The majority of businesses conducting social marketing campaigns (even those with an active blog) often underestimate the importance of effective blogging.  Instead, most companies tend to focus their efforts on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, in the mistaken belief that these sites themselves hold the key to engaging customer loyalty.
For example, if you are a jewellery maker, your blog could be really engaging by showing customers what you are working on, how you design your products, what commissions are you working on etc. Consistency will also benefit you in terms of Google searches as it indicates to Google that your website is regularly updated and current, meaning you will appear in more web searches, which will lead to increased website traffic. Ultimately, every aspect of a business is an opportunity to provide value to the customer.  Blogs are important because they give businesses a unique podium to talk from to their target audiences, and the chance to give back to customers—rather than soliciting from them. Church: So we thought we would help all the budding young producers out there by offering Red vs Blue's tips, on how to make a successful online video. Sarge: And to make sure viewers can read it, make sure it's white text, on a snappy blue background. Church: In video editing software you can usually find this feature under "Tools" and then "Horrible Default Options". Church: And when that cool thing happens, you need to make sure that people know it happened. Caboose: Iiiiiiiii thoooooooooought iiiiiiiiiit waaaaaaaaaaaas greaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- it was okay. Sarge: Now that something worth watching has happened, don't forget to beg for subscriptions.
Church: Oh, and one last thing, make sure to pick a thumbnail that has nothing to do with the actual video. Head of Corporate Communications at Afriwave Telecom Ghana Limited, Donald Gwira has called on all stakeholders in the telecoms ecosystem and all well meaning Ghanaians to join hands and work towards a successful interconnect clearinghouse (ICH) service delivery. Afriwave is the company licensed by the National Communications Authority (NCA) to provide the ICH services in Ghana, and Gwira's call comes on the heels of the passage of the law backing the implementation of ICH services in Ghana. Parliament recently passed Electronic Communications (Amendment) Bill, 2016 into law, giving the implementation of the ICH a legal backing.
The law however stripped the ICH of the originally intended monopolistic nature and also of the right to offer tax revenue assurance services to the state. There is also some argument about whether telcos would be mandated to route incoming international traffic through the ICH.
He indicated that the numerous benefits that will accrue to the industry from a successful implementation of ICH services in Ghana far outweighed the challenges.
Gwira also expressed joy that the process has gone through full review culminating in the issuance of the ICH license by the NCA and now the passage of the Bill by the Parliament to back it up. The Afriwave Communications Head stated that the company is capable of implementing the full ICH classes of services in Ghana within the timeline stipulated by the NCA and that the entire country and sub-region would soon see the effect. In the words of Gwira, "Afriwave has implemented the key infrastructure to offer the services listed as Phase1 of our ICH service delivery for several months now. He said Afriwave possesses the technical, financial, and operational skills set for a seamless ICH service delivery to the industry. Gwira said ICH will save Ghana million of dollars in losses from Simboxing and capital flight as a result of Ghanaian operators currently handling their VAS, Roaming, and international settlement through foreign third party Interconnect Clearinghouses.
He believes it is time all the key stakeholder came together and worked with Afriwave to ensure this noble quest achieves it set objectives as Ghana ushers in a new phase in the telecom industry.
When you want to know how to operate a successful online business from your house, then you would want to beware of few ideas that can help you. Research about the business is one of the most vital factors for you to succeed in your firm. You would want to ensure that you provide quality products and services for your consumers.

Like mentioned earlier, you would want to take your time before selecting the business you want to start. Learn to Influence, Manage and Lead More Effectively With a Certificate From Notre Dame – 100% Online!
Contrary to popular belief, charitable and not-for-profit agencies can compete for the best of the best in the employee pool. Six principles that tap into human nature can be the foundation to obtain the desired results in any negotiation.
Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, empathy and the ability to be inspirational and persuasive. Finding your competitive advantage involves knowing your company, customers and competition to pinpoint what sets you apart. In today's global workforce it is imperative for management to have the skills to build effective teams in diverse business settings. A lack of cultural awareness and knowledge will limit a company's ability to develop its global business. Ever-shrinking funding sources and heightened competition have made proficiency in fundraising a top priority. Hosting a fundraising event is a great way to earn money for your organization or a special cause.
Planning fundraising events requires a lot of hard work, but the more you put into them, the higher your success rate. Timing: Make sure to start planning the event at least six months in advance to allow adequate preparation time and for unexpected problems. Prizes: Everyone enjoys the chance to win a prize, so find local businesses to donate or discount items to give out in raffle drawings, silent auctions, and as door prizes.
Food: People expect to eat at fundraising events, so do your best to create a menu filled with a variety of foods to please choosy eaters and attendees with dietary restrictions. Volunteers: Use your social media sites to solicit volunteers to help plan the event and run it on the big day.
As important as the venue, food, and promise of an enjoyable event are to success, gathering energetic and generous sponsors may be just as vital. Businesses that agree to sponsorships can also promote the event themselves which benefits you and the business.
Some large local companies that sponsor events year after year may set aside money annually for their sponsorships.
Don’t be afraid to solicit donations from every type of company you can think of, as this is a great way for businesses to promote themselves in the community. Also, even if businesses don’t agree to become sponsors, they still may be willing to donate. By two months before the event you should have most of your sponsors lined up and the majority of planning finished. Evaluate how you’re doing by closely monitoring the number of people who have donated, volunteered, registered to attend, have declined or have not responded. While thanking those who accepted, donated or agreed to help, concentrate on anyone who hasn’t responded with gentle reminders every couple weeks that the event is coming. For those who have not responded, send another invitation about a month from the event and another about two weeks later. It is also the time to stay attentive to promotional activities, volunteers and the myriad details. It is also a time to look at those who declined to attend or become sponsors to see if there was a trend such as the wrong time of year or some other conflict that you can change next year.

Whether your small business involves designing and making products or travelling around the world sourcing products from suppliers, your business is unique and so are you.
People are genuinely interested in the behind the scenes action and personal aspect of a business, so think about methods you could use to personalize your blog posts. If there's one thing that the Internet has taught us, it's that everybody likes the same music. To become an excellent internet marketer, you will want to know how to promote your website. When you know about your products and how to market them, then only you will be able to operate it. These internet marketing techniques can help you gain high search engine rankings on the internet. People like to attend these events because they benefit a good cause and they’re fun. Choose the nicest venue you can secure to make it fun for your guests to go somewhere out of the ordinary. It may take time to find businesses willing to help or they may need time to approve sponsoring an event. Take advantage of any cross-promotion possibilities through the sponsors’ social media.
That lets you focus on getting people to register and encouraging those who have already signed up to tell their friends and co-workers. At this point you will have encountered and solved some problems such as conflicts with the date, sponsors or the venue and learned from them. If there are other bloggers or industry experts out there whom you follow, introduce them to your readers.
Imagine if the great directors of the world, had had the ability to stick Post-it notes directly on the eyeballs of their audience. You need to understand some internet marketing techniques that can help you create a brand for your firm.
Selecting a web hosting package which costs less but does not help you market your website is of no use. When they are not happy with the product or service, you are going to lose out to your rival. It is crucial that you hire a search engine optimization company that can promote your website.
It’s important ensure your event is well-organized and enjoyable, so attendees want to come to your next one. You need to reach those companies before representatives from other events devour their budget.
You should start lining up sponsors, donors and volunteers who helped this time for help next year. When you are going to sell a product which has no demand then chances are that your business is most likely not going to do well. This does not mean you have to express your inner thoughts, but show your customers aspects of your business they would find interesting. Her ability to reference the other recorded lectures and bring them into our virtual lectures made things really come together.

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