UPDATE: A It has been almost two years since I wrote this post, and for the most part, I still feel the same way, even though the dynamics of our home situation has changed somewhat. Subscribing via email is the best way to stay connected to all the fun stuff happening here at Living Well Spending Less, and we invite you to join more than 300,000 subscribers in receiving regular updates! When my house is in order, my life feels in order and it allows me to to focus on other things.
My bed is made every day and my 18 year old son (who’s made his bed since he was a toddler) never leaves home without doing the same. I am obsessive compulsive about my house being clean BUT with 4 kids and 2 dogs my house doesn’t stay clean very long.
I love your comment about getting rid of the dvr… if you didnt have the time to watch the show or movie in the first place, when would you find the time later? But I need to pay homage to those of you who work outside (or inside) the home AND take care of kids AND keep your home. Unfortunately I work full time, go to school full time and my husband works full time as well. There are sites all over the internet for cleaning you do in small stages, which take only 15 minutes each day.
My husband left 6 years ago and I was able to still maintain the home because my 3 men just kept doing what they were raised to do… live as adults in this world. I worked 2 jobs, went to school, and was single but the house was maintained, inside and out.
I now work and continue to go to school but my home looks like Ruth’s most of the time. I have developed the habit of always keeping my kitchen sink immaculate ( inspired by the Fly Lady) but I’m still not so good at making the bed- mainly because my husband wakes up later than I do and he makes the bed. That means a few things: scary movies, candy corn, the Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, 75 percent of girls being dressed as Elsa for Halloween, and haunted houses. No, it’s not his perfectly tailored suit, which is an amazing feat considering his absurd measurements. I imagine an Outlast haunted house would force you to walk through an asylum all by yourself. Don’t ask me for logistics on how to make Necromorphs, Stalkers and any of the other monsters work.
It could easily be one of the scariest haunted houses I’ve ever experienced if done right.
A In fact sometimes by the end of the day it is a disaster even when I do spend time cleaning up.
A In April my husband left his job to once again become a stay-at-home dad so that I could focus on writing this blog full-time.
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Funny thing is when I have lots and lots of shows I hardly ever have TV days so when I do I unclutter my playlist in line with uncluttering my life and my house and only keep the best and ditch the rest…nice feeling. I have been married for a year and a half and I was pretty good in keeping the house always clean and organized, even though I worked part time. She gets no help around the house (won’t go into why) but she sure could use some help. It does take some time to get it together, but once everything has a designated place, it feels wonderful and is much easier to return to a general state of cleanliness. But with a minimum amount of effort, the transition from one comfort zone to the next can be smooth and pleasant. It’s a combination of not having a face, leering in the background with extra long limbs that seem to reach across far distances to get you.
The only light you would have is from the camcorder you carry, which provides you with night vision. I’m sure the professionals that make these haunted houses could figure out a way to bring Dead Space to life in a haunted house setting.
Brutal serial killers, twisted minds of the criminally deranged -- that’s terrifying. A Until I posted the above list, it never even occurred to me that it might be considered odd. A I love entertaining and throwing parties and get-togethers, & greatly value hospitality.
A This part of my life has greatly improved since our Great Purge in December, when we got rid of SO much stuff. A Taking care of my home and my things means I am less likely to need to replace something that gets lost or broken.
A Instead of seeing nothing but the mess, my mind is clear to see the creative potential around me, and my desk and table are clear to spread out and complete a project.

A When I signed up to be a stay-at-home mom, I agreed to all the duties that came with it, including keeping house.
A In fact, when our oldest daughter was a baby, he was the stay-at-home parent for a year-and-a-half.
A He now takes full responsibility for much of the day-to-day cleaning and laundry, though I am still the chief organizer and bed-maker! I strive to do at least 1 load of laundry a day because it piles up super fast if I don’t. My oldest daughter is in charge of making sure the living room is tidy, my youngest daughter is in charge of her and her sisters bedroom, my oldest son is in charge of his and his brother’s bedroom, my youngest son is in charge of the dining room and hall way.
