17,000 dryer fires a year, when did you last clean the inside of the dryer near motor or the exhaust ducting?
Have you considered building a cape roof and extending the ridge pole long enough to be the swing? It's not that it took him an hour to make 100 bucks, it's that it didn't take you 10 hours to save 100 bucks. I would at least put enough overhang so that your fascia board will overlap the siding for water hold out purposes. Basically the rear corners are common hip framing and the front hips on the 45 corners are of the octagonal variety.

I don't CAD small stuff like this, USP45, but here's a sketch of the roof layout, with small elev views inset. It isn't going to be a technically easy roof to frame in any case, but it'll be a unique structure. There are many design options you can add to make the front roof plane more interesting, such as a barrel vault. Customer wants an 8x8 backyard shed built, one of the 4 corners cut off at the 4' mark on 2 sides to make an 8x8x4x4x5'8" pentagon. I only know the outside wall dimensions but would be guessing that the 2 returning in would be about 4 or 4.5ft.

No problem but she wants a beamed ceiling, like no trusses - I'm not talking a finished ceiling, just the 2x4s showing under the sheathing. This is a regular 2x4 frame job on concrete slab but I think she wants to hang deer in there or something, so its gotta be strong.

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