Along with the all the new stuff in Windows 8 that you either hate or love like the Start screen and missing start button, there are a lot of background features that are really good and useful. Storage Spaces basically allow you to take multiple hard drives and combine them into storage pools and storage spaces (I’ll explain the difference later) and use them to either create fast scratch storage or redundant data storage. While it’s extremely easy to work with and does a great job overall, the super-simplification of a normally complex problem does cause some issues.
You can connect a whole host of different drive types including USB, SATA, SCSI, iSCSI, SSD and SAS. Simple (no resiliency) – You would use a simple storage space for data you want to be able to write to disk fast, but not have backed up. When it comes to Storage Spaces, Parity has some horrific write speeds, which pretty much makes it not worth using.
Here you can give your name disk a name, choose the drive letter, choose the file system and more. Under Resiliency Type, you’ll see the options that I had mentioned at the beginning of the article. There is an option called Size that you can change and it states you can make the storage space larger than the actual storage pool. Also, the system does not give you warnings when you are reaching close to the limit unless you open Storage Spaces manually. Now when you go back into the storage spaces dialog, you’ll see the status for your current storage pool.
Overall, it’s a great feature and works very well, except in a few instances related to parity, which hopefully gets fixed in the near future. About Help Desk GeekWelcome to Help Desk Geek- a blog full of help desk tips for IT Professionals. Armed with my new Martha Stewart Glass Paint, stencils, and tools, along with a dining room table full of containers, I set to work labeling everything I could. The Martha Stewart Glass Paints are so easy to use, in fact I ended up using them (along with the stencils) on glass containers, metal, and wood.
You can cure some items in the oven, however I've chosen to use the 21 day air dry method.
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I love seeing my work featured around the web, however please only use one image (which should be credited and linked to the original post) and do not re-publish recipes or tutorials. Many houses and apartments have annoying spaces that are too small to put any furniture in, such as underneath the stairs.
Kitchen cupboards in particular are often quite tall inside, which means that a lot of space is wasted. A particularly good way to make the most of the space in a tall, narrow closet is to turn it into a shoe store. Must Buy !Way to look 5 Year Younger The simplest, fastest and most effective ways to take off year in 3 words:Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know It’s something we do every day — wear clothes! We went about building the wardrobes, and a few weeks later they were set up in the bedroom via our in-home delivery and setup. The attached gallery shows the difference in the bedroom before and after the wardrobe closets were set up.
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In classic Microsoft style, it’s all about making the process so easy and simple that anyone can do it. Luckily, if you know a few things ahead of time before you create storage spaces, you’ll love this new feature. This kind of drive is called a scratch disk and can be used for video editing or for large image files, etc.
Two-way mirroring requires at least 2 drives and three-way mirroring requires at least 5 drives. However, parity causes a performance drop due to the algorithms used to read and write the data to the disks.
The champs over at Ars Technica explain in detail with their tests, but basically the data is not re-balanced properly if you use 3 disks and when adding new disks to the pool. This will create your storage pool and the next screen will bring you to Create a storage space dialog. By default, it is set to NTFS, but you can also pick REFS, which stands for Resilient File System and it going to be the future file system for Windows in a couple of years. That’s a problem because once the physical disk is full, the whole drive just unmounts and disappears.
Coming from apparel, right into shoes, bags, collectibles, accessories, jewelry, and so on are all saved in the bed room.
With many of us living in small apartments, we need to find somewhere to store our many possessions. It’s best to use this space for small items, as bulky coats can make it difficult to close the door. For example, hanging bags on the wall as in point 6 can look stylish, and allows you to enjoy looking at your bags even when you’re not using them.
We call them Wenge and Icicle, but it’s a visually appealing combination by any name. These is basically a collection of disks of different types and sizes that will act as a pool of storage.
If you have ever played around with a standard RAID device, you’ll know that it normally requires all the drives to be the same size.
Five drives are needed because it has to protect your data in case of two hard drive failures.
So disks that are already close to full become full even though you might add a new disk that has lots of free space.
REFS is still in development and should only be used if you really know the technical details behind it, otherwise just stick with NTFS for now.
The original size of the disks were 10 GB each and with two-way mirror we only get about 18.5 GB to use for creating storage spaces due to overhead cost. So I suggest just leaving the size value to be exactly the amount of physical space there actually is.
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Keep items like bedding in boxes with handles, so that you can pull them out whenever you need them. They serve very well to stack shoes in (each shoe fits neatly in the space where a wine bottle would go). But are you know toPlant-Based Foods That Boost Immunity Plant-based foods are laced with properties and antibodies that improveDIY Chinese New Year decor: Ang Pow Carousel Lantern We are going to make Lantern out of Red Packets.

Check out this post for some background on REFS and also more details about storage spaces. However, when it starts filling up close to 8.75 physical limit, you can simply add another disk to increase the space.
It is a list of a few easy task to use and this also a cheap storage space tricks to make a more space for storage within your bedroom1. This way, you not only get extra storage space, but also have a comfortable seat to read and look out at the view. You may have to get someone to build customised storage, but it’s a good way of using otherwise dead space.
This kind of storage can also be used in other parts of the house – if you have craft supplies, for example, you will have a lot of small items that could be stored on mini shelves. You can build wine racks up as high as space allows, which is great if you have a massive shoe collection! Hopefully, it’s something Microsoft eventually fixes because it would  be the best option were if not for the speed. I personally don’t find this very useful as you can forget how much space you actually have. With hard drive prices so cheap these days, you can easily add a couple of disks to your desktop and either increase performance or increase redundancy. One of the first actions that you can follow as a way to increase the space for storage within your bed room is to find storage containers, bins or bags which are specifically made for under bed storage space. They are generally clear plastic boxes, so you are able to very easily see the stored stuff. You can even make use of an old dresser drawer and also add wheels into it and create an under bed storage drawer. And in case you can purchase a loft bed in that case there can not be a much better solution.2. The walls of your bedroom give you many possibility to store just about anything coming from books right into photos, magazines, keepsakes, important papers, and so on. In case the wall right behind the bed is free in that case that is the ideal wall to set up shelves.3.
Another space for storage within the bed room may be the closet or maybe the clothing space. Purchase a closet which has plenty of shelves and also drawers to ensure that you are able to segregate things and store.4. Space for storage will also be made by changing a bay window right into a window seat possessing space for storage below. In case the windowsills are large, then you can definitely place magazines, books, photos, show pieces in it and then free up another spaces for keeping of other stuff.5. Corners on the room in many cases are ignored, however they keep the full potential to provide space for storage.

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