Web Form Builder comes with a $69 price tag and has a lot of incredible features, but is it worth it? You can create any kind of form with this app from basic contact forms, to registrations to surveys. It takes only a few seconds to add in your choices for a dropdown or customize the type of uploads you want to allow. Creating a complicated form with ten to twenty or more fields is simple because of the drag and drop interface.
Form validation was always my weakest area when building a web form, but not anymore because Web Form Builder makes it easy. You can even add a CAPTCHA to protect your form against spam, powered by Google’s reCAPTCHA. Before you publish your form, you can preview it in different browsers to make sure it looks just the way you want. You can embed forms hosted on S-Drive into your website without manually uploading files to your web server.

If you don’t want to take advantage of their hosted form options, you can manually publish a form you created to your own web server.
Once you’ve exported your form, you can upload it to your web server and start using it.
Web Form Builder supports multiple ways to save your form results if you are publishing to your own server. You can also customize the confirmation message or redirect visitors to another page after they submit your form. Coffee Cup’s Web Form Builder is an incredible piece of software that can create beautiful and complex web forms in minutes. There is a free trial available on Coffee Cup’s website so you can download Web Form Builder and take your own test drive.
Building and styling web forms by hand isn’t the trickiest of endeavors, but it is time consuming.
Setting field properties is something you have to do for every field and this makes the process so much easier.

You can set the requirements for zip codes, phone numbers, and anything else in a few seconds.
This way you can make any necessary changes to ensure your form looks right in all browsers and mobile devices. There are plans for future releases to integrate easily with other third parties like MailChimp and Facebook. If you are a web designer who builds a lot of forms, this is a great app that is well worth the $69 price tag. Drag and drop elements like headings, text fields, dropdowns, and file uploads to where you want them. They also keep track of statistics and partial submissions so you know if people are starting, but not finishing your form.

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