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How pin website windows 8 start screen , I'm not sure if i like the whole idea of start screen yet, but i would find it more useful with stack overflow as a tile in the group. Adding favorite websites windows 8 start screen, The epicenter of windows 8 lies in its start screen, a collection of tiles designed to quickly connect you to your favorite apps, playlists, people, news. Add documents menu shortcut windows 8 start screen, Along removal start menu windows 8, features including ‘’ documents menu removed. How pin file, folder program shortcut start, How pin file, folder program shortcut start screen windows 8 ?
Windows 10, the latest and greatest iteration of the Windows Operating System, comes with two different internet browsers – Internet Explorer, the default Windows browsers we all know but don’t really love, and Microsoft Edge, a fast, more secure and simpler internet browser that Microsoft has developed to rival the third-party internet browsers that almost all Windows users believe to be superior to Internet Explorer. However, there are a lot of features and functionalities that Microsoft Edge’s competitors – such as Google Chrome – have that Microsoft Edge doesn’t.

Fortunately for you, there is a way that you can pin a Microsoft Edge tab to your taskbar, but it is not nearly as easy and quick as simply dragging and dropping an open tab to the taskbar. I coined the term, "Hints.steptoinstall" inspired by beginning that had taken the IT field by storm.
Google Chrome allows you to extend its funtionality through apps (applications) that can be download from Chrome Web Store. Microsoft touts Microsoft Edge as an internet browser that is better than, or at least just as good as, its competition. For example, Microsoft Edge users cannot simply pin a website that they have open in a Microsoft Edge tab to their computer’s taskbar for easy access – a feature that is extremely simple and highly useful and a feature that almost all internet browsers out there, including the likes of Internet Explorer, have. If you have installed lot of applications, getting to your favorite set of Apps can be difficult. You cannot simply drag a website you have open in a Microsoft Edge tab down to your taskbar and drop it to pin it to your taskbar.

Now, whenever you click on the shortcut in your taskbar, a Microsoft Edge tab will open and it will take you to the URL you created a shortcut for.
You can ease out this by creating shortcuts for applications (and even website links) on desktop, start menu or pin shortcut icon to taskbar on Windows 7 PC.Create shortcuts of Apps displayed on new Chrome tab1. Then click Create button, shortcut icons of that specific application will appear at selected places on desktop, taskbar and start menu.
Then Click create button and your website shortcut should appear for quicker access on selected places like windows desktop, shortcut icon pinned on taskbar or listed in Windows Start Menu.More Related ReadingDo I have Google Chrome browser on my computer Google Chrome is a free browser software to surf internet on your computer.

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