I want to be able to have spontaneous guests for dinner, or just to know that I can come home and relax at the end of a long day in a place that is calm and comfortable.
I wonder how you all do it with kids…and I have so much respect for you all who do it well. A few reality-checks later(my chronic injuries + his complete helplessness) & my husband has completed his 7 yr housekeeping self-sufficiency course (while working FT).
Now we downsized to an apartment to be closer to where my husband goes to school and I am 40 weeks pregnant and spent 7 months of this pregnancy dying with morning sockness. But working full time, pregnant and having a 2 year old, a husband and a 8 year old Boxer Dog…it takes a back seat until the weekend!!!
A friend asked me why I made my bed since I’d just be getting back into it that night. We’re still working on it in our household, but with only 4 more months of graduate school, we’re going to get there!
Today’s post will present some decorating tips and tricks that should convert your new home into an oasis of relaxation for both you and your guests.
I just imagine actors pretending to be the ship’s crew getting swarmed by Slashers, or even the attendees being chased throughout portions of the haunted house.
A But when I started to think about it, I realized there are some serious reasons why I take the time to make my bed and tidy up each day. A Straightened sheets and comforters with pillows in their proper place are far more esthetically pleasing than disheveled blankets and a pile of pillows on the floor. A When I ignore the mess and try to work around it, I am more easily distracted by whatever comes my way, and at the end of the day I’ll find I accomplished almost nothing.
A When my house is clean I am more likely to invite someone over on the spur of the moment. A When things are messy I want only to escape the clutter, which can often mean going to Target and mindlessly filling a cart with even more stuff we don’t need. A I try not to get too down on myself on those days I can’t quite pull it all together, but most of the time I do at least make an attempt. A I realize that we are very fortunate to be able to have one parent solely focused on running our home, and this post is in no way meant to be an affront on those of you who work full time and can’t always keep up. None of these rooms ever really get dirty but if my kids do their chores they earn money and special privileges. Sending this link to my sis and mom because they’ve never gotten why I am the way I am about trying to keep a neat house. Thank you for putting into words what I can never get my super messy best friend to understand! Like setting my alarm everyday and getting up 30 min to an hour before my kids and getting my day started, maybe a quick workout in and just not being so cranky like when my wake up call is the kids. You will find plenty of similar helpful tips on Start Fresh, a website exploring the benefits of newly built homes.This post was sponsored by BHI. A A sink full of dirty dishes just looks ugly, whereas I could stare at my clean and sparkly kitchen all day long.
A It doesn’t mean I always keep my house clean, but I do get more done on the days that I do. A Sometimes it seems like they spend their entire day just dragging stuff out so they can leave it on the floor.
A (For the record, he never says anything negative and will dig right in and help with dinner, then do the dishes.) A But on the days the house is clean and dinner is made and the girls happily run to greet him at the door, there is an unspoken joy that lights up his face.
A Rather than needing to wrestle with tangled sheets or scoop up blankets from off the floor, I am instantly relaxed and ready for a night of rejuvenation. A Because, when all is said and done, if my house is clean and my bed is made, I just breathe a little easier. A Keeping a house clean is thankless, never-ending job whether you are home full time or not. On the walls are those creepy drawings of Slenderman, and outside of the windows, you catch random glances of him in the distance. That means a haunted house that looks like it repeats the same hallway over and over again, the ghost popping out, a screaming baby in a hanging fridge dripping blood, and the whimpers coming from the bathroom.

A Likewise, toys and clothes off the floor and put away are so much prettier than things scattered everywhere.
A During our great purge I got rid of 4 huge bins of toys, and there is still more purging yet to be done. A Even if I can’t manage to get to the rest of the house, I almost always make my bed because I hate sleeping in a messy bed.
