Some of the resumes were quite flamboyant, but not everyone wants to design their resumes that way. You can put the design principles you have learned from your graphic design school to use by creating a professional looking resume that is more subdued, but can distinguish itself from other "plain Jane" resumes. Just a Face Kenji Enos designed his resume with just a bit of color plus a graphic that sets his resume apart from others by including a caricature of himself in the upper left-hand corner.
Ryan Gilden, a graphic designer, has added a simple circle motif to highlight the general appearance of the document.
The pastel colors work well and the contact information is offset through the use of maroon colored text and his logo.
The placement of text, selection of different fonts and sizes, the effective use of negative space and the inclusion of a small graphic design element in the upper right-hand corner gives a very clean and professional presentation, which is pleasing to the eye. Although the concept is simple, it is an effective method in setting her resume apart from others, while also making her name memorable.
If you have the proper career training from a graphic design college, some job experience under your belt, and a resume that is professional looking and unique, you may be able to  increase your chances of a successful and memorable job interview. Refine School Matches LOCATION Please enter valid US or Canada Zip. Full Sail’s curriculum combines elements of creativity, art, business and life skills, technical prowess, and academic achievement. Full Sail offers accelerated programs, so a degree that would normally take four years takes 24 months on average.
Students work with industry-standard tools and technologies, allowing them to gain practical knowledge and real-world experience. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to interact with our community, read about grad success, and see campus images. Offers numerous scholarship opportunities that can help students save up to $750 per term on their tuition. Tends to educate degree-seeking online and campus-based students who are adult learners with families and students who work while pursuing higher education.
Sullivan University is a private institution of higher learning dedicated to providing educational enrichment opportunities for the intellectual, social and professional development of its students.
As always, we provide the basics for your jumping off point, you provide the oomph in your own details and customizations that you'll add!
3) Now lay down and pin your strap to the right side of two bodice pieces, pointing inward. 5) Now turn them right side out and you should have two complete bodice parts (front and back) with the straps securely attached.
To formally introduce, we are no designers, no highflying architects, no technocrats, and no geeks. There are money-management tools for Linux users, of course, but most full-fledged offerings are overkill for monitoring spending patterns and balancing financial accounts. Besides falling short with simple checking and investment tracking tools, the main other disappointment for me has been not having a Linux version of any major tax preparation software. Personal Checkbook Register 2.0 is a simple spreadsheet template with formulas in cells to total banking entries.
Finding a suitable Linux app for my personal and light business banking needs, however, was more difficult than you might think.
I even sought workable alternatives to full-fledged Linux business applications by using third-party spreadsheet templates.
Typically, the numerous spreadsheet templates that are Microsoft Excel clones and load in OpenOffice and LibreOffice are digital versions of a paper-and-pen checkbook register. A workable solution also requires more spreadsheet design finesse than simple templates with =SUM cell formulas to total individual checkbook, credit card, investment and savings account entries.
I finally discovered a very workable solution for tracking my checkbook spending along with personal and business expenses and basic investment monitoring.
This Linux solution works with any financial program in Windows that can read an Excel spreadsheet.
Specifically, the solution involves using a freeware program that has a purchase option for a few additional but very automated functions through macros.

