Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS teaches web development from scratch, without assuming any previous knowledge of HTML, CSS or web development techniques. This background color gets applied to all the elements which are contained inside this wrapper div. The three preview boxes are contained inside the div with id center_preview, and center_preview div is contained inside preview div. The center_footer div contained inside the footer div has a black(#000000) colored background. No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of Entheos.

This book introduces you to HTML and CSS as you follow along with the author, step-by-step, to build a fully functional web site from the ground up.However, unlike countless other "learn web design" books, this title concentrates on modern, best-practice techniques from the very beginning, which means you'll get it right the first time.
This div is positioned at the center of the webpage horizontally using the auto margin property. These boxes show some part(3-4 lines) of the complete topic and have a [ more ] link that links to the original topic.
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The web sites you'll build will:Look good on a PC, Mac or Linux computer Render correctly whether your visitors are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari Use web standards so your sites will be fast loading and easy to maintain Be accessible to disabled users who use screenreaders to browse the Web By the end of the book, you'll be equipped with enough knowledge to set out on your first projects as a professional web developer, or you can simply use the knowledge you've gained to create attractive, functional, usable and accessible sites for personal use.

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