the detailed elements of the design. Otherwise the concept is styled with large typography and subtle details on the interface elements. I tend to work with dimension of 1680×1050 to gain an idea of how the website will look on a widescreen monitor. If you fancy creating yourself a cool little emblem style logo like this, check out my old tutorial.
Make a selection from the header area then add a layer mask to trim the screenshot to size. The inner pages don’t need a large header area, but we can use the space to display the page title. When we eventually build the website as a WordPress theme, each portfolio item will be created as a blog post.
Been following you for a while through your various blogs and most recently your Black Ops videos and I’ve also been building my own site over the last month or so, so this is a brilliant piece of inspiration.

I as many others have dabbled in the designing side of UI interfaces but as of yet have not ventured into the technical side of things and code it. Was just wondering though, regardless of the fact that your purely showcasing your talent, isn’t a blog something we designers can’t do without these days? I like the subtle texture in the background, and the fabric texture reminds me of the one used on the iPhone. I was just starting to stress out about how I needed to get started on my portfolio as I’m about to graduate in a little over a month. I’m looking for a medium that can help us to get a good amount of promotion for my websites which in return gave me a business too through websites and I must say this has definitely helped me in this process. I’m trying to get a portfolio up but cant take the time to learn how to build a website.
A simple, single page site can do this effectively by displaying three key features of large header with short introduction, examples of your work and methods of contact all in one, extremely browsable page. Once upon a time the traditional leather slipcase was the standard form of showing employers and clients what you can do, nowadays a personal website is your main selling point.
Draw in guides to highlight a 960px wide area to accommodate 1024×768 resolution monitors.
There’s a subtle texture to the design to add some visual interest, a basic colour scheme based around our branding, a selection of our work and a list of methods of contact.
Save for Web and tweak the compression to find a happy medium between file size and image quality.
Due to the cool typeface and effects used on the text, we’ll have to export these as images also. Copy each icon in turn and stack them on top of each other in a new document, then Save for Web. Pay attention to using the most natural HTML tags for each page element, such as H1 tag for the largest title, H2 for the smaller headings and UL for the lists of portfolio images and methods of contact. Float the portfolio thumbnails to the left to lay them out side by side, then add some padding and margin to space them out just like the concept. Style the #footer ul li a with any generic options such as margin, padding, color and font-size, as well as adding the contact-icons.jpg background-image and setting to no-repeat. With the use of some awesome, ready made plugins along with the jQuery framework we can easily add some great looking effects. We have a simple one page site, with short introductory sentence, a collection of work examples that launch with a stunning animated effect and a range of contact portals. Our valid code might look great in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera but Internet Explorer can sometimes display rather strange issues. Combining organic search engine ranking with pay-per-click solutions and web advertising will massively complement your internet marketing strategy.
The right traffic from the right people at the right time will ensure your web site will win you business. In the concept the textarea message box doesn’t have a label, but we should still include one in the HTML. The global font styling is set up to use the Droid Serif typeface, with a basic size of 24px, line-height of 48px and the grey #565656 colour. Thankfully there’s jQuery plugins such as Jribbble that also do the job and are much easier to set up. Once you’ve finished your PSD concept, head over to my web design blog at Line25 to learn how to code up the design, then transform it into a fully working WordPress theme. The folks over at NET magazine have kindly allowed the article to be republished here on Blog.SpoonGraphics for those who might have missed it.
The site also needs to look nice, but not to be too in-your-face that it takes the limelight from the examples of your work, so we’ll build a clean, structured layout with subtle details. Emphasise the visual hierarchy by making the name stand out with a larger size and stronger appearance.
Pay particular attention to their alignment to each other, making sure the horizontal and vertical gap between each image is the same. However you could always sacrifice small design features in favour of web safe font styling, or even technologies such as SiFR. The repeating texture can be attached to the BODY, while the larger background can be used along with a page-wrap DIV. Then for each individual anchor class, target the appropriate icon using the background-position rule.
We design simple HTML web sites through to full e-commerce and CMS driven web sites, placing the power in your hands. The jQuery library, the Jribbble plugin and a blank Javascript file are added to the head of the HTML file. The code set in the variable is then injected into the UL element with the ID of portfolio in our HTML. I highly recommend checking out the new issues of NET magazine, and to catch them on Twitter for some handy web design tips and tecniques. Finally, we also want the site to keep the attention of the viewer, if your website is part of a bunch of job applications we don’t want to allow the viewer to lose interest clicking through page after page.
Also draw out a basic grid to align the page elements to, giving a nice, structured appearance. Fade out the edges with a layer mask and soft brush, then change to the Overlay blending mode at 40% opacity. The online PDF order form was useless, because they still had to manually fill out the forms correctly before placing orders with wholesalers.
Limiting the site to a single page helps display all the information quickly and effectively. The new interactive order form enables customers to easily print or send to KK Apparel to place orders—saving the company time from having to manually place orders. The content management system helps minimize web maintenance and KK Apparel can update product lines as often as they like without having to rely on website maintenance services. We also designed new showroom signage, client order form and website design featuring the updated brand guidelines.
To help promote the physical showroom in Atlanta, we featured all new photography of the showroom for the website headers, which were shot by Snowball.

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