Here are ten incredible tree house designs that range from functional to fanciful, sustainable to strange and affordable to incredibly expensive. Backyard Play Areas You Can Make – This book contains complete plans and instructions for building playhouses, swing sets and forts.
Practical advice to help with building your own treehouse safely and with the minimum cost and hassle. There are many websites that offer tree house plans, or go to your local home Ideas for Building a Tree House.
Treehouse Guides produces practical and simple plans to help you build your own treehouse, even if you don't have any previous experience. Each treehouse plan has a full materials list, designed to use readily available materials. Prefabricated panels are lifted into the tree and joined together to assemble the treehouse.
The tree trunk passes through the deck and is visible through a window from inside the treehouse. The treehouse can be built in a single tree, or on posts if you have no suitable trees—free plans for this option are included when you order this guide. The two tree method includes plans for a sliding joint to allow the trees to move without restriction from the treehouse supports. Slightly smaller than the Outpost design, this tree deck uses a simpler design to make construction easy and quick, with enough deck space for two chairs. Just finished a small treehouse complete with fire bell, 8ft slide and two fully enclosed 5x5 rooms.
Our tree house, like many others, started as a lighthearted promise to my then 5 year old son Joey in 2004.
Our tree house is based on a Pete Nelson design utilizing a large ash tree and support posts in a wooded area adjacent to our home. Moving around in the treehouse is similar to being on a boat, there's enough movement to make the non-initiated a bit sea-sick, especially after several hours.
The deck or base platform is secured to the two trees opposite the t-bar (with 8 more 12" lags). Interior walls fully enclose the "tree chimney", keep the weather out, and allow for plenty of tree growth and movement. When I originally chose the tree for the project I wanted the treehouse to be in a location that would allow my wife and I to see the treehouse through our kitchen and family room windows.
Since I submitted those photos, I finished off the house with a 45 degree angle staircase using three rows of ¾ hemp rope as the hand rails (the kids love it and our golden retriever thinks I built them for him!). As I've literally never built so much as a bird feeder before this treehouse, I am very proud and inspired by this project.
After several months of battling our Homeowners Association, they decided to proceed with a declaration of war by presenting us with legal documents to appear in court. I have been 4 years and three summers devoted to building a treehouse off the grid in Northern California, in a very rural mountain area. My cousin and I have, over the summer, been building a triangular (12 x 12 x 6) treehouse about 9 feet off the ground. At the moment the future plans are better than the real thing, but it'll be done before winter! My partner and I started a "weekend tree house" and three years later it's almost complete.
What was going to be just a 4x4 beam between two trees for a swing set in the back woods behind my house, to keep my kids off the front street, became a $3500, amazing treehouse. The tree house has 3 big fir trees (the kids and I call them the Big Bears) growing up through the floor and continuing up through the roof. My kids love it and every fall when the snow is about to blow in, we take a marker and Mallory 9 and Connor 7, write a paragraph of what the summer was like and the times they had that year. My dad built us a big treehouse on a federally funded tree farm down by Greenville, Ohio and Fort Laraime. Heavensfield Massage & Bodywork, home of the Pacific Northwest's only Treehouse Massage studio. I had to wait until I was 49 years old to build my Treehouse in Auburn Washington, a little drive from Seattle. I am a landscape contractor in the central Ohio area and have recently finished my first tree house. I have my own mig welder and fabricated all of the mounting brackets by copying the brilliant G.L. If you don't have access to a welder or metal fabrication equipment please contact me if you would like to order any of the bolts, brackets or metal parts I have mentioned.
Although I had loads of fun and learned a ton about treehouse building I am really kicking myself for doing my first treehouse as a paid project. This is what my boyfriend built over one summer when he was married to his ex and couldn't get away from her enough. We built our treehouse a year ago for my 5 year old daughter's birthday and as a place for both children to escape to during the remodeling of our house.
I have a nice tree house built in an old oak tree that i am renovating, when it is finished it will be pretty nice. In the oak trees behind our house, a one story pentagon shaped, cedar sided, treehouse with a balcony, loft, built in fold-out table. I built my treehouse in 1994 with the intention of adding on pods and bridges and moving my family into it. We built a deck 14' up in the limbs of two hickory trees and placed the Tree House Cabin behind it. Built our treehouse in a pair of Northern Red Maple trees above a wild and scenic Central Minnesota river. Suspended from cables to three cedar trees, our tree house is the occupation of my wife and I since we retired.
