Once we have created the table, we will go to the bottom of our Dreamweaver and look at the table properties. Now if you click of the table you will see a button at the bottom of Dreamweaver named Page Properties, here we can see the page font, size, colour and background colour. We have set these options, instead of choosing and page background colour we have chosen to have a image as our background. In the top row of the table, we are going to type in our keywords which will help the search engines know what our website is about, we are going to center the text and bold it. Click in the top row of the new table and drag down to the bottom table so it highlights all of the tables.
For the next links we are going to, bullet point, resize to 11 pixels, and give a colour of yellow. Now once we have completed our links we are going to preper our news letter sign up, something every site should have.

In our left column of our new table, we are going to add a List Menu, this allows visitors to scrole through a list of pages to find the link there looking for. The item label is what you want your visitors to see in the list and value is where you want the item to take them.
Now we are going to make our Links, highlight the text you want to link to a page and go to the bottom to properties and just like when we linked the logo we are going to link to the page we want. Finally we are going to go give our web page its page title which helps search engines to find out what out website is about.
This is an interesting tutorial, however, tables are now deprecated and you should use CSS styles instead… Perhaps consider revising this tutorial? I am new to adobe dreamwearver and just confused of how to start building a basic website.
Once you have entered your values, click the apply check mark icon, located within the pop up window’s toolbar.

Switch to the “Ellipse Tool” and draw a circle on the canvas, aligning it to the center of the pie chart. You can also add shadows, highlights and texture with Photoshop to give the chart some more style, if needed.
Now click on the image and we are going to make a horizontal space of 20 pixels so it indented from the size of the table. Take a look at our latest tutorial to learn how to make a sweet 3D pie chart using Adobe Illustrator CS3+! We are also going to link the logo to our homepage so it will be easier for our visitors to navigate there way back to the home, do this by typing in your home page url in the link form.

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