Q: I have installed wowslider slideshow on my website, but the swiping on iPhones and iPads doesn't work. Get the right tool for the job; whether that job is website or app design, information storage, or flowcharting. If the best product design and collaboration platform available is at the top of your wish list, your search ends here. InVision features all of the design, collaboration, and testing capabilities a web designer or small team needs.
InVision’s usability testing features go far beyond enabling you to display your prototype on a real device in the hopes users will provide you with some feedback. Proto.io is a great investment for those who seem to be juggling too many priorities at once. Use this tool’s native UI elements for iOS, Windows mobile, or Android, import your own design elements, or use some of both. Given a choice between quantitative and qualitative usability test results, knowledgeable web designers generally pick the latter.
While we humans can interpret tabulated information and usability test results presented in neat, color-coded graphs, we are primarily visually-oriented creatures. Appsee data is based on visual user journeys, results of touch heatmap testing, and user session recordings; a rather personal kind of testing. As you start using this tool, you will find it’s like having an experienced tour guide taking you around and showing you useful and important information you need to achieve a perfect UX. If you are a big fan of PowerPoint, and you would like to improve on its prototyping capabilities, all you need to do is add PowerMockup to your design toolkit. You can then apply PowerPoint’s slideshow and animation features to showcase your interactive prototypes to others.
It is an excellent tool to have at your disposal if, in addition to wireframe and mockup design, you have a need for flowcharting and diagramming. In addition, its clever keyboard shortcuts and master page features help you avoid reinventing the wheel time and again because of their reusable design-saving capabilities.
If usability testing has never been your strong suit, or if it is an area where you have tended to be a reluctant participant, Loop11 will change all of that.
Loop11 is an invaluable tool to have for use during prototyping or when refining a final design. If you have ever been unsuccessful at filling out an online form because of a system glitch, you know how irritated it can be.
Forms Analytics by UseItBetter helps users avoid these situations with its ability to quickly drill down to the source of a form or form field problem. What this tool will do for you is enable you to avoid doing time-consuming, repetitive tasks, and allow you to apply reusable design elements and blocks rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel.
Notism Collaboration combines the best in web and mobile prototyping with an effective, powerful, and reliable collaboration capability. You may even find one or two you haven’t thought of, but will soon begin to wonder how you every got along without it.
Last week I saw Una Kravets give a very inspiring talk at Generate Conf about using CSS Filters and Mix Blend Modes. I was pretty excited about this idea and got to thinking: could we create visual regression testing with just one line of CSS? The above pen shows that the text block of our layout only changed slightly but the button has been modified more dramatically, and the illustration had small triangles that were altered.
To make things even more interesting, I was pointed to this post by Franklin Ta which might be patient zero to this whole idea and it beautifully explains the concept behind creating visual diffs with CSS. Una then took all of this one step further and created a tool that we can use in the browser to readily create visual regression diffs without a lot of scripting, called Diffy. This Facebook social plugin creates multiple widgets all of which provide important features for Facebook. When you want to create HTML tables based on a CSV file’s data, this plugin could be the one for you.
This simple plugin allows you to use shortcodes within the comments, within widgets, and the category, tag, and taxonomy descriptions. This plugin adds a password protection to the Publish box on the page for the creation of new articles. A useful little plugin for all people that have converted their website from HTTP to HTTPS. The Youtube Responsive Video Player Plugin optimizes the display of videos of all known services on smartphones. Picking colors for a design, a piece of art, or a living room for that matter, has never been easy for a lot of us.
Apps like Color CC (once called Kuler) and sites like ColourLovers have given us a way to store and share our favorite palettes. After muttering something under our breath about how “Rembrandt probably never had a hard time picking colors, the jerk!”, we look to their work for examples of timeless, ageless, trend-transcending beauty. Color Lisa is a curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the worlds greatest artists. Just browse down through the page ‘til you find your favorite artists, and click through to see which of their many works have been boiled down into color palettes. Have a scroll through Color Lisa, see if you don’t come out feeling a little more inspired. The power of SVGs lies in their flexibility to adapt to any size while remaining crisp and sharp. To help you make best use of this potential and tackle SVGs the right way, this article will provide you with tools and resources to simplify editing, converting, optimizing, and delivering SVGs. The post Tools And Resources For Editing, Converting And Optimizing SVGs appeared first on Smashing Magazine. TN3 Gallery is a full fledged HTML based customizable jQuery image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options. With this plugin you will be able to add pop up message boxes complete with dimmed background to your existing site. QuickFlip works by using an animation shortcut that is barely noticeable when flipped quickly (hence the name).
Contact us pages are usually boring static pages with a form, not very exciting so what we’re going to do is place the contact us form at the top of the page and create a button that slides out and reveals the form when clicked. This is a simple plugin that turns properly formatted HTML forms into forms with in-field label support. This type of animation gives life to the page because it’s meant to be a replication of physics.
For example, a larger block element could be seen as heavier and thus move slower along the page.
