Erica and Matt Hogan from Colorado were searching for a property in Costa Rica when they found a slice of land being sold for deforestation. Added a floral shrine since I realized I had forgotten to include a place of worship in the build. I can't imagine anyone who made it through their childhood without wanting to build a treehouse and spend extended amounts of time in it. They moved from Colorado to Costa Rica to build their very own green living space, inspired directly by the Ewok village.
After taking a tour of a lot of secondary-growth rainforest in the mountainous Southern Zone of Costa Rica, advertised for potential timber logging, Erica Hogan suggested using the jungle to build an Ewok village in the trees, similar to the one on the moon of Endor in the film "Return of the Jedi".
The house is also completely green with solar panels and it's own green grid for water, power, wi-fi, etc.

It consists of about two dozen sky-high structures, with more than 40 other properties sold and planned for development.
The first stage of "pre-infrastructure" lots is sold out, they say, and there are six more in Phase Two, starting at $55,000 for a lot. Bryan Young is the editor of Big Shiny Robot!, a columnist for The Huffington Post and you can follow him on Twitter.
Bryan YoungStar Wars ExaminerBryan Young is an award-winning filmmaker and comic book author who happens to love all six Star Wars movies almost as much as his son, whom he named Anakin.
The couple purchased it, but instead of cutting down trees they started an amazing project. All told, there are about 80 two-acre lots, which have been selling fast, the founders say.

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