The treehouse is in a dead maple tree and has skylights, a u-shaped bench with a center table that retracts, power and antenna access for TV, etc. The treehouse I have is built in a greenbelt park - there is a lot of time and effort into it.
Grand Oaks Tree House grew from a seed planted by my daughter on trip to the local library.
My treehouse (originally started for the kids) is 12 feet off the ground at the deck and 22 at the roofs peak. I've just bought land on which I want to build several tree houses, with help from young people in our community.
Well, we started yesterday and so far it has two floors and we are just now starting to work on the walls and roof. My treehouse is 10' x 10', made from recycled materials and located in the middle of 40 acres in the beautiful Ozark mountains. I've been working many years on chair ideas, that have with my treehouses, become Treenets! Eight Sabal palms form a sixteen foot circle with a taller Washingtonian palm in the very center. My father helped me build my tree house when I was 4-6 it started out as just a platform on a tree (my favorite tree to be exact) and ever since then my friends Paul, Lukas, Eric, Mike, and Fred (seriously) have improved it.
Fits between four young and growing oaks, creating an irregular shaped foundation of about 70sqft covered and 24sqft balcony overlook for RC car racing. We built this treehouse during the summer of 1999, the summer of our high school graduation, in Meyer's backyard, which is made up of 14 acres of wooded property. 8 feet, tin shed roof, sliding pole to get down fast, small porch, built on 4 4x4's with plywood floor and horizontal board siding about 3' high, structure starts about 10' off the ground. 1100 square feet of full time living space, built in and around a 60 foot pin oak (160 year old) with 24 feet of airplane fuselage sticking out of one end (bedroom). Built on 15 acres of wooded country bordered by one of the states best rivers for kayaking, fishing and canoeing.
The Gaiasphere Dome is a living dome of giant bamboo, trees, and vines, encompassing The Biosphere Tree, the giant banyan housing the 6-level treepalace (recently visited twice by Quentin Tarantino), home to the "Staving Artists" at the Hawaii International Film Festival. I made a tree house a few years ago entirely from materials I found in the garbage bins of a fraternity at a university. Building my son a tree fort turned into a treehouse , after 40 hrs and $500 we are nearly complete. To all you punk builders out there: think about using strong rope wraps holding your plank (floor structure boards) instead of nails and screws to keep the tree(s) alive and ready for remodeling!!! My three sons and I built the treehouse this summer on some property my folks have in the San Juan Islands.
The day I finished my tree house me and a couple of friends slept in it and we brought a TV up and VCR and Nintendo 64 it was great!!! Actually not so much a treehouse (lack of trees in our area) but a small house on stilts in the woods. I have a cool tree house its got two decks so far and a basement underneath one deck with carpet a TV and a phone. My husband Mike built our treehouse in June, 1997 - after receiving approval from plans he submitted to our Homeowners Association. Since June of 1998, our treehouse has been featured on Good Morning America, in the Washington Post, People Magazine, local and national news channels and radio talk shows across the country and in Canada and Europe. Treehouses capture the imagination of the child in all of us, and they have never been more popular than they are today. This inspirational yet thoroughly practical guide shows even the most inexperienced weekend carpenter how to design and build a lifetime of memories for the entire family. In addition to line drawings, the book contains a section of full-color photographs highlighting a variety of treehouse projects, plus helpful building tips based on interviews with their owners. The authors outline five basic designs that can be adapted to virtually any set of conditions, and throughout the book, they emphasize safety for both adults and children. The book includes general information useful in building a treehouse, explaining treehouse basics, and extra ideas to incorporate into a treehouse like where to build, tree facts, building and tool tips, and safety practices. The designs include one, two, three and four trees (or two trees and two posts) treehouse projects and the perch treehouse. I used the ideas and illustrations in this book to build my daughter a treehouse in our backyard.
I was talking to a friend of mine and we decided it would just be so much easier if we let our kids go on a candy-buying spree and then locked the doors and stayed home and ate candy all day on Halloween. Honestly, it was kind of impressive that Sam even agreed to be in the same room with the pumpkins. It was totally worth it though, because he took knife in hand and carved his pumpkin entirely by himself for the first time. Sam is in middle school now, so he didn’t have a Halloween party at school, but Jack and Quinn both had theirs at exactly the same time.