But many other pre-built styles exist and it’s even possible to create your own from scratch.
Motion feels natural when it blends into the design and fits with the object being animated.
As you practice web animation you’ll start to get the hang of how certain objects behave.
If you want to learn more about animation on the web try skimming through a few of these links.

WordPress for iOS 6.1 is now available, and it comes with several new bug fixes and improvements, including geotagging support and comment moderation gestures. With the help of gestures on the notification screen, you can now swipe left and right to approve and disapprove comments. Too many website building activities focus on handing a design over to a coder, answering any questions the coder may have, and then sitting back and waiting for the deliverable.
Unless you have given the coder design details down to the pixel level, and doable, and the coder knows his business well, the deliverable may leave something to be desired. Planning a project is not only important in itself, but it also provides the best opportunity for the designer and the coder to being working together.
Handing off a design to the coder along with a list of specific requirements, and awaiting the result, may work for a very small project; although it is not the best approach. There are several things you can do up front to help the coder and keep the workflow moving along at a good pace.
Pixel-Perfect Design is Best – The coder can only go into as much detail as your requirements allow. Keep the Lines of Communication Open – This significantly benefits the coder, especially when questions arise, if the coder has a suggestion, or you need to make a change.
Provide Design Information for Interactions – Make certain that design specifications for interactions such as sliders, hovering commands, and drop down menus are detailed and complete. Understand Development Technologies – You should understand enough about development practices to know which of your design features will be straightforward to implement; and which may not be. If a customer is in a hurry, we either include additional developers, or discuss it with the team and add some extra-hours on the schedule.
This 10-year old software development agency is an excellent source of information about workflow practices and designer-developer interaction. CSS development can be made extremely easy and quick using all the cool tools available out there. This one allows writing CSS code simply and quickly, using less code and features like class nesting, server-side browser specifics, default unit, and variables. It is a desktop app which allows creating CSS3 animations for WebKit browsers and touchscreen mobile devices. This amazing tool allows adding CSS styles to websites and sharing the results with a short link. This fabulous tool has the ability of merging various pictures into one and generating CSS positioning for the corresponding slices. It is a really cool collection of CSS and JavaScript files which can help in easy and quick development of websites which look stunning at any size, even at 17?
This tool does what a real prism does, thus the name: it modifies the color spectrum of the CSS file whose URL you entered. With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration.
Seeking the best is always a wise investment, since it tends to lead to greater productivity and higher quality products. If you select this tool, you will inherit some truly powerful qualitative usability testing capabilities. As an added, long term bonus, all of your design and testing efforts can be accomplished without a single line of code. This incredibly useful tool can manage a large number of test participants (up to 999 per test), and it will provide you with invaluable path analysis data and clickstream and heatmap test results. With Forms Analytics at your side, you won’t have to worry about users abandoning one of your forms, and perhaps abandoning the website as well.
The result is an ideal tool for use by large teams or organizations where effective sharing, reviewing, and discussing design and video work among project members is crucial.
There is something here for everyone, whether it is a multipurpose tool with strong prototyping and collaboration features, a tool dedicated to qualitative usability testing, one specifically created for PowerPoint users, or one of the other specialty tools. One demo in particular got my attention because Una showed us how we could overlay two layouts on top of each other and use blend modes to spot all the differences between them. Furthermore, certain parts of the external content on your website can be altered by other users without them needing access to your blog.
I love free WordPress plugins, as they allow me to extend my CMS of choice with useful features almost infinitely. It creates an own dashboard widget which can display fully customizable messages on the user dashboard.
This includes all buttons in all versions, a Facebook like box, Facebook embedded posts, and videos, as well as a Facebook comment widget.
It can create appealing tables, based on one or multiple CSV files when the CSV files are located in your upload folder.
This is an effective way of preventing other authors from altering or prematurely publishing an article. The “adaptive” speech analysis identifies the best comment and automatically puts it into your article’s upper third. The smartphone’s screens are used optimally, and the aspect ratio is optimized and adjusted as well. Some of them are meant for a rather narrow scope of application, but that’s exactly what makes them so interesting. What none of these design partisans gets is the place of delight in a much larger process that everyone can enjoy: the hearing of a good joke.
Each palette was painstakingly created by color obsessed designers, artists, museum curators, and masters of color theory. This makes them perfect for responsive web design and, since users can zoom in without sacrificing quality, meaningful from an accessibility-centered point of view. We’ll take a look at what you can do to make your SVG code lean and performant, dive deeper into dealing with browser bugs, and provide tips for designing an icon system. It is possible to filter through the big list to see articles that apply to certain categories.
It provides an attractive alternative to other slower and more resource heavy Flash and jQuery flip animations. Professional animators undergo quite a bit of training and work for years to master their craft. The methods used by Disney to animate a character would be far too complex for use on the web. When using exaggerated features the animation feels more cartoony, but still relies on a foundation of gravity and mass. This may seem obvious but the subject of motion is vast and requires careful attention to detail. If an element behaves like it’s made of gummy material then it should be somewhat bouncy and flamboyant. It’s designed in the Google material design language which is defined by flat icons and simple animated effects.
