Thanks to a new generation of soft focus blue pigments that diffuse light and correct yellow-toned complexions, skin appears translucent, as clear and luminous as crystal.
I can’t remember when exactly my love affair started with Make Up For Ever but I know when it went ‘stalker’.
Each time I apply it I get a little confused at how sheer it looks going on, but after just a few minutes of setting you can see the coverage in action. Somewhat hydrating, not the most hydrating I have used but it still works a treat over dry patches. The MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion products use innovative formulas to create a new generation of make up which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. Store your gel and creme liners upside down to preserve moisture and prevent them from dying out. Spot clean your makeup brushes after each use and thoroughly shampoo weekly to avoid build-up. I have heard SO much hype about the new Makeup Forever HD foundation that I was so excited to try it out!!
This foundation is known for its oil-free, micro absorbing colour technologies that blend into your skin, creating a flawless airbrushed look.
Using a setting powder over it does help it last longer though, giving me 8+ hours of comfortable wear.

Anzu Lawson attends the Make A Film Foundation's ComedyCon 2013 Fundraiser at The Comedy Store on August 30, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. MAC’s latest foundation offering, Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation, is lightweight and creamy at the same time. In just the few weeks we have been trailing it it has already become an SSB make-up bag essential.
Also formulated with elastomer silicon powders, which absorb excess sebum, White Definition powder foundation resists to heat and humidity all day long. A primer and powder are important in setting this foundation but if you take the time to apply everything properly it lasts wonderfully. The HD Foundation is an oil-free medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation which covers skin imperfections, while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life. The Plastic Diaries was created to share her journeys with beauty, her attempt to fight off aging and her desire for a healthy beautiful self.
I haven’t tried this yet but I think I will now especially because you can get a full coverage out of it. If you are in Sydney (PM Studio) or Adelaide (Media Makeup) you can head in store and have a real play with the colours. MUFE is just a pain to order here though because there are no counters to try the foundations.

The colour range of the HD line is fantastic, so everyone out there will get the perfect match. We’ve found it to be really hydrating (that will be down the shea butter and emollients). The velvety texture glides onto the skin smoothly while preventing dryness thanks to the association of silica powder and sodium hyaluronate molecules.
If none of that is an option, my understanding is both companies will send you a sample of which colour you think you may be to try it out. I wear number 125 Sand – light skin with beige undertones and I find it matches my skin tone perfectly! It has medium coverage and does a really nice job of evening out the complexion, hiding redness, and reducing the obviousness of minor blemishes and freckles…. I interpret that as it does all the stuff of a regular foundation but to the naked eye you cannot tell their is any foundation on the skin, and that is exactly how I feel about it. The finish is semi-matte, so if you are looking for highlighting properties, I would use a highlighter after applying your foundation.

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