Quinn and I hung out in his classroom while the rest of the school marched around the halls. A kid at a different table opened up a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips, sending Quinn running out to the hall, where he stayed until I made him come back inside. Quinn must be on guard at all times—for sensory stressors, for things that scare him, for things that make him gag and throw up (e.g. And he didn’t even get kidnapped from our house, which was my primary concern in letting him stay home and answer the door at night—something I expressly refuse to let him do when he stays home alone. I made a quick Sophie’s Choice, decided Jack would be fine with his friend, and ran home after Quinn, hanging up on a disoriented insurance agent as I searched for Quinn, whom I eventually found trembling under his bed.
Collaboration and family bonding: My kids spend a fair amount of their time acting like they want to kill each other.

Art: Every single ding dang day my kids use reams of paper making Minecraft-themed drawings. Also, these are in color and today’s are black and white, so I thought you might like these more. It will not, however, serve as a lesson in grammar unless I decide that my editing their work for proper punctuation is more important than their artistic integrity. I figure that by the end of the summer one of two things will have happened: They will have lost interest and abandoned their blog almost immediately or they will be fluent in HTML. They are welcoming comments over there, so if you like Minecraft, you’re welcome to hop on over.
In the meantime, I plan on not feeling the slight bit bad about letting my children play hours and hours of Minecraft this summer because of the, you know, LEARNING.
Stimey believes rodents are funny, autism may be different than you think, and that if you have a choice between laughing and crying, you should always try to laugh—although sometimes you may have to do both.
These treehouse plans are much more than blueprints, covering the individual steps for every part of the structure, along with cutting lists for each section. A sliding joint system allows the trees to move in the wind without damaging the treehouse.
The plans cover every step in detail over 39 pages, allowing the treehouse to be built in around 14 days. Very easy to construct and a great introduction to treehouse building for areas which have no suitable trees. The plans are split into sections covering each stage and includes material lists, diagrams and 3D views. I make it about let say 25 feet in the air, possibly 20 looked sturdy, it felt sturdy, and it was well put together. We were moving to a new house and in order to entice him to make the move I promised that I would build him a tree house at our new house.
We built a 16'x24' deck 12' high and placed a miniature version of our home all in cedar in the center of the deck. The unique design allows the trees to bend and blow independently of each other while the treehouse "floats" or slides on the t-bar support. I also realized what people meant when they tell you that a successful project is all about having a good plan and the right tools.
I built this treehouse for them because I never had one when I was young and always wanted one.
Treehouse porch has Trex surface, inside is regular wood surface, house itself has two windows and one door. So far we have nine great stories on the walls of Camp Outrageous, as the kids fondly call the old tree house. Another level 3' up from the 1st using actual stairs, then up another 5 or 6' to the sleeping platform.
The adventure began with a referral from a fellow landscaper who turned down a client's request to build a treehouse. I attached more bolts higher up the tree and hung ¼" cable with turnbuckles from a custom hanger.
Three trees: one fully connected, one semi-connected (sliding and fixed connections) and one with only sliding connections.
Featured in two recent treehouse books, we enjoyed keeping our website up-to-the-minute with photos and stories. As Nevada has no trees where we are the steel tree proved to be a decent solution and has since been developed into a product line for my ornamental ironworking business. At about 3' above ground level, the tree splits into 4 very distinct trees that reach for the sky.
The first level is 25 ft off the ground and the roof at feet higher, in a very stable oak tree. Arched window with shutters and floor box, trap door in floor, landing with rope ladder and 90 foot zip line for fast get away. It's pretty small but it's our first and it was something we decided to do and since we are best friends it is a lot of fun. This is a luxury treehouse, complete with hardwood floors, knotty pine tongue&groove walls, cedar siding and a deck with a view!
The last few years I've made tree-nethouses at a 6,500 person, 3 day music festival for the free kids' area, complete with rope bridges!
The platform is entirely of treated lumber, supported on brackets designed after the ones on page 51 of "Home Tree Home" by Pete Nelson. Dudes, it is way cool with 4 foot porch, plexiglass windows and soon to be completed 10' deck.
The 21 foot diameter deck is positioned about ten feet up the circle of trees like a gazebo off the ground. Our tree house about 10 feet of the ground, we use ladders, ropes, and poles to get up and down. Foundation supported by and rest on top of 2x4 clamps and allthread so that minimal harm comes to the trees. Has bamboo railings, a tarp roof, hammock, Christmas lights and lots of plants, a radio and sometimes a TV.
I built the treehouse this summer, '99 for my girls, along with putting up a tire-swing and knotted climbing rope.
