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To link your Facebook account with your DLD profile, we need you to enter your DLD Email and Password. The “How to Build a Successful Brand in Today’s Connected World” workshop will review the definition of brand, the value to your business and the five steps to building an exceptionable brand in today’s transparent world. This interactive workshop will allow time for you to try out some of the techniques we’ll discuss and apply them to your own branding challenges. This workshop is part of the DLDw14 learning conference and will take place on July 21st at 11am. While some view a website as disposable or insignificant, it is a ultimately a unique resume for your company online, applying for eye-time amongst potential partners, applicants, and visitors. Firstly, Keezer says you need to have an established vision, saying “our original site was somewhat convoluted, putting the spotlight on a massive value system that, from the outside, could be viewed as complicated” adding, “We needed to really streamline the language surrounding what our company was about so that people came away with a clear idea.” In addition to changing the language, Momentum Ventures had decided to broaden the message regarding its past successes.
As we previously noted, Momentum Ventures had decided to work outside of its team to build their new website. Following these tips has resulted in Momentum Ventures’ new website project to run smoothly and efficiently.
But for many, the Nest acquisition is just one more way for Google to embed itself into their lives and further invade our privacy. In other words, if the Internet of Things is a gold rush, Spark is the company selling the shovels.
When the TEDxVienna confirmed speakers list was posted, my eye instantly fell on the Table Connect team’s live presentation. After realizing that this eBay purchased, black glass table did in fact largely resemble an over sized iPhone, the LOA Design Studio team members realized that the opportunity was just too good to pass by.
And if rebuilding Cupertino’s interface from scratch (mostly) wasn’t enough, of the three team members involved in the fake, only Nino is an iPhone owner; Stefan sports an Android powered HTC Desire, Lucas, a Windows Phone 7.
Stefan estimates that the total time involved to animate the 71 second video was around 40 to 50 hours. While Stefan was sequestered to the animation studio, Lucas and Nino were forming plans on how to get their device noticed.
The team admits that they didn’t exactly agree on how to release their video and gain maximum exposure. On October 29th, 2010, Engadget author Darren Murph took LOA Studio’s bait, and published a short article about the Table Connect device, a full 5 days before the video was uploaded to YouTube.
Numerous other media outlets jumped on Engadget’s initial post leading up to the November 2nd release, further adding fuel to the fake fire. When asked if the team would do anything differently, either technical or promotion wise, filmmaker Nino comments, “Even the small mistakes we made like the little pinky finger thing, in the end, just helped it to make the project as big as it was. As the team closed their TEDxVienna presentation they mentioned accomplishing something that most marketers dream of and work their whole lives towards. While the Table Connect may have been the greatest gadget you never saw, that’s not to say that attempts weren’t made to take the project from fake to for real.
If the team had actually managed to pull off a 58 inch touchscreen display desk, “I would have loved to have seen the reaction from Apple. While it might have been the object of desire that sadly will never be (or will it?), the Table Connect certainly inspired a number of us to think even bigger when it comes to the potential of large touch display interfaces, particularly those that we could easily attach our portable devices to. Some controllers have built-in wireless cards or access, and users have to configure each wireless device individually. If you'd rather not run your robot off your network, ourWireless Router lets you run it from anywhere. Once you connect the wireless bridge or router, you're ready to add a standard network device and a controller.
Connectivity begins with the Logitech USB GamePad Controller, which connects directly to your computer via USB port. Once your control board is customized, it can't be edited (although it can be tweaked if your software needs change). For those that want cameras, we have the Etrovision Video Server that allows you to connect and stream any standard RCA Camera.
Two way audio is available and will enable you to send and receive audio through a web interface. The bridge option allows your robot to act as an extension of an existing WiFi infrastructure. Another method is to set up the device as a serial port using programs such this freeware HW VSP.
Its best to connect directly to your router here, you can test it through the wireless bridge in the steps below.
Now all your needed devices are set up, unplug them from the network and plug them into the wireless bridge. When your robot is powered on the wireless bridge will take several seconds to boot up and connect to the network.
I think that the bottom members of the trusses are actually redundant with the top row of blocks already having reinforced concrete in a channel block.
What are the concrete, actionable steps you can take to construct and nurture a brand that is memorable, distinctive and enduring? These include how to pinpoint an emotional connection with your target audience and how to use social media to your advantage.
