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And there you have it, you now have one of those annoying Captcha functions that everyone hates, but it does mean an end to receiving spam from your Joomla registration and contact forms.
You can also go to the Database page and click Fix to see there are any database issues that need clearing up. I did encounter another problem, wehereby the captcha image itself does not display anywhere on the registration form. I did make sure my datbases are up to date and have ensured anything that needed to be installed for 2.5+ is as it should be. USERS>OPTIONS (beside HELP top right hand menu corner) and under COMPONENTS change the Captcha default to Captcha-recaptcha. As Francois mentioned above, when you're using K2 and Joomla core articles and forms, you need to decide which one to use reCaptcha with, not both. There is also a trend in offering a very basic, stripped down template with a developer's custom framework.
Between the basic free templates and the framework themes we've found, there's definitely something here for everyone and every project. JoomShaper's latest free template offering is Zaara, and it's a very stylized but still quick-loading template suitable for almost anything from a personal site or portfolio site to a business site. Responsive web design couldn't be more popular these days, and JoomlArt has provided a free, block based responsive Joomla Template to work with called Elastica. One great thing about JoomlArt is that they provide a Demo Builder function with each template so you can get a good idea of what it will be like to work with before you buy.
JA Purity II is just about half-way between a full fledged template and a stripped down base theme for a framework. The menu system is particularly impressive on the demo site, which includes 4 menu choices, inline modules and support for embedded video. Bloq 2.5 is a free template offered by JoomlaPraise featuring 31 module positions, a built in CSS dropdown menu and 8 different starter themes. RocketTheme is well known for putting a lot into their templates in terms of images and style. There are several highly customizable aspects to this template, due in large part to the fact that it was built on RocketTheme's framework, Gantry.
The template ships with 8 preset styles in both light and dark colors, and it's been optimized for a strong SEF layout.
While they may not have vast numbers of templates built up in their catalog yet, JoomlaShine offers templates for several different industries and applications.
While certain web developers may find the following links more useful than others, these can be a great starting point for anyone looking to get into Joomla web development in a serious way. As mentioned above, JoomShaper also has an available framework called Helix, and the default template is designed to be fast loading and lean. The overall design of the base theme of Helix is very minimal, which allows a lot of possibility with design choice.
YOOtheme produces the Warp Framework and includes their Master Theme with the installation.
If you've found one that's been particularly helpful to you, come back to our forum and let us know. It is always a challenge coming up with a new template to suit the unique needs of our customers. The Vertex Joomla Template is a 100% free GPL licensed template, now with Responsive Layout! JSN Gruve is the first responsive Joomla template with stunning visual and powerful framework.
Fashion Store Joomla 2.5 Template with OT-Ante is free but such a nice and powerful Joomla!