It is 36 feet long, 7 feet from floor to roof, anywhere from 4 to 7 feet off the ground (it sits on a steep hill), the roof is 14 feet at it's highest point, 3 different sections constructed over a one year period in 5 separated white pines. It has a set of monkey bars leading to another treethat is really close.from that tree you can climb up to a platform thats about 40 ft off the ground with a zip line that shoots over my pool. Built 3 storeys bracketed by 2 awesome Poderosa Pines with 2 used telephone poles at the other corners. Built from mostly salvaged materials, including 18 ft of airplane fuselage i use as a bedroom. We now have a 11' 6" X 9' 6' Tree house Boasting 7' ceilings complete with windows operated by ropes and pulleys, a dumb waiter, fully operational door with locks.
It's about 10ft off of the ground and I have a woodburning stove inside, because it gets pretty cold. The door was ripped in half one time, things have been stolen and graffiti has been sprayed. We were able to collect signatures on a petition and turned in over 700 of them to the Board of Trustees, after just 1 week of collecting.
It's held up very well over the past 12 months (it looks as good as new), though we did have a very easy winter. There are all these little hoops that you have to jump through, some of which Team Stimey accomplishes better than others. Except every kid has to have their own pumpkin, but they are too young to go about whacking at a pumpkin with a butcher knife, so what really happens is that Alex and I end up taking orders from our kids about how exactly they want a perfect six-point star for a left eye and a square for the right. I think the only people who have a harder time than parents with school Halloween parties are the poor teachers who have to supervise them. I wanted to go to both, but that ended up not working out, what with my not actually being two people.
Sometimes we make them, sometimes we cobble them together out of stuff we have, sometimes I buy them, one memorable year I had someone sew one, and this year I threw a million dollars at Amazon and had them send me two insanely expensive boxes for Quinn and Jack to wear.
This means that I get to take my kids trick or treating by myself at the same time as I hand out candy at home. My kids all run in a million directions and I end up shouting at them to stick together and they don’t and it is a whole thing, but they usually have a really good time.
My kids and I were heading out of the house to meet our neighbors who we were going to trick or treat with when my cell phone rang.
I figured that I could give my kiddos at least one gimme day of just hanging out and doing whatever they wanted to do, which pretty much means that they got to play a lot of Minecraft. He briefly began a love affair with the Magic Treehouse Books, but then he discovered Captain Underpants and his non-cartoony chapter books phase ended.
Yet if you put something interesting about Minecraft on the computer, they will all cram into one chair to pore over it.
Quinn was playing Minecraft and Jack was humming the exact same song as was playing on the screen. They are also looking for topics that you’d like to hear about in their future blog posts.
Before you get your treehouse plans underway, consult this expert advice about everything from location to building a proper platform to floor and door options.
The floor is an 8'x8' square to make best use of full size plywood sheets and the tree trunk passes through the middle of the structure as a unique feature. One time a asked my friend to install the planks of wood that go out from the tree to the corner of the treehouse. A pulley system winds up a small cart which acts as an elevator and takes people to the tree house in 15 seconds. The tree house has a ceiling fan, skylight, phone, cable and internet access and an L shaped staircase. Pre-drilling the holes and coating the bolts with pruning tar made the process much easier. In Spring 2008 we'll put a wood preservative on the exterior, hang a front door, and let the boys "customize" it in their own special way. The whole project including the extra tools I had to buy and the Atlantic White Cedar lap siding ran about $850 (probably would be significantly less if I did it a second time as I wasted materials due to my lack of experience). I would like to know about other treehouses integrated in jungle or forests around the world.
There are steps attached to the tree which leads to a trap door hatch in the treehouse floor. There are steps attached to the tree which leads to a trap door hatch in the tree house floor.
The entire thing is built of scraps and logs from the yard; the roof inside is old interior doors. Between big branches, he has planks of plywood attached at both branches, and it has about 7 stories, all connected by 1 big branch halfway between stories.
Now my new "ground" house is built 50 yards away and the treehouse has been converted to a guest house. My "Robin's Nest" has gas heat and lights as well as a half bath, is fully furnished and has a sleeping loft as well.
Total space is about 250 square feet of space; "green room" (almost all windows), narrow hallways, a "sleeping cave", bedroom and main room. Sits three 3 levels the roof consists of two layers of half inch plywood because it gets hot here I made the side hinged so that I can ventilate it as well as serve as a shelf its built into three maple trees and has now been there for 15 months also under the first deck I built in two birdhouses that some wrens took to immediately, however I did not get permission to build this and few know of it even though its right off a major highway here in Dallas. Supported by 6-4x4 posts on pyramid blocks this one story treehouse has been a blast to build. It gets a little different in the fact that we were able to build it without ever nail or screwing into the tree.