Currently SVP of marketing at Elance-oDesk, she is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you had any questions and apply to attend DLDwomen 2014 here. You only get one chance at a first impression in the online world, so building the perfect website to fit your business is extremely critical. Keezer says this had nothing to do with the quality of his team, but instead about getting new perspective saying “this is a project that would have benefitted from fresh eyes,” adding, “We have a top notch design team here that contributed heavily to the launch, but between current work and work on the horizon we didn’t want want to entirely disrupt their train of thought.” Ultimately it was a matter of networking as well. While every project can have its hiccups, being prepared and thorough puts you in the best position to succeed on any front, including website development and implementation.
But when its Kickstarter campaign for a web-connected lighting system failed, the team decided to focus on selling chips to other inventors instead. It’s similar to the Arduino, an immensely popular electronics controller board among the hardware hacking crowd. But while the Tessel is designed to handle a fair amount of processing on its own, the Core offloads processing to a computer server. After doing a bit of digging around, it became blatantly clear that the team with a viral hit on their hands had never made a public appearance, and outside of YouTube, the table itself had never been seen. Post opening comments, a video, and some stats, it was finally time to see this ~ 150cm tech wonder in action. Post production specialist Stefan Fleig took a comprehensive look at the design of the table, noting locations where tracking points could be placed, and doing the math on just how the team could optically convert this plain black glass surface into the world’s largest iPhone.
I then took advantage of some packages readily found on the Internet for buttons and other items, but I had to rebuild the iOS interface, animate every icon, and even animate the time changes to accurately reflect how the actual iPhone functions,” says Stefan. And what better way than to draw the attention of an always-hungry-for-a-story tech media industry?
Nino wanted to hit the market with the finished video as soon as possible, while Lucas insisted that they needed time to get the multiplicators lined up. The team had the idea to tip the media before the actual arrival of the video, initially setting up a blogspot blog (that now redirects to their studio site), and alerting Engadget to their story approximately a week before the video was ready for viewing.
They all admitted that it was quite difficult to remain calm after being called out, but in the end, they stuck to their guns, and attracted evangelists along the way.
For as many people that called out the table as fake, we had just as many people saying that it was real, actively defending us. I asked them about this comment, and what advice they could give to would-be viral hit producers. If one person was responsible for one thing, and another for something else, at least one person could take the blame if something went wrong; but would also be responsible if something went right. However, I find the better story here in the outstanding animation and film making skills of the LOA Studio team, their careful planning of, and seeding to just the right media outlets, and being able to weather the storm of “FAKE!”s while picking up strong brand advocates of a product that never existed along the way. One of the greatest fakes to hit the Internet this past year or something that was blown way out of proportion? We use a proven and reliable Wireless Bridge that allows us to put several devices onto the network at the same time. When you add a router to the robot, you can connect multiple network-compatible accessories which communicate with each other.
Its Arduino platform is extremely user-friendly, and it's a great way to learn programming language. This movement is controlled by two servos which are powered by the voltage regulators included with both Wi-Fi packages. The standard router option provides a simple solution to get you up and running in no time and with little to no IT experience. Bridge equipped robots also come with the added bonus of being able to be remote controlled from anywhere with access to the internet. If you are using the router option then you simply need to connect to the robots router through Ethernet, to set it up.
All you need to do is enter the IP address of the iPocket into the settings form and connect. They should work just the same as they did when plugged into your wired network, only they will be getting routed through your wireless bridge and the activity lights on you bridge will start blinking etc.
The Wireless Bridge is mounted on a plate on top of the batteries, all the controls are mounted under it.
For example, what is commonly used to attach a steel frame roof to a masonry wall in Thailand?
How do you take on the new challenges of a hyper-connected world in which so many people – customers, influencers and even competitors – participate in shaping your brand? Momentum Ventures needed a new website so that they could improve their first impression amongst potential business leaders and entrepreneurs. With Montreal being at the forefront of Canada’s tech movement their were no shortage of highly recommended designers available according to Keezer. But unlike the Arduino, the Core has a built-in Wi-Fi antenna, and it’s designed specifically with wireless networking applications in mind. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. After a false start and having some trouble “getting the app to load,” jovial audience members watched in horror as the Table Connect literally went up in flames; or at least a decent display of pyrotechnics.