A This post was only ever written a reminder of why I continue to work at it, even if it just gets messy again, and meant as encouragement for those of us who sometimes need a little extra motivation to get it done! Anything I do is amazing and appreciated, and it’s a nice not to be taken for granted. I prayed this morning that something would cheer me up and get me going (you know, at 40 weeks it is hard to get going), and your post totally did it!!!! Think Comfortably- FashionableAdmit it-there isn’t a single day that goes by without you stumbling across an incredible furniture piece. The haunted house could take you outside the home, into the forest where you move through buildings and find creepy notes.
A haunted house that had groups of two to four people go through abandoned buildings filled with psychopaths and criminals sets anyone on edge.
A I have noticed, however, that when we keep their room clean (and I do make them help with this), they actually play much better. A A made bed just feels better, the blankets stay on all night long, and I sleep much better. That fantastic red sofa spotted in a design magazine or the elegant armchair seen in a showroom on your way to work call out to you and slowly determine the need for possession. Armed with a video camera that gets static-y whenever Slenderman is around, it culminates with him catching you. A Just like me, they can find the things they are looking for and focus on just one thing at a time instead of being overwhelmed by 5,000 toys staring at them from the floor. But a cozy home is not entirely about looks; it is mostly related to how furniture can enhance that sense of sweet familiarity.When testing a seating item for your new house, can you imagine yourself curled up in it with a good book and feeling all weight lifting off your shoulders? Fluffy carpets, wavy wallpapers or smooth wooden furniture- all these can be easily integrated in a modern room, making it feel less rigid and perfectly comfortable. Moreover, when dealing with a large room, the proper use of fabric and texture can reduce the scale and provide the much wanted sense of coziness.Collect this ideaWelcome Furniture DiversityBuying a large furniture set with everything in it may be the easiest way of filling up a room, but it is not always the most suited. You probably do not want your new home looking like a showroom, and believe it or not this will probably be the output of buying all your items from a single place. Do not be afraid of mixing things up a little, even if this means having different styles lined up.
Diversity is the key to a vivid interior, one that stirs you up visually and that will probably appeal to your guests also. If you consider the overall result harmonious and enjoy being a part of it, your friends probably will too.Collect this ideaMake Good Use of Warm ColorsIt is no longer a secret that colors have the subtle ability to elicit various emotions and moods, making this design sector particularly interesting.
You should know that while cooler colors like blue, purple and dark green can visually enhance a room, warmer tones such as peach-orange, brown and red can make a space feel more compact and therefore, more inviting. It may seem strange, but with just a few fixtures in the right place, a room can easily appear bigger, taller longer, or… cozier.
In order to reduce the scale of a room, consider placing several table lamps around, for an intimate atmosphere. You should only use a ceiling light for larger gatherings or formal events.Collect this ideaAttention to DetailSmall things like candles, funny plush toys or a book in the right place can give you a nice feeling of calm, but attention to detail can do wonders when having people over. A lot of people waste time and energy in making their house spotless and picture-perfect before the arriving of guests. Naturally, cleaning is good, but keep in mind that friends come over to visit you, not to inspect your home. Small things like fresh flowers spread around the house, a glass bedside carafe in their bedroom and the latest number of their favorite magazine on their bedside table are likely to make their stay more welcoming than a super-tidy corner that they are not going to stumble upon anyway.Collect this ideaAmbianceSoothing background jazz music, dim lighting from various sources, plenty of cushions to choose from and armchairs that allow you to dive in softness- just some ideas to consider when setting up a welcoming atmosphere in your new home for yourself or your friends. Add a glowing fireplace light and your place is ready for a perfect cozy evening.Collect this ideaSurround Yourself with the Things You LoveWhen planing on moving into a new house, the things you love should take center stage.
That old collection of vinyl records, the painting you received during your art camp or those funny hats you love so much-  simple things that come with precious memories. Find a way to integrate them in the design of your new crib and you will see how quickly the space will gain personality and warmth. Every detail is so nice and beautiful.Kalyan ArrVery nice post and good information to all thanks for sharing the unique info and keep on sharing something new to make us people more knowledgeable.

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