The treehouse is secured to only one cross beam, allowing the entire platform to "float" as the trees move in the wind.
The main platform, which I am building now, is 10' off the ground in a huge maple tree, supported on 3 sides by the tree and on a 4th by a post.
Penetrating the top branches is a 20 foot flag pole with Old Glory flapping in the wind, which can be seen from U.S. Got 4 Pine trees for corners (about 8 to 10 feet apart) and want to have a porch, a rock climbing wall, a swing, ladder, sliding windows for ventilation (I've got a neat idea on how to do it), lights, etc. I plan to build additional platforms, crows-nest, and look-out towers in this tree, as well as putting up a rope ladder and short rope bridge.

Has an entry door and is wired with electric and is furnished for overnight use including a television set. My Treehouse sits about 12 feet off the ground and sits in an old maple tree (the only tree in our small yard). Basically, it lies between three oaks, is about eight feet off the ground, completely enclosed with air conditioning, and has a deck with lattice work. The treehouse is a 8'x14' structure built between two oak trees and has a platform above the treehouse for reading and watching the world go by!
I really didn't care, because each time I had to start over the Party houses would get better and better (always real cheap with scrap wood and cheap nails). You can lock the doors with a key that I had made for the locks and you can lock the windows so kids can't open them and get in and here is the cool part. He has installed battery operated lights, PA system, listening device and ultra sonic alarm system so far. Someone decided to build a building where it was, so the whole small woods where I built are gone.
It has a deck on the front, 4 windows that open and close, a skylight, bunk beds, a chandelier and even a TV that is connected to an extension cord plugged into the house.
We are now waiting to see what the Association will do next: Will they take us to court, or will they allow a compromise, like we have asked for, and allow us to plant some trees to block the offended neighbors view?
I suspended two 14' beams between two large (1.5' - 2' diameter) Fir trees about 12' apart. I have a ton of sensory issues, so I understand a lot of what he goes through, but he is really intense. This usually entails me putting out a bowl of candy and hoping teenagers don’t take it all before we get home.
It really isn't a tree house but more of a observation deck, as it is just a wooden platform with a guide fence to keep people from falling out. I had never built anything significant in my life so I was very nervous going into this and bought a book called "Tree houses you can actually build" by some guy named Stiles if I remember correctly.
It has been a wonderful location for our entire family to have enjoyable activities and relaxation - while serving as a unique conversation piece for our property. It is my hope that many people experience less consumerism and more organic living which comes from the treehouse, using recycled lumber and building materials. There isn't a day that goes by that somebody doesn't stop and ask questions or want to go inside. There's electricity inside, a window on the back wall, and it's insulated enough to live in. So far the walls are framed and im getting ready to paint the siding before I side it, so I don't have to paint it later. The deck is 16'x16'x16' and 8' above the ground, from there you go up some stairs to a rope bridge that is about 12' long. Large windows are on 3 sides with fold out shutters in the front roof apex covering a screened section for mucho ventilation and a wonderful view of the woods and the Shenandoah Valley.
It is "hanging" on four main branches that form a box, we accomplished this by using steel cabling and eye bolts that go through the 2X6's we use for the main beams.
Six 2x4's are bolted to the ends of the floor joists and tilt outward about 10 degrees as they go up to bolt onto the rafters.
On the bottom floor there's a little deck where you can stand or there's a zip line down to my backyard. The house itself would be considered a story and a half with foru windows and two dutch doors.
I went over to my dads friends house and took off an 8x10 deck then attached it to the tree under the house, also added another 8x8 onto that all of which was used lumber my dad showed me how to tie top plate of walls together then he cut the metal for the roof. The platform is 10x10 with an 8x8 single-sloped roof house, allowing a 2-foot deck on 2 sides. Kids camps are screaming for non-conventional buildings and it's a great community service project for would-be carpenters. The trees are not pierced in any way, buy rather hugged tightly by bolted joists and roof trusses.
Finishing the interior space and then on to the observation platform 25' above the river bottom. I remember the tree house my father built me, I hope hers is just as important to her as well.
From the windows breaking from kids, storms, and so one I put on storm windows on the outside you close it from the inside and you can lock it too, and it is very very hard wood.
Our lock latch has been broken off, but now we have a strong door and a steel lock latch and a big lock.
One neighbor complained that they didn't like the looks of it and our Homeowners Association told us in April, 1998, that it has to be removed or they are going to take us to court.