Trust your gut, and more importantly your eye, to let you know when something looks right or wrong. Consider all the different styles of animation from sliding, swinging, bouncing, fading… the list goes on. The same can be said about learning how to view composition in web design – you’ll pick up ideas the more you practice.

Modern design techniques have made animation much easier than ever before, and there’s plenty of free information to go around. Furthermore, you can geotag your posts by typing addresses and locations in the search box.
The geotagging feature, quite obviously is directed more towards personal blogs and folks who like to blog about their travels. It only makes sense that if the creativities of both parties can be shared, through a good workflow process and a strong collaborative effort characterized by timely feedback, the end result will be a superior design. Taking a similar approach with a large or complex project almost guarantees that the project will become a fiasco. The plan should include cost and schedule estimates, and either reviews or provisions for timely communication and feedback.
We chose this 10-year old development agency because of the impressive development work they have done for a number of major corporations. A lack of up-front planning, meaningful estimates to work with, or open communication channels, will have a negative impact on transparency.
You’ll find yourself partnering with a development agency that cares, and is a pleasure to work with.
It is an impressive tool that makes creating multi-scene CSS3 animations possible, even if you don’t have much knowledge of CSS or animation. Animating text and pictures with fluid transitions, designing buttons with gradients, and embedding analytics tracking code is possible with this tool. All you have to do is to simply type in your CSS code and then pasting it in the website’s first block and clicking the prefix button. It is a simple HTML and CSS Validator which allows viewing which parts of code are not supported in more than 24 email clients. Every single pattern can be viewed in the gallery, and you can get its code by clicking on it! Simply input the text you wish to preview in the website’s box and then select the style of your choice, choose the font and then just click on the Get Code button in order to get the code which can be inserted into your stylesheet. All you are required to do is to just pick the button style of your choice, download its CSS code and then put the code where it tells you to place it.
Several of these tools feature capabilities in an oft-neglected area, an area where some web designers fear to tread – usability testing.
InVision Enterprise has everything large, interdepartmental teams need to create, iterate, and gather feedback on clickable, high-fidelity prototypes—including unlimited projects and unlimited team members. You’ll see and hear what users are saying, which is what truly valuable usability testing is all about. Quantitative usability data may have its place, but qualitative data is much easier to work with and provides more useful results. This is a handy tool to have if many of your designs include forms, and a real time saver as well. After distributing a password, only the article’s author can modify or publish said article.
The automatic implementation can be turned off for each article, and also, a shortcode can be used for the manual integration.
These animations are created through the use of easing functions which are primarily built into JavaScript libraries. When focusing on web elements you’ll want to create motion in a manner best suited to each individual item.
Their layout also uses a hamburger navigation which relies on animated links sliding into view from offscreen.
Good animation shouldn’t steal thunder from the design itself, but rather compliment the design as an extra feature. Sometimes these can change for different items but other times they’ll stay the same across the board.
Easing is slightly different for the bell and the notification popup, yet they both seem to work together harmoniously. Start by replicating animated effects from other websites and eventually you learn how to incorporate relevant ideas into your own work. If you have a passion for digital animation then you’ll enjoy finding ways to created motion in your web projects. The comment moderation enhancements, however, will come handy for many users with busy websites. This includes providing exact details on such items as margins, paddings, colors, and font usage.
When this is the case, as the development process proceeds, sometimes in fits and starts, the clock can easily become your enemy.
We try not to cause a situation when the time is running out because of our precise estimation process focus and the clear reporting on the burned hours on each task”. This team offers its services to a worldwide clientele, and it is supported by offsite coders and freelancers. These tools make CSS development a breeze and can help you in processes which can be otherwise very time consuming and irksome.
It also allows editing any of the text on the page, then selecting the font family which you wish to preview.
Both professional and amateur designer and developers will find this tool really helpful; and even animators will like this tool! It is a perfect tool for people who like to use GUIs for making visuals, but in this case you are creating CSS. This is a really helpful tool that helps designers make sure that their emails are compatible with all email clients.
It also applies some rules to the code that finds the issues, but these rules can be altered according to your choice.
We’ll take a dive into the almost infinite plugin index, and find the ten most exciting, most interesting, new, and free WordPress plugins for you. Print work and other static mediums don’t have the luxury but web design is the perfect outlet for digital animated effects.
The basic principles should suffice and provide enough of a starting point to learn how to design your own animated effects for buttons, icons, slideshows, and other web widgets. Although each one is invariably different, they all feel like one group of links animated in a similar fashion. So today we have a list of really cool 15 Handy Tools for Easier and Quicker CSS Development. Once you have the pattern, you can also alter the code according to your choice so you can use it properly in your own design. All these tools are really easy to use and both professional and amateur CSS developers will find these tools helpful.

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