From modern styles to platform beds with storage, get bed inspiration with these ideas or learn to build your own. Ikea Hacker is a popular website showing projects where Ikea furniture has been repurposed or modified somehow to make it more useful. I chose to install the cross brace at the foot of the bed on the inside (under the frame) so that it would not interfere with reaching storage from the outside.

Luv Maura’s idea of having speakers under bed and storage idea, how would you get to the middle one and front one, that would be a lot of picking up the mattress for one thing and doesnt the mattress loop or get ruined from pressure in btwn the shelves?
1 – you can put anything you want in the middle shelves, but there are much more cheaper durable and flexible boxes to go in expedit now than there used to be so get those if you want to use it for storage and put stuff in there you dont use a lot (linens, out of season clothes, shoes, and all that stuff you cnat bear to throw away but wont really use). At the head of the bed (touching the wall), I installed the cross brace on the outside so that it would not interfere with reaching the storage under the bed.

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