Keep in mind that this approach to tracking your finances involves using spreadsheet templates to get started. After several months of being free of my holdover AceMoney program, I have kept my finance tracking up to date with no more effort than when I used the dedicated checkbook program.
Through trial and error, I narrowed down all of the available spreadsheet template and checkbook register sheets I found to two. Personal Checkbook Register is a glorified simple spreadsheet with formulas already in the totals cells to show a running checkbook balance. A worksheet built into the Check Register Spreadsheet template makes it easy to reconcile monthly statements. What became a much better solution is the free version of Check Register Spreadsheet version 4.5. The author, who identifies himself only as Michael, is a financial blogger on several websites. Check Register Spreadsheet has two features that are missing from Personal Checkbook Register and other spreadsheet files like it.
The top of the spreadsheet has special cells where you enter the balance from the current banking statement. I started using Check Register Spreadsheet as a replacement for the checkbook program I retired. Then I realized I could consolidate these separate files into one larger spreadsheet file that contained all of my accounts.
One of the original sheet tabs in Check Register Spreadsheet was labeled "Recurring Transactions." I modified that idea for the other account tabs to provide notes and information. The free -- think open source equivalent here to keep it simple -- version of Check Register Spreadsheet has several other features that make using this template more effective than other template files you might find.
You can also create up to 15 transaction types such as Check, ATM, ETF, POS, Withdrawal, Deposit and Transfer. For example, it takes very little effort to use the spreadsheet menu functions in OpenOffice Calc and LibreOffice Calc to filter and sort and generate a report or chart display of your money usage. Although I do not print checks, that ability is in Gnucash, which works on all platforms, including Linux.
The institution offers career-focused curricula with increasing rigor from the certificate through diploma, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels. With this bookmark you need not remember the page number, each time you turn one, it inserts itself at the right place. I tolerated a commercial Windows program -- AceMoney by MechCAD Software -- running in Wine to fill the void. The results produced a series of performance failures with the aging Windows program version I imported all those years ago. I have found really great Linux applications to serve 99 percent of my personal and professional computing needs. In addition, I am still using a Vista-only Windows phone recorder software-and-hardware bundle to record interviews. I have reviewed and actually used over the years various personal financial manager Linux apps.
I played around with creating my own spreadsheets with formulas in various cells to duplicate what my erstwhile Windows money software did. If all you want is a simple spreadsheet to enter deposit and withdrawal details to get a running account balance, these basic spreadsheet solutions are ineffective. For example, the template needs row and columns to enter date, check number, purpose and amount. The solution is a cross-platform remedy that works with open source spreadsheet office applications such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice. When I have to take my financial records on the road and view them in Windowsland, the same spreadsheet files I use in Linux are accessible there also.
I expanded the functionality by combining a series of separate spreadsheets adapted from the downloaded template into one big spreadsheet file. At first I set up a separate template sheet for each of my banking and financial tracking needs.

I found Personal Checkbook Register 2.0, released early this year, to be a suitable performer -- if I only wanted to maintain a checkbook register. It is nothing more than an electronic version of what you do manually in the back of your checkbook. This is a much handier spreadsheet template with a few easy-to-use features beyond the sort and filter options available in any spreadsheet. His background in practical approaches to tracking your money is evident in how he designed his checkbook register template. One is its ability to automate the process of reconciling your monthly banking statements; the other is Check Register Spreadsheet's additional linked sheets that let you create customized lists of transaction types and categories.
You then enter a "c" (for canceled) in the column to the immediate left of the balance column for each entry that is listed in your monthly statement.
I modified the categories transaction types to create separate spreadsheet files for several other accounts for both my writing income, personal expenses, business expenses and investment accounts. It was as simple as creating a new sheet tab and pasting the contents of a separate spreadsheet file into an existing one. Use this same approach to adapt this template to track your credit card accounts and your various loans, savings and business accounts.
Germain has been writing about computer technology since the early days of the Apple II and the PC. In part 2 of this series, we'll show you some examples that are distinctive but more low-key when compared to high-profile resume designs.
Simple Graphics What can you do to make a standard looking resume more noticeable without going over the top? Where Everyone Knows Your Name Managers and human resource representatives conduct interviews and see many people a day.
Throughout those curricula, the university seeks to promote the development of critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, computer literacy, and teamwork as well as an appreciation for life-long learning, cultural diversity and the expression of professionalism in all activities.
I brought it with me as must-have software years ago when I made the leap from messing around with the Linux OS to adopting it full-time on all of my computers. Eventually, it was time to buy a current version of the financial tracking software or replace it with a Wine-less open source money tracker application. With this additional information, you can use the various filter and sort functions of the spreadsheet program to extract your own customized tracking and spending reports. Even if they appear to open and run as standalone worksheets in their own application windows, they are nothing more than templates opened by an OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc application.
Then I discovered that I could use the same copy and paste operations to combine all of my account tracking registers into their own tabs in one massive spreadsheet file.
You set up each function in its own sheet in the spreadsheet file, then you click the drop-down arrow that appears when you click in the cell while making a new entry. In the cell directly under your statement balance you will see a running total of the amount of money in your account left to reconcile. Yes, some of us still print checks, and until ability shows up in an open-source home banking application, we'll still be stuck running Quicken98 (yes, the 1998 version, don't need anything from the newer versions) under Wine.
Sometimes remembering a person's name can be a problem because of the volume of applicants. You still have to do checkbook reconciliation with the directions on the back of your bank statement. When all of the checkbook entries equal the number of canceled debits and credits on your monthly statement, the amount left to reconcile shows as $0. He runs several versions of Windows and Linux OSes and often cannot decide whether to grab his tablet, netbook or Android smartphone instead of using his desktop or laptop gear.

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