During the debate, it was Stefan who included the idea of actively tipping the media to pick up on the story, and a plan was hatched. We could have benefited from having team roles and leadership on something like this,” comments Nino. The fact that something like this could actually come to fruition based on our staged viral video just makes the story even better,” says Stefan.

The lesson for marketers here is to pick up on a Zeitgeist, find the perfect vessel for delivery, and be able to successfully create anticipation through selected media placements to maximize your launch. This bridge allows us to connect up to four network devices (and more, when you add a low-cost switch).
You can jump onto this network with your laptop, phone or tablet when you want to monitor outputs or control the robot.
Most of our dome cameras communicate through RS45 which can be configured on your control board though your order. This will allow your robot to create and move around a wireless network that you and other wireless devices can connect to.
Coupled with the Two-Way Audio option described below it can serve as a basic and robust Remote Prescience option. Its up to you if you want to use a static IP or have the bridge find an available IP address on your network. After it is configured, it is as easy as plugging in your components and mounting it on the robot. Then plug the RS232 from the iPocket232 into your computer or another computer on the network and open up another instance of HyperTerminal using your RS232 Com Port. Of course, you will have run the desired power to each of your devices, so it may be able to move around without being constricted by wires. If using using our Wi-Fi control package and out custom pan and tilt with an standard camera, both the robot and the camera will be controlled with the gamepad or mouse using our custom PC interface program.
The control program interfaces with a custom control board that is programmed to match your robot's specifics such as motor controllers, encoders, sensors, relays, current monitoring, voltages, etc. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Momentum Ventures decided to go outside their office to complete this task, employing a local design firm to work with guidance from Momentum Ventures’ experienced internal design team. At the end of the day, you will need to vet, compare, and challenge designers to earn your project. It wants to show you how easy it can be to pull together a working prototype of an internet appliance in today’s world. But when Austrian filmmaker Nino Leitner walked into designer Lucas Triebl’s office, his first thought was, “This looks like a giant iPhone.” And thus, the idea for one of the coolest gadgets you never saw was born.
And thus came to an end an incredible fake that gathered attention the world over, including a few journalists here and here and here and there, a number of notable Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of requests to purchase. The LOA Studio team spoke to a number of software companies and tech persona, specifically one in Vienna, where serious discussions eventually broke down, as no common agreement could be settled upon. Ethernet devices run like they're wired to your main network router, and you can port out and access your devices from anywhere. Instead of moving to the IPocket, though, the packet goes directly to the Arduino Ethernet Shield R3. We also offer custom camera systems with a pan and tilt that is controlled with our WiFi Control Package (hence the gamepad controller). This option will be presented to you when setting up the IP address of the bridge you have bridge. It is recommended you use a static IP address here so you do not have to keep looking for it each time the robot powers up. Now in the very final stages of launching their new site, Momentum Ventures CEO Matt Keezer believes the process can be broken down into three key principals.
It wants to show how the rise of open source hardware is changing the world and how, ultimately, it can make us less dependent on companies like Google.
The Ethernet shield plugs directly into the SDR Custom Arduino Mega Shield, which is plugged into the Arduino Mega 2560 R3. The benefit of using a dynamic address is that its simpler, however, you will lose the ability to access the robot from a remote location or any sort of automation. Either way, an idea worth spreading, and something I’d definitely want to talk to them about. This is because without knowing exactly what IP address your robot is at on every start up, you will not know where to send commands to.
After building anticipation throughout the day (the team didn’t appear until approximately 4:30 PM), they enthusiastically took the stage and opened their talk with the video below.
The data is routed to the iPocket232 RS232 to Ethernet Converter , which changes it from the Ethernet packet to an RS-232 signal. Now you can control your devices and relays.This option lets you modify the code at any point, even when you add new devices to the robot. When using a static IP address make sure that it does not conflict with an existing IP on your WiFi Network.
It's perfect for robots whose uses change frequently, or for those in educational settings. After setting a static IP address, you can go to that address on any Internet Browser to have access to advance settings.
Devices like servos, motors and sensors can be turned on and off with the 7 Chan High Cur TTL Driver with 4 Power 5V Relays. On the other hand, though, users with more advanced programming experience can make more intricate changes. We leave comments in the code to help you through, and the Arduino community is also available to fresh Arduino users.

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