DK is the Premium Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template built with latest WordPress features. At ThemeForest you can buy and sell site templates and themes to skin popular CMS products like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. FTC DisclosureDisclosure: We are a professional WordPress Theme review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Description: This theme was built for the How to Build a Photography Child Theme Tutorial for the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme. This markup in the comment block is what shows up in the WordPress admin area when looking at themes as well as when you are browsing the WordPress theme directory on the .org site or from within the admin area. In the main blog content loop we are displaying the featured image thumbnail instead of an excerpt of the content. We removed a lot of conditional code to display different options for when no photos are available to display.
You should now begin to have a homepage main content area that displays four thumbnail images with a title and date on hover. Since our photo entries are just posts, the corresponding template file is the single.php file, which is the default template for displaying single posts.

Let’s walk through a bit of this, starting with where it says “Display the main photo.”  There is nothing really that outstanding here, except that you may notice the the_post_thumbnail() function has a parameter of large set.
The final bit of code here outputs the thumbnail of the previous post and the words “Prev” all as a link to the previous post details page. There is also code in this template to display comments, although we are not really doing anything special here with comments. If you are planning on using this basic theme for a more complex photoblog, you may look into using isotope for displaying different sized images in a grid. How does this work for a variety of image dimensions – say, photos of paintings of different dimensions, or sculpture? WordPress is a content management system that powers many of the most popular sites on the web. Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll send you news and tutorials on web design, coding, business, and more!
Files are priced from just five dollars, based on the complhexity, quality and use of the file. Also, download the graphic below to use as the thumbnail graphic that appears along with the comment information from the CSS file.

Our goal is to create a page with a title, date, large photo, description, comments and thumbnail links to previous and next photos. On this site you will find regular postings with photos of nature, buildings and other beautiful scenery. All too often I’ve tried something like this, including photo galleries, only to find they require all images be the same size. In this tutorial we learned how to create a child theme for the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme, looked at how to overwrite templates from the original theme, like with our single.php template, we learned how to create thumbnail based navigation for previous and next posts, and we left room to work with widgets in the sidebar. The theme will show recent photos on the homepage that click through to a photo details page. Enjoy the theme and tutorial and please share if you find the tutorial helpful or end up modifying this simple theme into your own photo blog. To make things simple, we are going to leave categories and tags blank and post formats set to standard.

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