Since many people seem to struggle with making a good-looking enjin website, I've decided to help you out.
Since the starting theme looks terrible (at least that's my opinion, you may want to get a new theme first.
The best thing you can do is to make 3 columns on every page and leave the right column empty, because a big advertisement will appear there.
If you have finally placed your modules on the right pages, you may want to start editing them. This post is for EXTREME beginers that never even knew the word Enjin and that's what I like about it.
RapidWeaver is a next-generation web design applications to assist you easily create professional good-looking websites in minutes.
Advance option such as external links or other services such as Google Analytics can be added with the help of Setup menu. Overall, it is very much possible to create a website in 15minutes with RapidWeaver, which is beyond doubt amazing.
Still in design mode as we revamp our Digital Anarchy website, here is a comparison of good and bad design techniques. To end this post off, here is a  funny footnote for a bad design article: The Ultimate Ugly Showcase of Current Government Websites. If you won't be able to pay for the website after the trial period, you should downgrade instantly. You don't have to bother too much about deleting the modules, you can get them back later if you want to have them again.

Because of the fact that the free themes have advertisements, I suggest you to use your space as efficient as possible.
It is a template-based website creation tool, from Realmac Software, and is exclusive to Mac OS X. You can choose following types when working on any new website project – Blog, Contact Form, File Sharing, HTML Code, iFrame, Movie Album, Offsite Page, Photo Album, QuickTime, Styled Text. And the best thing is you don’t have to be a HTML and coding guru to build your own blog here. Two designers give their opinions and share easy to fix mistakes that can turn bad website design around. There’s nothing worse then going to a website and not being able to find what you are looking for.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. I live in Toronto, write about fashion, experiment with beauty, take photos with my Canon 600D, obsess over sample sales and love to share love with other creative minds on the web.
Website sounds like a cool option to share anything these days, but then do you really have the time to spend hours on learning the codes and graphics?
For example, if you need to create a blog, all you need to do is click on “Add” button on the main page and select “Blog” as your option. Further when you need to add images, you can use the excellent drag-and-drop technology and pull it from your desktop. Those are the tiny details that will make your fashion site excellent and attractive VS dull and unoriginal.

I love collaborating with bloggers as well as PR so hit me up to work together and read more about me here. Not everybody, so for the people looking for a quick and smart answer towards creating a website we have RapidWeaver as a solution.
But with RapidWeaver all you need to do is to download the application and start playing with it.
The toolbar that divides this area from the Themes one offers you with buttons for altering the font, alignment, style, or the color of the text. Then of course you will be eager to know how does the website look with content and images, so click “Publish” and there you go. This user-friendly editor is well-suited not only to newcomers to Web design, but is also brilliant for small business owners who don’t wish to spend a lot of time learning the tricks of Web design and development, in fact, even children can give it a try. To further change other elements of your blog such as caption, header, footer or other, you should open General Tab of the setup menu, where the options are available.
It further comprises of a drop-down menu that is actually a shortcuts for adding titles, new paragraphs or subscripts.

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