William Scrots, King's Painter to Henry VIII and his son Edward VI, was paid a salary twice as large as that of his predecessor, Hans Holbein? Thomas Stanley was an officer of the Royal Mint at the Tower of London under four monarchs—Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I? Samuel Hieronymus Grimm, a Swiss painter, toured England for twenty years leaving 2,662 sketches in the British Library -- including the only known image of the coronation of Edward VI? Sir John Luttrell, an English soldier and diplomat under Henry VIII and Edward VI, was the subject of an allegorical portrait (pictured) by Hans Eworth celebrating peace with France and Scotland?
Edward VI of England's 1547 Injunctions mandated that a copy of the English translation of the Paraphrases of Erasmus was to be kept in every parish church? From apartments, to condos, to beautiful homes in a variety of styles and sizes, Queen Anne has a very diverse offering of residences. With its small, inter-urban and secluded community (because of the steep hill), the Queen Anne neighborhood is a tight-knit area and a must-visit Seattle destination. The Neighborhood Safety Alliance met earlier this month in Magnolia, with a standing room only crowd. Residents also voiced concerns over SPD response times to 911 calls and the lack of response to cleaning up waste and debris from RVs. If you’re interested in the January 6th meeting, full video coverage (three 30 minute YouTube videos) of the meeting is available online via the Neighborhood Safety Alliance website. Concerned neighbors are meeting this Thursday, January 14th to discuss a proposed private Queen Anne Patrol to help curb crime on Queen Anne. The organizer of the Queen Anne Patrol is neighbor John Compatore, a former Oakland Police Department officer. Private security in Magnolia runs $250 per year, per household with patrols on duty 4-6 days per-week. The suspects (one or more, number unconfirmed) escaped in a black vehicle, described by KOMO as a black Cadillac. Police received multiple calls of shots being fired near the 600 block of Queen Anne Ave N at 1:30 AM. Medics transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries. Officers processed the scene for evidence and recovered shell casings. Witnesses said that an altercation from a bar moved outside and into the parking lot behind when they heard shots fired.
Back in late October, a North Queen Anne reader’s home was not only burglarized, but she also came face-to-face with the burglar through her glass door. This scary incident was magnified by three other burglaries at neighboring homes in the same time period.
SPD responded to the burglary on North Queen Anne, and a K-9 unit tracked the burglar to the bus stop at Rodgers Park, where he likely left the neighborhood.
While burglaries can’t always be prevented, these incidents are a sobering reminder of the upcoming holiday season, which is prime time for many criminals.
Warming up the car: Vehicles left running and unattended while the heater and defroster kick in may be just the opportunity the auto thief needed. A reader wrote us this morning to let us know about an assault that occurred at 9:45pm last night (Saturday, March 14th) at Little Howe Park, aka East Queen Anne Playfield. While scary, this incident is also a reminder that our safe neighborhood can still be dangerous at night.

In the past few weeks, we’ve had several readers write in with their own personal experiences with crime – and not just car prowls. However, these two separate incidents are a bit more alarming – an attempted daylight break-in and a suspicious person (with warrants) sleeping in a resident’s car. The descriptions from the readers are below – if you see someone matching the description of the suspicious person, call 911.
Resident noticed movement in his car, parked in an alley behind the home and unlocked, and realized there was a person inside of our car. And finally, here’s a brief round-up from SPD reports on residential burglary crimes in February. Not all 28 burglaries are listed, only ones with additional information in SPD reports (not all crimes have narrative reports).
14 February 2015: 15 1st Ave W (related to above) When victim arrived home he found the kitchen window open, lights on, and the burner on the stove was on and a cabinet was open.
Home #1: suspect(s) entered the house by prying the patio door open with some sort of pry tool. Home #2: suspect(s) had pried open a small rear kitchen window located on the deck next to the large sliding glass doors. He basically pay google to put his promotion ads on varies websites and the conversion rate is really high. In addition, there are several commercial and small office offerings to choose from, should you wish to make Queen Anne your place of business as well.
It sees a steady (but not overpowering) trickle of tourist traffic from various Seattle tours and guests from the summer cruise lines which dock to the southwest in Interbay. Whether you’re here for a visit or you’re looking to relocate to the neighborhood, we look forward to getting to know you! The proposed private security patrols would be neighbor-funded, similar to the Magnolia Patrol that started in December.
Officers located a victim in the alley behind and performed first aid until the Medics arrived. She was home alone at 7:15pm when her dog became agitated – turns out it was a burglar trying to open the door, which was locked. The reader who saw the burglar got a good look at him, thanks to a security light he triggered: a black male, possibly older,  with knit hat and scarf pulled up to his nose. Door-to-door solicitors may pick this time of year to collect for charities and yet we wonder if they are legitimate. Enlist their help with picking up newspapers, checking for oversized mail, packages and those pesky flyers left on doorknobs. A 19 year-old woman was assaulted in the northeast part of the park, near the basketball court. Another white, young male showed up after the assault who was intending to be part of the meeting. Called SPD and responding found man was sleeping, in a sleeping bag, in the back of the hatchback. There were a total of 28 burglaries on Queen Anne in February, including a few commercial burglaries. Victim returned home to find the front door had been forced open and items had been scattered around all over the house.

Three laptop computers were taken, two gold rings, a men’s gold wristwatch, loose change, a duffle bag, a black backpack, a Timbuktu messenger bag, and a few bottles of liquor.
Victim had been out of town for 4 days, when she returned home she discovered that a road bike, several pieces of jewelry, and an iPod Nano were missing. They went though several of the rooms taking jewelry and cash from kids’ piggy bank and money jars. In addition, the neighborhood is full of locals who patronize the classic and artistic restaurants, bars, and dining spots along Queen Anne Avenue and the neighborhood’s other streets. While cell phones are a helpful safety device, street robbers love them so don’t flash them around.
On our block, we pick up each others’ parcels that have been left on a porch for safekeeping.
We’ve contacted our West Precinct coordinator, and will update the post if we get any additional information. After hearing screams, we called 911, QA Fire responded within about 5 minutes, SPD was there within 10 minutes.
Always be aware of your surroundings and don’t walk alone at night – especially through city Parks, which close at dusk for safety reasons. It’s worth noting that several reports called out that laptops and electronics were not taken.
Missing items include a laptop computer, cameras and camera lenses, and several pieces of jewelry. There was no sign of forced entry so believes that the back sliding-door may have been unlocked at the time.
Victims suspect someone observed them leave then tried to break into their house, but when their two dogs barked, the suspects left.
The door into the building had to be opened with a key and had a protective latch plate running the length of the door’s opening crack. Is that still the case?tremblo: Hi, i make my self a template to the exact shape of the leg and draw it on both side of the stock, and cut on the lines. He wouldn't tell me the exact amount, but I'm estimating it is near the mid 6-figure salary.
Also, I’ve read a few police reports where people pack up their car the night before heading out on a trip, only to find the car was prowled over night. The next-door neighbor, arrived at the scene and said she had found her back door open when she returned home the afternoon of 10 February. The house shares a backyard with another home that appeared to have been broken into (see below). SPD report cites the victims’ frustration with repeat crime and plans to move to the Eastside. Leave your car empty; disable internal trunk releases and be consistent with any theft-deterrent device like the “club” or audible alarm.
The door had been closed and locked, and the presence of her two large dogs in the home may have deterred a burglary from occurring.

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