Case Study: How A Real Estate Agent Can Set Up A Killer WordPress Website In One Weekend Or Less For Under $150! More and more people are using the web to search for homes, and this trend is only going continue for years to come. No wonder, real estate websites offering the latest and greatest tools to find homes online are popping up left and right. And I’m not just talking about setting up a website with your contact information and current listings. Using the Internet to find clients and market your services is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to find new clients and advertise your real estate listings. The following is a fully functional real estate website that has been set up in just one day using WordPress and AgentPress Theme. The AgentPress Theme provides a great way to present listings in an attractive, professional manner. Not only does this impress your potential customers on listing presentations, but it also allows your visitors to see the best parts of a listing without the typical MLS limitations. Specifically, I’m speaking of the sellers that come to you to sell their house, or the listings you manually enter into the site to showcase on their own. With features like a main property image, detailed description, MLS and listing data, photo gallery and listing map, the listing page provides everything a buyer could want when searching for a property. All this information is simple to type in when entering new properties and is presented in a very attractive format to the buyer. In 2015 no real estate agency or independent real estate agent can afford to have a cheap-looking, outdated, hard-to-navigate online presence. SaifulFrontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development.
This will greatly improve your credibility and add as a powerful means to marketing yourself. A website that has content properly optimized for search engines will allow you to target people looking for listings or real estate brokers in your area. Start a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account immediately and start building your social networking presence. Although it’s certainly possible to have an IDX feed of the MLS listings on your website, there are certain benefits to having an option to enter your own listings.
WordPress is great for this because a tailored template can be used to display these listings. These tools range from adding a single feature, such as a mortgage calculator, to incorporating a fully functioning property listings directory into your site. Even if you have a page on your company’s website, that is NOT ENOUGH to truly benefit from the potential provided by the internet.

Build a strong profile and start adding friends, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build a database of potential clients. Depending on which hosting you choose and for how long you want to pay in advance, you will pay a different hosting fee.
Depending on your provider, MLS listing display and management can sometimes be a struggle. The template has a custom write panel that has separate areas for all this information, so it’s easy to upload images, add MLS data, and create beautiful property posts on your site.
You also get the PSD files, so you can make your own changes or hire AgentPress to do further customization for you. But, if you spent 30% of your time working on your page (building it, curating it, promoting it), what do you think would show up in Google searches? People like to see what other people they know are doing, and this is a great way to market yourself and show people what you have going on in your life and your business. With this custom solution, you’ve got a stylish way to impress clients, users, and generate more attention for your listings.
Different ideas for usageAlthough this theme was developed by Brian Gardner together with Nicole Nicolay (of My Tech Opinion) for real estate agents, it looks to me like you can adapt this theme. Some work on their own, while others integrate with online property listings services to allow you to list many properties on your WordPress site.Mortgage Loan CalculatorThis is a handy tool to have at your disposal or make available to potential clients. What sort of interactions would you start having with people thinking about your little part of the world? The plugin creates a widget which can be displayed in your sidebar or inserted directly into posts when used in conjunction with a plugin like Widgets on Pages, or by using the shortcode for the plugin.From both the front-end and back-end user perspectives this plugin is very easy to use. Even better, what if you built a blog about your town, as good as any local paper, with high school sports and tax controversies and everything… don’t you think the right people would read it? Once installed, the plugin creates a custom post type for creating posts about each of your agents. These posts can then be used to create a directory of all the agents you want to list on your site. You can view the full details here.View PluginReal Estate Chart of the DayThis free plugin is handy for displaying content on your website from external sources in order to provide useful information for your visitors.
By using the Chart of the Day plugin you can give your website an air of authority as you are providing data to your prospective clients which are updated daily. There is a free version which is available from the WordPress repository or you can upgrade to the pro version for $60.The free version has lots of features that a realtor will find valuable additions to their website.
These include Google Maps integration and the ability to search for listings using the map. With the theme you also get access to the StudioPress forum which has some tutorials for setting the theme up the right way.Theres is also a great alternative like ElegantEstate that you can look into.

If you want an easy way to show property listings on your website then this plugin is well-worth a look.The pro version includes additional features such as child theme support for customised listing appearance, more options for filtering the listings and extra options for sorting properties by sub-locations. Pro users also get priority support via the ticketing system.View PluginWP-PropertyThis is not a collection of plugins, but one full suite, as the developers, Usability Dynamics, would have you believe. I notice the templete is available from Agent Press but I do not know what I need to do in order to set it up.
How much would you charge to put together the site to the point where I can go in and edit thnigs myself when needed? This means you can try a limited version for free and then make the optional upgrade, should you require access to the full list of features.With this toolkit you can display your listings in a number of ways, directly into your WordPress posts and pages using shortcodes.
The developers have created a shortcode cheat sheet for quick reference, but it’s also a good opportunity to check out the features and how you can insert the listings into your site.When it comes to support, there is a user forum on the vendor’s website so you can post your questions and queries regarding the usage of this plugin.
I use an hourly rate and if you are interested in my services you can use the contact form for further information. After installation and configuration of the theme there needs to be some extra work done for basic plugins and seo configuration. Once installed, your website can start displaying international property listings from over 240 countries. You can either do it by adding the property via the developer’s site or manually inserting it into your site using the admin panel of your site. The plugin also allows you to publish the listings from your company’s own database on an automated basis.Setup is well documented via the videos on the plugin page, so you should have no problems installing and configuring the Real Estate Website Builder plugin. If you want an easy to use feature-rich tool for your realty site then this is definitely a strong contender.View PluginConclusionBuilding a real estate website might seem like a daunting task. With so many different types of properties to list, each with their own features, it can be hard to visualise a method for capturing all their details. Then when it comes to listing them in a way that is easy for homebuyers to search and navigate in order to find what they want, it’s essential that you have an effective solution.However, thanks to these great plugins, some of which are available to use for free, you can easily speed up the site creation process and have something up and running in no time at all.
Whether you just want to add a few useful features to your site to aid homebuyers or you want to add fully functioning real estate listings capabilities to a WordPress site, there is a plugin for you.About the Author Joe has been using WordPress for many years, for a number of different purposes. From personal blogs, to full-blown retail websites, and has even designed his own theme from scratch.

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