Increase your space by an additional 25 square feet to accommodate more storage or to create a large workspace within your shed.
Increase your space by an additional 25 square feet to accommodate more storage or to create a large workspace within your shed. Does not fit the GA Utility Series, Commander Series or Mountaineer Series buildings or Yardsaver® 4'x10'. Arrow's shed accessories can help you make full use of your shed, maintain its attractiveness and maximize its lifespan. Large Item DeliveryMerchandise that is too large or too heavy to ship via package carriers are shipped via contracted freight companies. If merchandise is damaged, indicate "damaged" on the paperwork, refuse at time of delivery, then call 1-800-851-1085 to re-enter order. Arrow Storage Products is the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of steel storage units delivered in kit form. The attractive Woodridge 8X6 Metal Shed by Arrow, the country's leading maker of metal shed kits, is perfect for a wide variety of storage needs. Arrow metal buildings are much more affordable than similarly-sized custom-built buildings and are backed by a long 10 year limited warranty.
The shed is low maintenance and won't fade, mildew, or rot as a wood structure may over time.
Designed for easy assembly with common household tools, the Woodridge 8X6 Metal Shed can be put together in as little as half a day depending on how much help you have.
Anchor Kits - Arrow sheds must be properly anchored after assembly to keep them secure in high wind conditions.
Concrete Anchor Kit (AK100) - Larger Arrow buildings, particularly those bigger than 10X14, should be assembled on a concrete pad. Earth Anchor Kit (AK4) - The earth anchor kit includes four 30 inch heavy duty steel augers and 60 feet of cable, along with four cable clamps. Floor Frame Kit - The floor frame kit provides structure to install a floor above the base of your shed.
Liftgate - The liftgate service is offered by the shipper to provide delivery to your curbside.
Roof Strengthening Kit - The roof strengthening kit is recommended for customers in areas of the country that are prone to blizzard conditions. Since its inception in 1962, Arrow Storage Products has shipped over 13 million structures to customers worldwide. Ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction is the top priority for all Arrow employees.

At the same time, Arrow engineers at the Illinois and New Jersey offices are constantly improving the classic designs that have made the company the industry leader in the metal shed segment. All Arrow products are backed by a solid warranty and phone support is available before and after your purchase for any questions that customers may have.
Product Description - Fully protect your precious garden equipment - Low maintenance - Color steel plate - Generous door openings - Easy to install 1. Garden tool shed, garden tool storage 1 Size: 244x304x210cm 2 durable, pressure proof 3 For storing garden tools. Product Information: Size: 8'x4' - Fully protect your precious garden equipment - Low maintenance - Colorbond Steel - Generous door openings - Easy to install 1. Product Description Arrow Storage Shed Milford 10 x 12 Coated Steel Sheds This backyard storage building is big enough to keep your patio furniture, garden tools, and accessories safe from the elements with this Milford storage shed. Plans Review Subcommittee Thursday, March 25, 2010 and has been used by the previous owner as a storage building.
Bathrooms, toilet rooms, closets, halls, storage or review and approval independently from the building permit plans.
BUILDING DATA TO BE SHOWN ON PLANS: _____ Type of construction (list if All buildings must be built out of metal. DOE changed its storage plans and cancelled the April 2005 to consolidate plutonium storage in Building Category I quantities of plutonium metal. Do it yourself window awning kits, deck enclosure kits, garage shelter kits, and backyard storage shed kits are all worthwhile home improvements. Replacement door glides for Spacemaker shed fits all Spacemaker Sheds from 1977 to present. To ensure customer satisfaction and correct order details, we 'purposely' do not maintain a shopping cart site. The large Roof Strengthening Kits (RBK1012 and RBK1014) are considered large item deliveries and ship for a flat rate of $95. These companies will call you when your merchandise arrives at their terminal to set up an appropriate delivery time.
Since it was established in 1962 as Arrow Group Industries, the company has sold more than 13 million sheds to customers around the world through its retail partners. With its woodgrain design and high-quality construction, it is a tremendous value for a metal shed of this size. Though most Shed Nation customers prefer the standard look, it can be easily painted any color to match your preference. Arrow recommends that if you need to leave the structure before it is completely assembled, the corners of the shed should be temporarily anchored to the base.

The concrete anchor kit is perfect for this as it includes four steel corner gussets and perimeter clips, lag bolts which go directly into the slab, and a quarter inch masonry drill bit for making these holes.
The carrier will lower the packaged skid off the delivery truck to the ground with a forklift-type device.
It can help your shed withstand heavy snow loads as it increases the roof strength by about 50 percent. More than 50 years later, Arrow remains the leader in providing high quality, durable metal shed kits at an affordable price.
Arrow continues to be a leader in innovation as its design team constantly releases new products into the marketplace.
Arrow now offers the widest selection of styles and sizes, and it sales staff is located in North America, South America, and Europe. With the support of many thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, Arrow hopes to continue its remarkable growth as an industry leader for another 50 years. Extra strength Deep ribbed corrugated wall and roofing ensures added strength and security. The Woodridge features deep track sliding doors with a wide opening for easy access to the interior.
Weights such as patio blocks or sandbags should be placed on top of the floor frame or base. From there, it is ready for unpacking and moving in individual pieces to the assembly site. The kit is made of electro-galvanized steel and installs in just minutes, even in existing buildings. A Precision engineered from modern PVC coated galvanised steel which is approximately 50% thicker,with twice the paint thickness of most comparable products ensuring an extremely rigid and sturdy construction. If only one person if available to receive delivery or if removing pieces from the back of the truck seems too difficult, the liftgate is a recommended option. The carrier is not responsible for bringing merchandise into your home, uncrating, installing or removing packing materials. If you need to make special delivery arrangements, it will be your responsibility to make those arrangements with the carrier when they call.

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