Whether visitors are accessing your site from a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone they should find the experience hassle free. Mobile web development requires coding for a multiple devices, all with their own unique capabilities and limitations.
If you haven’t brought your website design into the mobile world you are missing out on a major client base. With 5 years of combined experience in mobile design applications it should come as no surprise that we create hassle free user-friendly website applications for your mobile device that are fast, easy to use and informative.
In designing websites and apps specifically for users of hand-held devices we work with both business owners and potential users to create an app that is user-friendly and does what it was designed to do. Because of the limited amount of space on a mobile device, the number and size of buttons and icons is limited. When we design for mobile devices we take the more important features and build these into the core application experience. In well-designed websites and apps for mobile devices the user experience must the same on all platforms. One of the most important steps in designing a mobile website or apps is testing the design. Testing the finished product not once but several times with different users and different mobile devices is one of the ways our design team modifies and ensures design flaws are corrected. Creating a mobile app requires planning, knowledge of mobile device design constrictions, planning, problem solving and working with businesses and users to ensure the app does what it is intended to do rapidly, smoothly and in a user-friendly manner. The primary aim of Quintagroup is to provide its clients with the up-to-date and effective web-based solutions following individual approach. Suppose Academy Awards were conferred annually to the gadget producers whose state-of-the-art inventions influenced our lives in all possible positive directions. Some time ago not all of the people had a chance to reach each other in case of emergency, or to share the burst of positive emotions immediately after something important happened in their lives.
Since mobile devices are designed to facilitate our lives in as many different ways as it is only possible, technologists are in their turn striving to facilitate mobile operation and extend its functions to the full. With the emergence of all-embracing mobile functions, including installed digital camera, navigation systems, documents and contact management solutions, and, most importantly, the access to the world wide web, mobile technologists and designers are now trying to optimize the screen capabilities to all of these needs. Responsive website design is actually applicable to the whole multi-device environment we now live in.
Observing the technical characteristics of this type of design, it relies heavily on a bit of code called the media query as a part of CSS3 specifications, which inspects physical characteristics of the device we are working on. Media query helps target minimum or maximum screen widths in order to display different site layouts. Promptly after the notion of responsive website design emerged, the tendency towards creating mobile versions first has appeared due to ever increasing usage of mobile devices for browsing. Would you like to know more about mobile web development and responsive website design implementation? Attract, convert and retain new customers through effective web design and internet marketing strategies.
Long Term SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you get pre-qualified targeted traffic to your website. Social Media MarketingEngaging your current customers and connecting with new ones on social media can lead to increased bottom line. Conversion Rate OptimizationHaving a beautiful website is nice, but having a high converting website is better. Link Building & ContentCreating high quality content that attracts the best links is a priority when it comes to effective web marketing. Local Search StrategyWith more than 50% of all Google searches having local intent, having a local search strategy is a must.
You can have a nice looking website and even have a good amount of traffic to the site, but if you don’t have conversions you are losing money.
We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase organic search drastically and compete for 1st page rankings of highly competitive keywords. Gives us 78hrs and we'll turn your mobile visitor's frustration into a satisfying and fulfilling experience. US Mobile advertising has doubled over the past couple of years and is expected to triple over the next three years to $1.5 billion. Morgan Stanley analyst estimates that mobile internet users will catch up to desktop internet users by 2013 after which they'll exceed desktop internet users. The age of surfing internet on the mobile phones has made the websites to well-match with mobile or smart phone browsers.