The template has a lot of in built features like superfish drop-down menu, scroll to top button, customizable logo and site description, everything managed from template parameters. The template use our nivolisder module, please install this module to your website if you may like to have the same slideshow effects. This functionality has been possible using third party extensions, but it is more convenient to have it built into the core. Click the Save & Close button and go to Extensions – Plugin Manager and towards the top of the list you will see Captcha – ReCaptcha.
If the design doesn't match your site, you can try one of the other designs by experimenting with the Theme options in the plugin. I see in Global Configuration the Default Captcha you mentioned but it simply says "None Selected" with no other options. So, for those people like me, who also use the K2 features, please note you must disable one of the captcha way in either the Joomla! That means if I am using K2, I can't enable recaptcha on both K2 and the contact form of the website at the same time.
For some website builders, this is a fantastic way to go as you start with more of a blank canvas, but have access to a framework that helps make most modifications quick and easy.
Zaara is built on JoomShaper's own Helix Framework, which is detailed later in this article.
The menu system is decent, and there are several device specific layouts to take full advantage of the template's responsive nature.
It is the default theme for JoomlArt's framework, T3, but it is much more fleshed out than some of the others listed below. Although this is a free template, JoomlaPraise is still providing the logo source artwork for smooth customization. Some nice typography styles have also been included along with some very basic Google Font support. Both of these are usually lacking in free templates; however, Grunge offers both as you would expect from this developer.
The tabbed content sections are one its most distinguishing features, but under the hood it boasts 6 style variations, a solid CSS dropdown menu, custom typography and 60 module positions. All five of their Joomla templates are compatible with version 2.5 and offer a stripped down free version. Each of these frameworks comes with a standard "vanilla" template that is very customizable as long as you learn the accompanying system. Most of these frameworks also come with a full package to install Joomla, the framework itself and the base template. While some of the other free templates only offer very basic menu systems, Helix includes a nicely complex and flexible menu system which includes Mega Menu, Dropline Menu, Split Menu and MooMenu options. It's a very clean, basic template that has a dedicated mobile theme built in, a flexible grid system, HTML 5 based code and some slick JavaScript standard. I use JoomlaShine template "JSN EPIC", I'm fully satisfied, they provide No.1 documentation and very good tech. You can use Mega Tourim for advertising and presenting your travel company to the visitors of your site. It’s purpose is to show off the powerful features of the Shape5 Vertex template framework. This theme allows you to display slideshows on your site, having a dedicated module position for that. By default the template loads the latest jQuery javascript library, so you may consider deactivating it on other extensions when using this template, to avoid any javascript conflicts.
The template content area is sliced in 2 columns and the modules above and under the content support 3 respective 4 columns. It comes with a very sleek and simple design which will match any type of content you put on your site.

That is a creative, beautiful and high-quality Joomla Template that you can easily use to showcase your products in an attractive way.
I also looked at the Extensions Managaer unde rPLugins and see no Captcha-Rec Captcha there. Over the past couple of years even the free templates available have gotten much better in terms of looks and performance. These types of templates are available for most of the well known Joomla frameworks, such as Gantry and Warp.
It includes support for Google Fonts, has a built in color picker and provides the ability to set row sizes very easily. YOOtheme has also built their system to allow custom theme styles or "child themes" that inherit and override existing resources. It's created on the 960 grid system, includes smart phone support and 65 base module positions out of the gate. Kindly let me know which framework is the best, Helix, Elastica, or any other, and what I am interested in the most is if there is a video demo on how to work with it. It's probably fair to say that Gantry is the most popular, but I have seen more than one comment that it is somewhat bloated. At no cost, with this template make your own music website that will catch your visitors’ attention. That’s right you get all the powerful Vertex features for free such as the S5 Flex Menu, 94 module positions, mobile device version, hide the component area on any page, custom row and column widths, RTL language support, and so much more!
Everyone who likes playing basketball, no matter young children or adult, must want to be as professional and powerful as those NBA players, who are thought to be the most superlative players of basketball.
The template is well suited for a corporate, business, personal, blog, or any kind of websites. The layout is simple, but effective, having multiple module positions, drop down menu, custom logo parameter that allows you to display your custom logo image or text logo, you can also display slideshow. Our demo page is using our custom developed slideshow module available for download on our site.
While you can expect links back to developer's sites in exchange for the free software on some, we have tried to find the best looking and performing free templates out there. It really is a blazing fast Joomla template, and its sparse design can also be a huge benefit for a developer who knows exactly what a project calls for and can modify the CSS and PHP to make it happen. For those wishing to give the templates a test run, you can download the free version and have a very good idea whether or not the full version will work for your project.
YooTheme is about to launch a new 'responsive' version of Warp which should be interesting. Thanks to the Gavern Framework upon which this template is based, the specifications of Responsive Web Design have been implemented.
The background of this template is dark, decorated with light stripes, the content area is white.
The name is in honor of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, because the framework is like a blueprint.
Many on this list are from well known development teams that have massive catalogs of templates and themes at this point.
It provides a solid, yet lithe foundation to build from, and helps to keep the entire template together while merging some unique features and tools.

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