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A traditional stylish wooden garden arch, the Rustic Rose Arch looks perfect with climbing plants clambering across its frame. Since we’ve been meaning to add an official (read bigger and less ghetto) garden entrance, a Ladder Gate it was!

Add a coat of polyurethane to seal the wood (especially important since this little structure will be permanently outside).
Can just see this as a backdrop for an outdoor wedding ceremony, or a trellis for any garden party!
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I write for the fabulous NZ Gardener and NZ House & Garden magazines as well as having a weekly column in Your Weekend (the weekend magazine for the Dominion Post, The Press and Waikato Times). WillowA rustic gate of cedar and willow is a fitting welcome to a cozy cottage garden filled with a riot of intertwining perennials.
Or for a dramatic night time look, plant Tiki torches either side of the arch and admire its beauty glowing in the darkness. Our inspiration was the distressed console Jon and Sherry made for Young House Love- they have an extensive tutorial on how to make new wood look old here.

We assembled two colors of stain (ebony and new american were the colors), a cup of water, a pile of foam brushes and an old rag. Feel free also to browse other images within our rustic garden decor to make category, as those are best images about rustic garden decor that could be found online.This is image source!
Using the water and stain in various combinations, we were able to achieve a variety of distressed looks. More specifically, sometimes we put water on the board first and then stain, sometimes we used just one kind of stain and wiped it off, sometimes we layered the two colors of stain.
This wooden garden arch is supplied with extra leg length to enable it to be sunk into the ground easily.
Please note it does not come with the trellis panels shown in the photograph, these are no longer available.

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