To give the users amazing browsing experience by eyeing on important aspects such as less typing, minimum scrolling, color schemes, etc. For prompt downloads while keeping the internet speed in mind we optimize the websites using improved graphics, etc.
We welcome you to get delight with our cost-effective Mobile Web Application Development services.
SEO CorporationSEO Corporation is the only SEO Company in India whose clients saw great improvement in rankings after Google Panda and Penguin updates. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email, phone, facebook or twitter. The B2B Marketing BlogWebbiquity: 1) The unified management of SEO, search marketing, social media, brand management, content marketing and social PR supported by web presence optimization (WPO) metrics. Beyond the technology, website designs are becoming more visually rich, with increasing use of animation, lush photography and beyond-the-ordinary typefaces. Discover the answers to these questions along with a heavy dose of artistic inspiration here in 27 of the best website design guides, tips and insights of the past year. Why settle for plain social media icons on your website or blog when you can add personality with these sets, featuring social media icons in woodgrain, blue jelly, hand-drawn doodle, origami, chrome, grunge, crumpled paper and other outside-the-box styles. Jacob Gube presents 15 examples of creative and unique ways that organizations have integrated Twitter feeds on their websites, plus five resources to help display a Tweet feed on any site. Ari Suardiyanti shares five types of texture usage in web design in this lavishly illustrated collection of examples. Hilde Torbjornsen presents a compilation of visually stunning examples of corporate web design, mostly from very large organizations like Sony and Ford Motor Company. Dustin Betonio exhibits a gallery of remarkable Flash design examples from agencies, brands and elsewhere.
Lisa Wehr uses a dozen examples to explain how visually rich design can be combined with user experience testing to create sites that are both beautiful and effective. An inspirational collection of impressively executed logos: clever, creative, cunning and cool.
Tim Garrigan recommends providing site search capability that gives visitors multiple ways to find content and using labels in your navigation that are clear to visitors (and not based on internal lingo) among other tips for optimizing the user experience on your site.
Jason Schubring suggests designing a site based on a five-layer pyramid model with content at the base, PPC at the top, and usability, SEO and social media sandwiched between.
Five ways to separate your site from the millions of others out there, such as CSSa€”no, not cascading style sheets (they are a standard) but rather by crafting a design that is Clean, Simple and Straight to the point. As websites become more complex, with video, Flash, social media icons and more, Brian Halligan offers a handful of suggestions for what to remove from your site, such as industry jargon and long blocks of text. As you work on building a mobile version of your site (see the posts above), you need to test it to assure it displays properly of course. As if the funny, bizarre, creative and otherwise unusual 404 error pages covered here weren’t enough, this post features almost two dozen more inspiring and off-the-wall alternatives to the boring, standard 404 error page. Your interface should be easy to navigate and quick to understand without compromising the quality of the design. Using progressive enhancement our team of mobile website design specialists create functional experiences for everyone, while simultaneously optimizing for the best devices. They want smooth load experiences, fast and animated transitions, and application-centric error messages. We test the design process and the resulting app collecting feedback and modify the design as required.
The functionality of the app is laid out, problems resolved, design aspects planned, future components and plug-ins considered. Space between buttons is also considered and field tested to ensure the layout is practical. Responsive website design is an essential and proper approach towards creating mobile website design. Suppose the nominations covered those devices that made our hasty lives a bit easier due to their innovative functions - in both cases the prize would go to mobile devices. These and many other everyday situations together with the ever-growing pace of todaya€™s life stipulated the invention of mobile devices. In the past website developers were creating several patterns for a website - desktop browsing, mobile browsing, and sometimes also tablet browsing. The query is, in fact, two-componential: it examines the media type (with screen capabilities) and some particular media features (max device width). The mobile version should contain all of the most essential content and be the a€?puresta€?, a€?truea€? version.

Interested in how to make a mobile website?A Contact Quintagroup and we will suggest the most responsive design for your website! High converting websites have several elements that engage the visitor and get them to take action. If you want to REVOLUTIONIZE your web presence and start making a real impact with your web marketing, then give us a call today at 337-303-2841. Click Explore below to learn about our three simple and affordable plans for getting your business a mobile website design today! With our proficient mobile website designing and development services we make our clients sure that being with us they greatly enjoy the experience of observing their websites on the mobiles, smart phones, and PDAs.
That is why, we boast of almost 99% client retention rate.We believe that if you want to succeed in long run, dont focus on short cuts. If you are trying to run an online business, you wawnt to make sure that your website reaches as many people as possible.
Eric Shafer here compiles a remarkable collection of playful, epic and otherwise visually interesting sign-up and login forms from around the web. In this post, Pete Hollier provides 10 tips to keep those visitors on your site for as long as possible, like living up to expectations (one would hope so!), making the site visually appealing, minimizing page load times and making your site easy to share. But how do you test for the vast number of different mobile devices and platforms out there?
Businesses, seeing the value of this new medium are taking for advantage of it, offering products, games, apps and more. Or to break it down more simply, there are currently more mobile devices on the planet being used then toothbrushes! At first large and impractical, these gadgets quickly developed into tiny and multi-faceted a€?human helpersa€™, and now it is even difficult to imagine how we would cope without them. Let us now have a closer look at the operation of this ground-breaking solution and its implementation in the world of gadgets. However, each website differs in the content essential to convey and design solutions serving as the face of the brand. Whenever the inspected device passes the test suggested by the media query, the relevant CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is applied. Starting with the most focused context, designers can more quickly distinguish important messages and themes that influence the whole content creation process. Having a great website that looks good is a starting point but having a website that is effective and making your money is totally another thing. These elements help to bring your potential customer into your sales funnel and can create on going marketing opportunities if done correctly. A mobile website allows for a quicker and more efficient browsing experience, so that customers are more likely to stay on your site and have a pleasant experience.
John Pring reviews 10 tools that can help you make sure your site renders properly on the mobile web, without forcing you to buy one of every mobile device on the market.
The old rules of Web site design and implementation for PCs need a lot of adaptation to create a slick mobile Web app experience. They have gradually turned from being luxuries to the objects of everyday needs and are extensively used in all spheres of our lives - personal, business, entertainment, studies, travelling, etc.
This point requires in-depth individual analysis and approach on the part of web designers and developers. We have heard it time and time again from business owners how they have a beautiful site but get no real business from it.
Fill out the form to left on this page and let us know you would like to talk about your website and how you can turn it into a cash machine.
Screen sizes now range from small smartphone screens to large, widescreen desktop monitors. Responsive web design in its essence goes about building the pattern once and then allowing the site to adapt to the screen size depending on the device used. This technique saves both your time and the time while your device is a€?thinkinga€™, and prevents you from switching to the wide range of patterns designed for each site whenever you want to change your site location.

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