While we love a good wooden shed here at WhatShed, we also like to make sure that you folks know that there is actually quite a lot of variety out there and you do not always have to have a shed or workshop made from wood.
As you may have guessed from our intro, metal sheds are what the Absco Sheds range is all about.
There are a few other products in the Absco Sheds range, such as their carports and patio covers which can give your decking or car a little bit of protection from the elements. When talking about the quality, we feel we must mention that one of the big benefits of purchasing an Absco Shed is that they are very easy to install.
With how impressed we were with the quality of the products, we are sure that you are expecting that only people with a bank account similar to Bill Gates will be able to afford an Absco Shed or garage, but actually we feel that the prices they are asking are actually very reasonable, especially when you consider the quality of these products. When it comes to some of the larger products in this line, such as the larger sheds and the garages, once again we feel that the asking prices we have seen online are very fair.
As these are made from super strong steel of course you are going to be limited when it comes to customisation.
While Absco Sheds may not be as readily available here in the UK as some of the other brands, we highly recommend that if a long lasting, low maintenance shed is what you are after, you take the time to find one.
The 9' 10" x 19' 8" Walton's Utility Pale Eucalyptus Easy Build Metal Garage is a huge garden storage building built from Ultra Strong Blue Scope Steel to offer greater durability and stability.
The Walton’s 9' 10" x 19' 8" Utility Pale Eucalyptus Easy Build Metal Garage is a very spacious and durable garden building built to cater all sorts of storage requirements. The metal garages are very durable and their stability is enhanced with an Anchoring Kit which is sold separately. The Absco Anchor Kit includes nuts, bolts, steel angles and dynabolts which are needed to securely lock the metal sheds to the ground (preferably concrete).
Please note: It is highly recommended that you assemble these garden buildings on a firm, level base (preferably concrete) to ensure maximum durability. For full instructions on how to build a metal shed please see Shedspot channel for more details.
We have experience working with hot rolled, galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Well, with that in mind, we are looking at metal shed specialists, Absco Sheds today and putting them through their paces to see just what makes this such a popular brand.
Actually, it is super strength steel that they like to say their products are made from and this certainly does make them something different from all the other shed brands out there as they do not sell any kinds of wooden sheds or other structures at all.

Honestly we are having a real hard time coming up with any issues with the quality of these sheds and the other products they have. They have a patented, SNAPTiTE technology that does away for a million screws and bolts and literally sees the products just snap together in most places, Absco Sheds estimate that this SNAPTiTE technology can make installing one of their sheds up to 80 percent quicker than a standard shed. We had a good rummage around the internet and found that you can actually get one of the smaller 5 x 2.7 storage sheds for a little over ?200, which considering how well these are made and how long they will last, we do not feel is too out of line at all. For example, one of their larger items is their Absco 10 x 20 Green Metal Workshop Garage which costs under ?1000, which considering the high quality and size is a price we feel is very fair.
Many of the sites we looked at that sell these products such as Shed Store do offer extras like tools and work benches, but when it comes to things like changing the colour, adding windows and things like that, then there is not anything you can change in that regard.
There are a few stores such as Shed Store that have a decent selection of Absco Sheds, but we really hope more and more retailers will start stocking these products as we are very impressed. These metal garages come in pre assembled steel panels which are built from Ultra Strong Bluescope Steel to offer you great quality, sturdy and stable metal shed. The Anchor Kit option will automatically change to the right size matching your garden building.
An Anchor Kit is available and sold separately which includes all the required tools needed for safe and secure assembly of these sheds.
By the end of our Absco Sheds review, we are certain that you will know if this is the brand for you.
These are one of the more long running shed brands in the whole of Australia, as they have been making their metal sheds for over 25 years now. They have a series of aviaries which can be used for a chicken coop, or a place to keep animals. The reason for this is that they are mainly made from this incredible super strength steel. Also the materials used make these pretty much maintenance free, which is sure to be a huge bonus for many of you.
These are the kind of products for you people who are willing to spend that little bit more money in order to have a shed that is going to last you many years, be easy to install and in general not cause you any kind of issues as time goes by.
These metal garages are powder coated in Pale Eucalyptus colourbond finish to shield their construction from weathering damages. Even though they are based overseas, there are still a good number of UK retailers who sell their products, such as Shed Store and Tesco.

The last product that they have is not something we see being required here in the UK, and that is a series of pool pump covers. This stuff is so strong and robust that even Superman would have a hard time doing some damage to it. So in all while Absco Sheds are a little more expensive than similar sized wooden sheds, we feel that the asking prices for their products are still very fair.
The idea of this is that it makes the shed or garage even stronger and able to take the weight of an immense amount of snow, but to be honest we feel these products are strong enough as they are. The pre assembled steel panels feature the Snap>tite assembly system which is one of the simplest methods to assemble a metal shed or garage.
These are in different series such as their more budget priced Space Saver range, all the way up to their Premier range of sheds.
But hey, if you are lucky enough to have a pool here in the UK and you like to use it in the two weeks of summer we get a year, at least you can purchase a great storage box to keep it out of sight and safe.
Speaking of damage, these products are designed to take a lot of abuse from the weather and from you when one of your DIY projects does not go to plan and you toss a wrench across the shed. All you would need to do is lock the panels in the frame brackets and your garage will be ready in no time. While they do not have the largest selection of sheds, we feel that there is more than enough here so no matter what kind of shape, size or price you are looking for, there will be an Absco Shed to suit your need. These are made to last, and the fact that when you deal with Absco Sheds direct, you are getting a 30 year guarantee, shows you just how much faith Absco Sheds have in their products. We have been reviewing sheds for long enough to know if a company is giving you a guarantee like this, then they must be very impressively robust products they are selling. They have a fantastic selection of metal garages which are ideal for those of you who do not want to have to pay a contractor to build one from bricks and wood.
One thing they mention is that their products are able to withstand wind of close to 100 mph which again goes to show the quality of these products and it should prevent your shed from landing in the land of Oz if we get really bad wind.

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