Google Chrome: Right click the wallpaper image and choose "Save Image As" and save the image on your desktop. DISCLAIMER: All wallpapers and backgrounds found here are believed to be in the "public domain". Isn’t it ironic that we design writers are frequently too poh’ to afford any of the high end pieces we write about?! I realized the other day that in my last post about the table, I never gave you all the full plans of how it was all going to come together. Wanting to build my own dining room table for the new apartment and considering a full farmhouse table design, I stumbled upon this from marybicycles.
The flanges are on the top and bottom of all 4 legs (so 8 in total) – providing a wider and more level surface area for the tabletop to rest on. Turn your patio or deck into an entertainment meca with this simple modern bar height table. This collection is extremely easy to build and many readers have already had success with this collection. If you choose to prefinish your table, go around and fill any holes with wood filler or paintable silicone. Anyway, the other day I was looking through some old photos and had to reconsider when, exactly, it was that I first fell in love with chemistry. That poster of the periodic table has adorned my bedroom in my parents’ house since I was 9 or 10.
I must have cared deeply about the poster long before I had ever taken a class in chemistry.
I also want to urge those of you who are members of the American Chemical Society to vote in the ongoing election for our national officers. On the heels of a split decision in the latest round of appeals, the American Chemical Society and Leadscope, Inc.
The American Chemical Society, Leadscope, Inc., and its three founders have reached a settlement of the litigation between them dating back to 2002. The ACS Board of Directors, comprised of the elected representatives of the Society’s members, authorized the filing of this case more than a decade ago.
In this settlement, the parties have agreed to resolve this dispute and to release each other from any further liabilities. As a result of prudent financial stewardship, ACS is able to satisfy the full settlement amount with a portion of its cash and investments. ACS appreciates and acknowledges the strong support it received in the Ohio Supreme Court through briefs submitted on ACS’s behalf by the State of Ohio, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio State Bar Association, the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, and the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants. There are a couple of things that should be highlighted from these statements, as well as some omissions. C&EN, the official organ of the ACS, ran a story that did little more than parrot the official statement. Finally, it should be noted that $22.6M just covers what the ACS is obligated to pay Leadscope.
Earlier this week, I sent a questionnaire to the two current candidates for ACS President-Elect. Thank you, Professor Barton, for responding and engaging the online community of chemists on these matters of great importance to the society!

I would add that where I have worked for the past 45 years, Iowa State University, all faculty and staff salaries are published annually in the newspaper (now on paper’s website).  The only time this has bothered me is when I was not included because my salary did not reach the minimum! A question I have, and have not yet found an answer, is has there been an accounting of the actual costs of publication now versus the pre”technology-revolutionized” costs.  Surely the costs have been lowered by electronic publishing, and one might have expected that to be reflected in subscription costs. I would prepare a series of profound video vignettes of the great successes of chemistry which have benefitted the world (and the U.S. If you want to use this wallpaper, please click the download link below to go to the download page. Every time I come across a gorgeous worn wood coffee table, I just enter a state of depression because I know, I just know, that I won’t be able to buy it.
I just used cheap whitewood from Home Depot since we were going for a more distressed pallet look as opposed to more quality wood you’d use for nicer pieces. When people ask me when it was I knew that I wanted to become a chemist, I always point back to when I was 15 and enrolled in AP Chemistry. Until I left for college, it was the last thing I saw at night and the first thing I saw every morning. When my sister ransacked my room sometime in junior high school, she tore down the poster and ripped the hell out of it. For those of you who are citizens of the United States, we’ve got an important election coming up next Tuesday. Tune in tonight for a very special episode of ChemBark, in which I will be liveblogging the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. As a provision of the settlement, the parties have agreed that all right, title, interest, and ownership in the Leadscope software and products that were the subject of the litigation belong exclusively to Leadscope. In reaching its decision, the Board considered recommendations that ACS file suit from its Governing Board for Publishing (overseeing CAS and ACS Publications) and two law firms, one with nationally recognized patent expertise. First, note that the ACS’s Board of Directors had the ultimate authority to pursue this lawsuit. I wish a reporter at the magazine would take the elevator upstairs and find out where this money is really coming from—or at least find out how a $23M loss can do nothing to impact ACS programs.
The first candidate to respond is Tom Barton, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Iowa State University.
What is your stance regarding the fees that ACS publications charges companies and universities to access journals? What one specific item would you, as ACS President, make your first priority to improve the public perception of chemistry?
What one specific item would you, as ACS President, make your first priority to improve the employment situation for chemists? We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. Well, based on her latest project, it seems my homegirl (and fellow design writer) Bridgette laughs in the face of hoity toity, overly priced furniture and even punches it in the face. They’re definitely on the small side, but in general goes with the sleek look I was hoping to achieve.
The material was incredibly interesting, and my teacher posed questions to us unlike any other science teacher I’ve had. My dad brought it back from the UK after a business trip; I believe it is a product of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Rather than put up something else, I took the time to mend the table and mount it on a foam board. Unfortunately, I don’t think the situation will clear up in the near future, so you might have to endure a few more weeks of light blogging. Admire my audacity in predicting who will win based on the committee member tasked with making the announcement. Although ACS believed in the merits of its suit, the Columbus Ohio jury that heard the case during the nearly eight-week trial in 2008 found against the ACS on its claims. This is a great example that elections have consequences, and the Board members are who should be held accountable for throwing away $22.6 million (and risking much more). After ten years of litigation, including multiple appeals, I imagine the legal fees add up to a pretty penny.
Leadscope case?  Do you believe that society records pertaining to the lawsuit—including legal fees—should be made public? Last weekend, she just up and decided she wanted a new coffee table so she picked up some old shipping pallets from her local recycle center, banged a few nails and ended up with this stunner!
I’ve actually just recently built a new tabletop which was also made of whitewood, stained, and sealed if you wanted to see the updated version of this table which is more farmhouse than upcycled pallet. In addition to calculations, our homework problems had essay questions where we had to give thorough explanations in complete sentences. You can see how the tape of my repair job has yellowed with age, but the table still hangs proudly in my old room as the first artifact of my chemical career. The world of chemistry would be a better place if more of us were to become involved in electing candidates who are willing to work to make real improvements to the chemical enterprise.
Watch in horror as I try to translate Swedish and get a jump on the English-speaking press. In addition, the jury found in favor of Leadscope and its three founders on three counterclaims against ACS.
I have no idea if that overly-complicates them (and I realize it takes them out of the sleek and modern range), but when you break your baby sits so low in your pelvis that you actually break your tailbone while pregnant, you appreciate a little extra support. I wish we had more time to chat, but there is nothing more fun than spending a whole day dumping a steaming pile of ideas onto the editors of my favorite magazine and watching each of them try to hold back a countenance of disgust in his or her own unique way. It is critical that you stay informed about the important issues and vote however you think best. Over the next year, I promise you that I will work harder to provide accurate and substantive information about where each candidate stands on the most important issues to our field, and to hold the elected officers accountable as the stewards of our society. By the time of the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision, the value of the trial court’s judgment, including the jury’s verdict, interest, and fees, exceeded $45 million. I have always enjoyed writing, and there was something especially satisfying about being able to think and explain instead of just crunching numbers. Liebermann also had us spend a lot of time in the lab doing all sorts of fun experiments, from precipitations of colored salts to the determination of the thickness of the copper coating on a penny.

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