Here are some creative website designs that use circles in their navigation, background design or other design elements. We hope you enjoyed this post on designing with circles and get many new ideas.  Do tell us what you think by filling out the form below. Step-2 Like above uses the 300 size radius sponge brush, click with few different colors which you like. Search Engine Genie is an Ethical Search Engine Optimization Company Specializing in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Promotion and Search Engine Ranking Services. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to create image slideshow for your website using HTML and jQuery.

To set the width and length of the image slideshow on the website, you can change the width and height numbers above. The new design trend is designing with circles so we have rounded up some of the best website designs that use circles for your inspiration.
Fill in the alt tag and title attribute with some image description so that the image can be more seo friendly slideshow. Use colorful circles, circles with transparency, circles with pictures or circles with bokeh effect, the possibilities are endless so enjoy this post on spectacular website design ideas using circles. Use 300 size radius sponge brush and set grey as foreground color then click at the center of the document to bring the below effect.

Useful addition to beautify the look of the website, slideshow can also be used to display some collection of your images, or often referred to as an image gallery. If the size of each image is different, you can use the width tag and height tag to set the image size from this image slideshow.

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