Well we just set up a big Rubbermaid Roughneck Gable Garden Shed (only $549 from Lowes) in the backyard and it’s all mine! Subscribe to Untrained Housewife's Newsletter for your free copy of The Seven Principles of Intentional and Self-Sufficient Living book.
MUWAHAHAHA *insert cackling with glee and rubbing hands together in a mock-villainous way* I’ve officially staked my claim on it for all the garden projects and storage needs I have. Of course, I still have a milk crate in the kitchen about half-filled with washed jars from the peaches, plum jam, salsa, and other yummies I canned last year.
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I’ve had some lack-of-shed-space issues that were causing me problems around the house lately. There’s still plenty of room for a couple Rubbermaid totes with the seasonal clothes. I like storing my empty jars either in boxes with dividers I’ve saved from the cases I buy, or in milk crates where the sturdy sides will protect them from knocks and bumps. The shed has anchors on the wall so I could install the wire rack shelves in there and they would be supported. Extra winter clothes and blankets stacked in the laundry room in Rubbermaid totes and wire racks instead of stored away for later use. I’m planning to put a wall a pegboard along the left side so I can hang my garden tools.

My Google+ profile About Angela England Angela England has written 533 posts in this blog. The shed was very reasonably priced and the walls are plastic so no hammering shelves into them. Instead they have these nifty anchors which will support pegboard, plywood, shelves, or as we did here, anchor a shelving rack unit. I could even paint the pegboard pretty colors – the Valspar samples are less than $3 for a large sample size.

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