It’s a fact – a well designed hotel website increases profit - stripey stripey The blog from Wisetiger The blog from Wisetiger. Potential customers want to know exactly what they’re being offered when they visit your hotel. Consumers are 69 per cent more likely to buy from a mobile-optimised website that answers their questions. There are many tools you can use to predict the type of information that your customers want to know, which if used correctly can really boost the positive reputation of your hotel. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track how users interact with your website. Many people use Yahoo’s question service to ask for advice about travel and activities. The simplest way to communicate answers to your customers is in the frequently asked questions section of your website. Myhotelcar, India's fastest growing travel portal has the largest network of hotels with each category. Adding your hotel to our website has multiple advantages out of which the first and foremost is to provide you a number of bookings each day.
We are actively seeking B2B business partnership with hotel owners to add their properties to our system. Therefore, having the facility to answer their specific questions could really get you a step ahead.
The answers could be as simple as what your cancellation policy is, to an updated list of popular local attractions.
The Keyword Planner gives you the ability to search for keywords related to topics you’re interested in writing about. This effectively creates another platform that your hotel can use to share content and promote itself.

It allows you to search for any topic and find out what the most shared pieces of content are. You can use this as a basis for creating larger pieces of content, and you can track which are most often viewed through your Google Analytics. By closely monitoring these areas on a continuous basis, you are giving your hotel the best opportunity to create engaging and educational content that will convince your customers to convert into sales. A recent study conducted by Google highlighted the importance of being there for consumers in their time of need. When potential guests have questions, your hotel should be at the ready with answers. Wherever your potential customers first see you online, educational content can entice them to visit your website and convert.
By checking how many average monthly searches a keyword or phrase receives you can gauge its popularity as a search item.
If someone is asking for advice on an event or activity in a location near your hotel, then by answering it and directing them to your website for a more in-depth article, you are creating additional opportunities for potential customers.
It lists other queries users have searched for, which can be very useful for giving you ideas about what your potential customers are thinking about. This information can then be used to create relevant and educational content for your customers. Also, if you have a paid subscription with Moz, you can use Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool to discover how competitive a search term will be in the Google rankings. It’s important to continuously track if your current strategy is creating the best results.
Not only is the person who asked the question now a potential conversion, but anyone who were to read that question is too.
Rather than directly copying an idea, see how you can take that topic and turn it into a new piece of content. It’s a good idea to stay up to date with the searches that Google prioritises, as it could be particularly relevant to your hotel or the location where you are based. The research paints a gloomy picture for hotels that cut corners in their online marketing – leaving those that invest in their websites and online presence with a competitive advantage. Dr Alice Good said “A website is the interface – the shop window – between hotels and their customers, and a poor user experience will reduce the chance of a customer committing to a business transaction.” Five tips for designing a successful hotel website Designing a successful hotel website is not all about looking cool! The key objectives of a well-designed hotel website are to quickly engage with the website visitor and to generate a successful booking or enquiry.

Create a lasting first impression A good hotel website should quickly engage with a website visitor. The layout should be simple, the navigation and the calls to action should be straightforward and easy to use, and the overall look and feel should create an accurate portrayal of the hotel.
Web visitors want to see good photos A picture is worth a thousand words… or perhaps a few ?1,000 in extra bookings per year!
Research shows that hotel guests really do want to know what their bed for the night will look like – so invest in some decent photos like these at Clarenco’s website. Take people quickly to Special Offers In these times of economic gloom everyone is looking for a good deal. Make the most of your seasonal campaigns, weekend breaks and promotions – like these on the Think Apartments website. Connect with your guests Most of the people who visit your website won’t book straight away.
Now is the time to connect with potential guests by offering them the opportunity to sign-up to receive promotional emails from you or by connecting with them through social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn. The CRM Students website is a great example of a website that connects with their website visitors. Design is a true investment in a hotel website – and done properly can make all the difference in the world.

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