The design uses a swing arm that connects to the jack shafts between the engine and the rear wheel. The transmission rack consists of two channel uprights with bearing housings welded at both ends. The two uprights are welded to opposite ends of a pipe brace; the jack shafts are slipped through the bearings and held fast with retaining collars.
Whether you add a screen (or shroud) around the transmission depends on the use (or abuse) you'll give the scooter. Sometimes an elegant and clean solution to a problem comes along exactly when you need it.  This DIY PVC bike rack is a perfect example of that. So I was inspired to build a fairly neat looking bike this morning while playing with LEGOs with my girlfriend’s kids. The original intention had been to make the bike primarily out of Bionicle parts, but the scale just wasn’t working out. Dean Kawczak of LBF Cycles built a show stopper for the MetricTV Metric Revolution build off.
The very first thing most people will notice about the bike are the wheels, that’s not a reflection you see, those are clear Lexan wheels. When are some of these talented people going to be allowed to build something that’s for real? The biker build off on Discovery which was won by Roland Sands this year had a competition portion as I suggested last year it should. It’s really great to see more custom chopper work being integrated with more modern designs and sportbikes. These housings are merely short lengths of pipe with an inside diameter that will provide a snug fit for the bearings you use.

I was just getting annoyed at the bike propped up against the wall and starting to think of solutions. There was a set of interesting balloon tires (43.2 x 28 Balloon Small according to the LDRAW parts list) near the top of the bin and they obviously needed to be put onto a motorcycle of some sort. I might be able to pull it off with the much larger wheels I have in my Technic parts at home, but not with these. Like all of the other participants, Dean was not given a choice in the bike he had 180 days to customize and what they rolled off the trailer was a brand new Suzuki GSX-R1000. This is a very impressive custom piece without all of the over the top chrome and paint usually associated with custom bikes. But let’s face it, all that control hocus-pocus is merely show-off bling-bling… what the Hell good is any of it for any other reason?!
If someone is going to actually win one of these competitions, they try to build a bike to win according to the rules laid out by the organizers. We all love the classics but with all the improvements in technology, one cannot hold back progress and it seems Dean will help usher in the new generation! Hundreds of magazines your local store never has along with all the rest, including all of your favorites. The rack is tensioned against the belt by means of a spring hooked between two flat-iron brackets.
The build went relatively quickly, even with a couple of tricky angles and I decided to finally take a crack at one of the LEGO CAD systems to record the design for posterity. Dean is only 24 years old but he certainly has a lot of ideas about custom sportbikes and he managed to get a lot of them into this beauty.
The wheels have perimeter brake rotors from Freddie Krugger of Krugger Motorcycles and on the rear is a 96 tooth sprocket from Ego Tripp who also made the wheel rims and hubs.

If the organizers said build a fast bike or a race bike or a touring bike, then you would get one. When is the last time anyone saw anything at all that’s close to reality with regards to anything related to motorcycling (except for racing, of course). Or just in case one of the kids asked me to rebuild it again someday after they took it apart.
Even with a 20 tooth front sprocket it’s still geared a bit low but hey, it does look pretty cool. If the bike is supposed to be a custom, you get a custom, … kinda funny how that works. Looking around it seemed that LeoCAD and MLCAD where the most recommended packages to sit on LDRAW, so I tried both of them out.
They are like many of the custom cars you see by top builders, not fully functional under all conditions but still very nice. When are we going to quit knocking what somebody else is doing and at least trying to find one thing about that chopper, sportbike, naked bike, supermoto, motocrosser, steetfighter, dual-sport, vintage, or whatever, that we can groove on!! Where I was was futzing with MLCAD for 45min just trying to locate the parts that I wanted and manage to get them put together, within 10min in LeoCAD I had found the first few parts I needed and had started to assemble the model.

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