Consequently, use a good drill machinery with torque control and sharp wood drill bits to make the holes. If you don’t like the idea of a double platform bed, then you could build just the top bed frame and the headboard. Smart tip: Building a simple platform bed frame is a great opportunity to use your creativity. Make sure you buy quality wooden boards, without scratches or cracks, as to build a durable and nice looking platform bed frames. In order to make accurate cuts, you have to use an l-square and a carpentry pencil to draw the cut line. You can read more about this technique, by reading our article on how to build a wooden bed frame. Use a good wood drill bit and make sure its size is compatible with the screws you are going to insert.
Next, after you have assembled the base frame, you need to build the platform frame using the same techniques.
Next, after you have finished assembling the platform bed frame, you should center it on the base structure.
Nevertheless, as you can notice, at the head of the bed frame, the two structures should overlap perfectly.
If you have built the frames properly (level and square), you should find it a relatively easy job to connect them together. After you have build the frame, by using our platform bed frame plans, you have to attach the plywood or the MDF. You could buy a thick plywood or a nice looking MDF, it all depends on your budget and tastes.
Last but not least, I think this platform bed frame would look fantastic with a nice headboard, so we will show you the plans. Smart tip: We recommend you to use quality wooden boards, as to make your platform bed frame have a neat look. Last but not least, you have to connect the wooden headboard to the platform bed frame by using wood screws. Smart tip: You can use the space under the bed frame to deposit books or other little objects. Thank you for reading our article about platform bed frame plans and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. Please share our projects with your friends, by using the social media widgets.
For the frame you suggest to use 2×8, and on the instructions, or steps it is stating 2×4? How To Make A Stylish Photo Frame For Several Photos - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. A great picture deserves a great frame!  And as you can see, this great frame is super easy to make and super inexpensive.  Just scroll through the pictures for the step-by-step instructions for turning this unfinished (under $3!) frame into the perfect way to feature your favorite photo. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Christmas Projects, Crafts, DIY, Gifts to Give, Home Decor, Make in Under 30 Minutes!, Make With Your Kids!, Paper Crafts. Be notified when fresh projects are posted, new products are released and get freebies delivered right to your inbox! They are adorable, work up in one night in front of the TV, and make great stocking stuffers, too!
This monthly membership program includes projects, and mini lessons built specifically to help you master every feature of your Silhouette Studio Software.

There also is a community forum where students post questions, help each other work through problems they may be having, and of course, share their work! And then a funny thing happened, I saw a random post on some social media outlet about a wood shim bed that Ana White had just posted plans for and with one quick glance at her plans I knew I could make this bed.
Now, our bed is not a wood shim bed and does not follow Ana’s plans, but I did incorporate some of her design into our bed. So, let’s get started, because I know you, too, can make your very own wood bed frame if you want to! It really helped me to break it down so I could make sure I had my mind wrapped around exactly what I was going to do. Legs – We had rescued a Dade County Pine post from our neighbor and I knew I wanted to use that for the legs. Headboard and Footboard – I had a leftover piece of Purebond plywood from our closet shelves that would work. Side rails – I had enough leftover pieces of Purebond plywood that I knew I could piece them together for the side rails. If you’re making a platform bed, without a box spring, you will also need a sheet of inexpensive plywood cut to size to serve as the mattress platform. The headboard support is the easiest – just drill your pocket holes with your Kreg Jig Jr into each end of the piece of plywood and attach with screws to two of the leg posts. I made the posts and plywood flush at the top and back, so the mattress wouldn’t sit out too far from the wall. Side rails – If you are using full sheets of plywood the assembly is exactly the same as the footboard.
You can see in that picture above that I stapled pieces of white fabric behind the rope sections, but it’s totally unnecessary.
Oh, and we found wrapping the rope with painter’s tape where we wanted to cut it and just using a basic serrated knife worked great. Measure the height of your mattress and determine how high you want your bed to decide where to screw the 2 x 4 frame into each of the leg posts.
We’ve got all of the windows and doors on order and should have them installed next week.
And if you’ve missed any step of this room upgrade you can get all caught up right here. I think you did a great job on that and you can add almost anything to the wall for an interesting headboard … smart thinking. Hey Karah, I’ve never built a bed, looking at your beautiful bed makes me want to go and grab the tools, you did a great job!
You know I never knew what Garrapata meant in Spanish, it’s just one of our favorite places. In the past years, the platform bed frames have gained market share due to their nice appearance and high functionality.
In addition, before building the platform bed frame, you have to decide the size of the mattress you are going to use.
In addition, if you are a skilled diy-er you can add storage drawers and other unique features, as to satisfy your tastes and needs.
The plans in this article are detailed and can be used as their are, but you could also adjust the size and the design of the bed frame, as to fit your needs and the style of your bedroom. Consequently, use a corner square to make sure the corners of the platform bed frame are 90? angled.

Therefore, use a 4×4 piece and 4 C-clamps to lock the wooden boards into position, before making the pilot holes with the drill machinery. Using a smaller or a larger drill bit is a common mistake, so pay attention to the size of the drill bit when making the holes. The platform bed frame is designed to protect your legs from hitting the base frame and to create a nice storage area for books. At each intersection of the the two frames, just drill holes (at angle) and then insert the screws.
Therefore, you have to go to your local diy store and order the needed surface (in our case 84 x 84”). The cost of this project will be around 150-200 dollars, if you use the best quality materials. In addition, you can paint the bed frame as to fit with the rest of your house, therefore it is essential to use quality wooden boards. This project is super easy (you can get it done in under 15 minutes), super inexpensive (most supplies you can find in your stash!), and super cute! Consequently, more and more people crave to freshen up their bedrooms by purchasing a nice platform bed frame. In order to build the platform bed frame, you can choose to buy finished wood boards (more expensive but better quality), or regular wooden planks and sand them properly (cheaper but time-consuming).
This aspect is essential, so make sure you check this several times for every corner of the frame. This techniques is called toenailing and it is very efficient in this case, as it lock together the wooden structures. They will cut the plywood for you (better than you could do it with a saw) as you will need more than one board.
Pay attention to the screws you are going to use and make sure they are smaller than the added thickness of the wood boards + the frame. Great idea, and I love seeing how other people add a little bit of themselves into my projects! And this was another one of those ideas that percolated in my brain for a while, all by my lonesome … and we all know how I get with those kinds of solitary projects. Unfortunately, a king size platform bed frame may come at a prohibitive price for most of us, or you might haven’t found yet the one to fit your needs and tastes.
Don’t forget to check out the rest of our furniture projects, if you want to see more step by step tutorials. Next, you have to drill at least 2 holes at every joint, by using a good drill machinery with torque control.
Consequently, in this step by step article we will show how to build a nice platform bed  by using our free plans.
If you decide to insert the screws without making the pilot holes, you risk cracking the wood boards. Moreover, you can adjust the dimensions or the design of the platform frame, as to fulfill your needs and tastes.
To make it you just need to find some wood strips, sand them, paint or stain them and fasten together with the staples and nails.

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