He so badly wanted to go to his class party and get all the treats there, but he was absolutely terrified at the idea of walking in the costume parade—even with a box on his head to obscure his vision.
He also totally channeled me later in the evening when we still had a ton of candy left and he started shoveling handfuls of it in trick-or-treater’s bags. Like when Quinn sees a costume that scares him and he can’t relax because he is working so hard to avoid seeing it again. I was too lazy to walk into the living room to take photos of today’s art that was on the coffee table. Building A Tree house: How to go about building a treehouse, plans, designs and creative style. So here we are one afternoon when the thing begins to start to twist and the floor planks began to buckle. It provides a great view into 4 towns, as the tree and the surrounding area is located on a bluff and has many hills. The treehouse is built with all recycled, reclaimed and locally acquired natural materials (logs and branches).
This project became a family project and I think the 1st grade teacher may bring the class over to see this project.
There are portions of the trees that come up thru the floor and we intend to wall around them as well.
My two sons and I built it in about 5 weeks with salvaged materials from the local do-it-yourself centers. I originally told my wife it would cost $500 to build but it ended up be substantially more - it got to be much more elaborate as we built it than I had planned. It has an upper deck dubbed the "Eagle's Nest" after my daughter went on a field trip banding bald eagles. My house is not as fancy as many that I have seen in books with wood paneling, but it is very comfortable and a cheap alternative to living in the dorm. We had an ice storm a few years ago, and the trees supporting the house went down, as did the treehouse.
I feel that any rigid wood structure treehouse should be surrounded by them, or used just by themselves. The ground level is an outdoor kitchen and the upper deck is open living space sheltered by the roof and side railings. We have two floors and the lower floor has a full size couch, 2 TVs, VCR, and Surround sound stereo system. It has electrical, every joint is sealed, and I chose Architectural shingles as the outside covering. In addition to this I am planning a small cargo lift (elevator?) for easy transport of goods. Something else we're adding is a network of observation towers connected by rope bridges, we're almost done with the first one. House is featured in new book, "From outhouse to white house to treehouse" available May 15 1999 from Parris Press. It is set up to sit and enjoy the evening sunset directly or Surfers on 3 different breaks close by with whales in the background.
With the right materials and proper building techniques, your tree house will last for years. Over the course of the winter in 2004 Joey and I sat down and drew up the rough plans to build this thing around an old Oak tree that forked into 2 vertical trunks.
The roof is a corrugated tin that I painted Hunter Green because it was old rusted metal The roof also completely covers the house and the deck. I also bought a window, door and sheet metal roofing from a recycling center near my house and hauled them up to Inchelium. House is set between two huge Maple trees that are both at least 4' in diameter at their bases.
It was so heavy, we rolled it on a trailer and one of my cousins now has it sitting in his backyard for his toddlers to play in.
We are currently having troubles with walls and of course there is a lot of shaking in windy weather on the second level especially. Make sure you have a good ladder and think building sequence through or you will build yourself out of a position to do the next thing. It is 10 feet high on the bottom and has a balcony on the third floor that exceeds 35 feet in height. The back wall has a triple bunk bed and each bed has a 2x2 window at the head to look out over the land and channel. Amenities include 3 gas lights, gas range and furnace, sleeping loft, Dutch door, and French windows.
Also I have about 3 windows and a window on the roof to see the stars at night, and lights are hooked up too. The following Spring we began construction using the joists and decking I recycled from a deck I had to tear off our new house. I used a tractor inner tube - and it works well (depending on which way the wind in blowing) - of course the one through the porch roof has never leaked! If cost about $800 (twice what I estimated) and built over two weeks with help from several relatives and friends.
What began as a plan for an 8' x 8' TH turned into a 16' x 12' structure since we had some long pieces of used joists left over.
Back on the deck are different way to get back to the ground, one of witch is a 15' slide, or if you are more brave you can take the brass fireman's pole to the sand box below and it is back up again by the rope bridge or there is a rope and plank ladder up the side. I had a lot of problems like when in a bad storm the treehouse fell down and luckily I only had 1 floor up.
The deck on the front was an afterthought but I think it would have looked funny without it. You get up by a rope ladder, a tree ladder, a rope up the back of the tree, a rope in the front, and a pole. Amenities include: air conditioning, electric heat, fridge, stereo, TV, Nintendo, microwave, small toaster oven. One day in late summer I arrived at the tree to find a crew with a cherry picker tearing the house down. This was a fun project to build and design, and I look forward to doing it all over again someday.

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