Creative Director with a wide range of print and digital experience and a passion for design and illustration. I’ve designed, developed and maintained numerous custom-built websites, with cross-platform compatibility and responsive design at the heart of each project.
Experienced working with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Wordpress, SQL, IIS, DNS management and hosting. Experience of working on a wide range of print projects, from books and magazines to marketing material and brand design. I have extensive experience in working on magazine titles for all age groups and covering a diverse range of subject matters. I am adept at creating detailed 2D and 3D illustrations, as well as professional, high-end photo retouching for both print and digital output.
Dreamweaver CC 2015 includes a host of new document options to jumpstart your work, whether you’re a responsive site beginner or a Bootstrap master.
Use the None tab when you want to build a standard HTML page without the Bootstrap framework. The pre-built layout is a terrific way to explore Bootstrap in general and Dreamweaver’s new responsive feature set in particular.
Dreamweaver will notify you of the assets being added and you’ll see them shortly in the Files panel.
Click the green media query bar once to resize the document window to the max-width of 767 pixels. Click the left-most blue bar once to move the screen slightly to the max-width of 991px; click it again to resize it to the min-width of 768px.
To quickly restore the document window to the fully available width, double-click the large gray area to its right.
The next step depends on whether you want to a min-width based query or one based on a max-width; Dreamweaver presents both options, one green and the other purple. Once you understand the basic premise, turn to the Insert panel to handle the coding with drag-and-drop ease.
In the Insert row with columns dialog, choose Nest to place the code within the container and change the number of columns to add to 1. You can have as many columns as desired; my mission statement will span the page, so I just need the one. As mentioned earlier, Bootstrap uses a series of pre-defined classes to handle responsive layout, like .col-md-12. If your layout calls for repositioning columns or not having them adjacent to each other, drag the handle on the left of the column right-ward to offset them by one or more grid columns. Now I have one row with a single column and a second row with three columns, all with just headings and basic text. Leave one of the generated paragraphs and drag the others under each of the other headings.
From the Bootstrap Components category of the Insert bar, chose Navbar > Inverted Navbar.
Let’s say you wanted to open your page with a splash, a really big splash, a Jumbotron-sized splash. From the Bootstrap Components category of the Insert panel, choose Responsive Image: Default.
With the image placeholder selected, in the Property inspector, click the Browse icon next to Src and navigate to your desired image. At the other end of the design spectrum, Bootstrap also makes it easy to integrate graphic symbols that, responsively enough, scale beautifully. Dreamweaver CC 2015 provides point-and-click access to many more Bootstrap components, including accordion panels, tabs, as well as form elements.
Joseph Lowery's books about the web and web-building tools are international bestsellers, having sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide in eleven different languages. Whether you’re starting a new project from scratch or getting a head-start with one of our new Bootstrap templates, making your content adapt to any browser is now seamless in Dreamweaver. Extract design info from a PSD directly into your project, and preview or test content on your mobile devices — in real-time…and that’s not all!
We’ve integrated Bootstrap, the most popular framework for responsive design, so you can  create websites that dynamically adapt to any browser’s size. Visual media-query breakpoints make it painless to create and manipulate your design based on content, rather than predefined settings. Resizable Live View lets you preview how your content will adapt to different screen sizes.
Preview and test interactivity of your websites on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, in real-time, so you can see how your design will look and adapt on an actual mobile browser.
All you need to do is type a short URL into your mobile device’s browser or scan a QR code to preview your web page. Now you can batch extract web-optimized images with multiple resolutions from a Photoshop document, for Hi-DPI screens.

