I collaborate with Friedhelm von Blanckenburg, GFZ-Potsdam on this topic - especially as it relates to meteoric Beryllium-10. Alexandru a€?Tibia€™ Codillean, GFZ-Potsdam, Germany, and Brandon McElroy, University of Wyoming, collaborate on this work with me and it was partly funded through the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics. Do rates of erosion appear to change over different timescales even when they should be constant? We used cosmogenic nuclides and tree roots exposures to calculate rates of erosion over different timescales in a famous network of sapping channels upstream of the Apalachicola delta around Bristol, Florida and in N. Brandon McElroy, University of Wyoming, collaborates on this work and it was funded through the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics. We used cosmogenic nuclides to quantify the pattern of erosion rates in the South Fork of the Eel River in N. Nicole Gasparini, Tulane University, and Ben Crosby, Idaho State, have collaborated on this with me. Noah Finnegan, University of California-Santa Cruz; Joel Scheingross, Cal Tech, and Bill Dietrich are also collaborators on this N. Gilles Brocard (postdoc) and Christian Teyssier University of Minnesota (PI) and I have used burial dating to understand hydrologic controls on tectonic reorganization of river networks in Guatemala and also how long ago Puerto Rico uplifted.

What are the plate dynamics from the mantle to the Earth's surface, the origin and consequences of magmatism, the timing and mechanisms by which distributed strain became localized in large strike-slip faults, and the evolution of relief and landscape? Starting in Winter 2011, the Willenbring lab will be participating in a five-year, NSF-funded research project in Turkey to examine the Earth-surface response to Anatolian Plateau uplift. How do fine sediment sources vary during a flood and how has that changed over the last few centuries and millennia? Patrick Belmont, Utah State, is also a PI on a grant studying this topic in the Minnesota River catchment. Wes Lauer, Seattle University, has collaborated with me on this topic too in general terms, but also specifically on the Neuse River with Nat Lifton, Purdue University. I collaborate with Alain Plante, Penn, and Kyungsoo Yoo and Nic Jelinski, University of Minnesota, on this work. Vanessa Boschi (PhD student) is working on this project as well as on the retention behavior of Beryllium.
Jamie Shanley, USGS, Martha Scholl, USGS, Jim Kaste, College of William and Mary, have collaborated on this with us. We use meteoric cosmogenic nuclides to date permafrost build-up since the Pliocene at Lake Ela€™gygytgyn in Northern Siberia.

How has weathering changed globally over the last 12 Million years?A  Has it been impacted by climate perturbations? Nicole Gasparini, Tulane University, and Ben Crosby, Idaho State, have collaborated on this with me.A  Ben Crosby used GIS to analyze LiDAR images from NCALM and Nicole used the model CHILD - free and downloadable from the CSDMS website.
How do fine sediment sources vary during a flood and how has that changed over the last few centuries and millennia?A  How long is sediment stored in floodplains? How does carbon cycle through soil and floodplains and how can we determine its fate?A  How does anthropogenic erosion affect the carbon cycle?
Bern, on this topic as it relates to ice cores and with Anders Carlson, Oregon State, and Liviu Gioson, WHOI, as it pertains to ocean cores.
California to show that Lyell was right and that the a€?Sadler effecta€? holds for erosional environments as well as the traditional effect from depositional environments. Are floodplain sedimentation rate records supporting a false paradigm of anthropogenic erosion?

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