Our friendly and professional website design and development team will work with you to create an all-in-one website and relevant online presence that will engage your target customers. For as little as €500, you can have a fully customised brand new website, which positions you perfectly to grow your new online presence.
Bespoke Website DesignA high quality, professional website doesn’t have to be expensive. Not only did the team deliver on my brief, but they went above and beyond, adding touches to get my website up and running smoothly. Rose was an awesome designer to work with, quick to reply, always available for site changes and immediately handled all of my random requests. If you have a project and you think we can help in any way, then please fill out the form to the right and press submit.
From time to time we my send out beautifully styled email updates containing studio and industry updates and the odd special offer. For many of your customers, a visit to your website will be their first interaction with your brand. Visit AMS websiteAussie Modular Solutions (AMS) engineers, designs, manufactures and installs modular buildings for the resource, commercial and residential sectors. Design City were engaged to design and build the AMS website from the ground up, utilising the existing materials from the previous companies as well as the newly developing materials that were somewhere between planned and being created. We initially sat down with AMS to work through the site information architecture and content strategy.
The site itself was built from the ground up to be a showcase for the new brand, the sectors and the floorplans. We needed to refocus our website to attract more customers for our residential product line. Visit the JDSi websiteJDSi Consulting engineers specialise in the development of urban, rural and industrial land projects. JDSi approached Design City to review their current online presence and provide some suggestion for ways we might evolve the site. We started with an total design overhaul—our recent work on their Company Profile had evolved the brand significantly which would lead to a ground-up redesign of the website. JDSi was also supporting the community, being involved in various charity and community organisations, as well as establishing an Indigenous Scholarship with the University of Western Australia.
The end result is a well integrated and on-brand website, with images and text combined harmoniously.
JDSi has utilised Design City’s expertise for all our marketing since our inception in 2007, in this short time Design City has played a vital role in establishing our brand in a specialised engineering environment. Composite or synthetic decks are a top choice here in Charlotte and throughout the country.

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we know that it's the small features that make the biggest difference.
One thing you might not think of when constructing your new deck is that your grill takes up a significant amount of space. Charlotte deck building done rightDeck building at Archadeck often includes other outdoor living areas or features. We offer a quick turnaround and after the website is complete, you will have full ownership of your site and can make changes as you please.
We believe that it is not enough to simply create a website; it needs to be seen by the maximum amount of people possible. Web Design Holic is an affordable Website Design Development Company, we create and build designs that cut through, for all kinds of businesses. We build websites that are SEO ready, to increase your websites rank in search engines like Google and Bing.
Rose problem solved any issues that arose and kept me up to date through the whole process.
She immediately grasped our ideas and concepts and created our dream ahead of schedule and on budget, even including many extras. Formerly Aussie Portables and Alternative Living, the newly formed AMS needed to leverage its reputation as one of Western Australia’s most trusted modular, prefab and transportable providers and create a strong online identity to cut through in a very competitive market. We decided to move forward with a client-focused strategy as the diverse target audience of the company leant itself to creating focused areas of the site for specific user groups.
The content management system was customised to enable quick and easy editing of the many areas of the site - AMS can control pretty much everything on the site, which is how we like it. The website redesign looks great and the changes were put through with little effort and no issues. We’ve been working with JDSi since their inception, and we’re proud to continue to be a part of their growth as they become a strong player in the land and infrastructure development. Although their previous website had worked well for them, the company had grown to working on multi-million dollar projects—and their website needed to evolve to keep up and continue to add value to their business. With some very significant projects under their belts, we wanted the JDSi website to highlight the extensiveness of their experience with case studies on key projects.
We wanted to highlight their community-minded spirit and provide an avenue for visitors to get involved as well. The site is fully content managed, right down to the affiliation and community logos that hover in colour. This outdoor living area includes a screened porch with a partially open gable roof and a lovely composite deck with flared stairs leading out to the yard. Wood is a traditional material for decks but comes with many problems which include warping, cupping, splitting, fading, staining and a number of other issues.

The screened porch below includes arches over the screens as well as angled corners to give it a screened gazebo type feel. This deck not only includes build in benches, but it also includes a custom flagstone fire pit.
In addition, you'll need open space around the grill for the cook to stand and for any splattering. Your website will present carefully created content, will be visually appealing, will integrate with supporting information such as social media and will meet all your internet marketing goals. Your website should be cost effective, easy to find, easy to use, easy to update and pleasant to look at and interact with.
When minor design issues arose, she immediately provided a solution and offered ideas to improve the site. Unless of course, you are spamming us and then we will most likely shun you and blow raspberries in your general direction. We can help to make sure that the introduction is a positive one by working with you to understand your requirements and developing an online presence that adds real value to your business.
We worked with a web copywriter and AMS to create the content specifically for the web and looked at innovative intelligent ways we could have users interacting with the site.
As well as creating a site that is exceedingly search engine friendly, we have also maintained an ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) programme for the site that is designed to compliment their search engine advertising campaign. We integrated photography we took at project sites to enhance the visual appeal of the site and highlight the breadth of work covered by JDSi.
If you desire some sun protection from your pergola, we can design the pergola to afford more sun protection. An outdoor fireplace not only adds ambiance and beauty to your yard, but it delights the senses at night with the sound and sights of a crackling fire. She has more than exceeded our expectations and it has been a great pleasure working with her.
I am super picky but she was so great and really brought her creative gifts to the table and created a beautiful website that I am so proud of!! Our web designers and programmers have a complete set of skills to create and implement any type of digital project. Finally, the site is cross browser and device compatible (meaning all browsers back to IE6 and smartphones), works without flash or javascript and built with standards, accessibility and usability in mind. Composite decks are low maintenance and have superior performance to pressure-treated wood.

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