Tab to autocomplete simple abbreviations into complex HTML and CSS code snippets with Emmet support. Built-in themes to customize the code editor surface (background color, highlight color, font color, tag color and more). Catch support on chat, find help on the Dreamweaver forum, contact us on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to find all the latest Dreamweaver CC Learn content over on our website. As so often Adobe launches a major upgrade and forgets to provide users with a complete and understandable tutorial on how to build a website from scratch using the new features. Great work as always, however, I think that many others such as me that spend endless hours coding and prototyping our sites would enjoy seen Dreamweaver going black-ish with a look somehow closer to Photoshop. This has caused huge issues for us and unless it is resolved shortly, we are going to have to change our development environment.
As per usual the update has messed things up so now I have to spend an afternoon hacking configuration files and changing preferences to get things back to how they were. This latest version of Dreamweaver with Bootstrap may very well be a powerful new programming tool, but without proper documentation it’s useless to those of us who have spent countless hours learning the previous way to program a responsive site in Dreamweaver. I was wondering if there was a relatively painless way of transitioning an old Dreamweaver Grid framework site to the Bootstrap framework?
Hi Mark, it is much simpler and faster to recreate your site than using any quick solution. The nature of web design makes it tough to go through and make old sites responsive because there are so many variables.
I just dipped my toe in to bootstrap, but it looks like giving up way too much design control. AdobeLearn how to get the most out of Adobe's product suite with over 6,000 informative courses for 85% off. AdobeIn response to a previous CB article, one of the Dreamweaver team debunks some myths about Adobe's primary web tool.
AdobeThe team at Fueled examine the pros and cons of using Adobe's veteran web design software.
AdobeDiscover the new features in Dreamweaver CC and how you can use it within your Creative Cloud workflow to create websites with ease. AdobeThe first new features have arrived for the CC version of the popular web design tool. AdobeYour team can now subscribe to Photoshop CC or other single apps in the Creative Cloud. AdobeMicrosoft's Expression Web 4.0 won't cost you a penny - and Stefan Lindblad reckons it's a worthy alternative to Dreamweaver.
AdobeThe latest version of Adobe's web authoring software is available to buy today, but there is no boxed version so you’ll have to subscribe to get it - should you upgrade?
AdobeFrom Photoshop to Dreamweaver, we reveal the best features of the new 'CC' versions of 16 Adobe tools. AdobeWe reveal the biggest updates to the web design tool and why you won't be able to buy the latest version in the shops. AdobeDreamweaver CS6 has added new tools for working with sites that scale from desktop, to tablet, to phone, using some of the latest CSS features. PhotoshopUnderstanding how and work together intuitively can save you time, headaches and money when designing stunning sites. PhotoshopAbsorbing and developing new skills and ideas is par for the course for a successful design career. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
For a multi-page site, this is a one-time operation and you would choose the Use existing option for additional pages. I always recommend saving your new file right away so you can resolve any links to included files. Media queries are an integral part of modern responsive websites; they provide a series of breakpoints that allow CSS adjustments to accommodate a wide range of screens. For example, from the HTML category, select Heading: H2 and then double-click the placeholder text to modify. The md designation refers to a medium screen size, typically used by desktops, defined by Bootstrap as larger than 992 pixels. You want something that is easy to use, flexible, and robust but still capable of adapting to any size screen—even transforming to a full sized menu on smaller displays. I find removing unneeded elements (here, like the dropdown lists and search fields) very easy to do in Live view: just select and delete. With the Bootstrap components supported in Dreamweaver CC, you have a multi-hued palette to draw from.
The .jumbotron class in Bootstrap is designed to span the screen width, regardless of the device.

You can, however, access all of the over 200 available by adding it’s class to a span tag.
With them, your responsive pages will be ready for any design challenge, on any size screen. He is the author of the Dreamweaver Bible series as well as works on Adobe web workflows, CSS and HTML.
Responsive design is more approachable than ever, so it should become second nature to you as you’re building your website. You can often find her scouring the web for the latest trends in web and experience design, and at industry events tweeting up a storm. If you try to find such a tutorial it’s an old, outdated one that in nothing shows what it looks like if you open Dreamweaver CC 2015, hence useless! I followed the instructions precisely to create a new Bootstrap site without any additional pre-built template. It was a deeper conflict whereby I had an erroneous folder within my hard drive that had the same name as the hard drive itself. I am unable to find any comprehensive info on the web about how to use Bootstrap within Dreamweaver. With the new forced cloud subscriptions (and NO complete manual to support from scratch learning) at the launch of the new product, how exactly does this corporate machine expect new users to learn the f’ing software????? But if you want to chat about your specific use case, and let me know what templates you’re using, and I can probably make some suggestions.
I have to agree that the Adobe Management team seems to be disconnected from the freelance world. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. In the Bootstrap Templates folder, you’ll find a nice array of responsive layouts for different types of sites and web pages, from Agency to Resume. Once we have some content on our page, you’ll be able to see how the responsive layout reacts smoothly to any screen width.
You’ll need to double-click any placeholder link to relabel and then use the Property inspector or heads-up display to add an href. The document window will move to the new screen width and the navigation items will be replaced by a now universally-recognized 3-bar menu symbol.
Joe has built hundreds of web sites over the years, as well as numerous extensions and applications to help other web designers. In a clean site (no pre-existing bootstrap files) after I click Create New, Dreamweaver opens the HTML file but doesn’t ask me to save the CSS. We’re thrilled to announce that the newest release of Dreamweaver helps you create responsive websites faster than ever.
What happened to the day when software companies actually provided documentation on how to use what we paid for? I used the ‘create new’ option from the Bootstrap tab of the new document dialogue box, did not use a pre-built layout, made a minor adjustment to the pixel width of the medium sized screen under the customization menu and hit the ‘create’ button. I want to make these sites responsive, but when you say it’s easier to just recreate the site, all I can say is, what universe do you live in? The idea that clients are going to pay to rework their web sites every time Adobe wants to change direction is ludicrous. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a responsive website from the ground up using the new device-savvy power tools in Dreamweaver CC 2015.
A handy cheat sheet showing all the symbols and their associated classes can be found here. Dreamweaver then prompted me to save the associated CSS file which I saved as ‘styles.css’ within the folder ‘css’ of my newly defined site’s root folder. I’d recommend putting the video in a container to keep it distinct from the rest of your content. If so, try the same steps with a new site pointing to an empty folder and see if you get the same issue.
Couldn’t you find a way to make it easy to just modify the template and update it across all the pages? Please advise on whether there are any additional set-up steps or things to watch out for during the creation of a new bootstrap site. This is incredibly frustrating and you have, as yet, provided no in-depth documentation pertaining to this potentially great feature. This is incredibly frustrating and you (Adobe) have, as yet, provided no in-depth documentation pertaining to this potentially great feature.

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