Just as encouraging: Warner says that after you net out the effect of currency fluctuations, the increase in digital sales was bigger than the decrease in physical sales. When AllThingsD began, we told readers we were aiming to present a fusion of new-media timeliness and energy with old-media standards for quality and ethics.
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Halo 5 plausible storyline – be warned that reading on from here and also looking at the comments on this page might deliver spoilers for the current game.
How would you like to see the Halo 5 storyline proceed, and what do you want to see from Master Chief in the next game? A new Cortana AI or maybe a possible Cortona flash clone is produced and clad in stolen spartan armor is by the one armed and mad Dr. I’m having an epiphany and I need to express my thoughts on a good plot for the next game. If cortana and the Didact were composed then maybe in the process of chief trying to bring her back a horrible miscalculation occurrs binding the didact and cortana..
And the (new) protagonist of halo 5 is someone who would defy master chief, and somehow bring back master chief to his senses.
Actually i have mixed feelings of whether or not 343 industries should bring cortanna back or not.
There is even talk in the forums about the possibiity of cortanna become a real human form.
I dont like the idea of a next gen console now because all the updates on the xbox 360 was made for the purpose of having it for a long time.
I definitely think they are going to explore Halo’s universe and history more deeply. I started playing halo when I was about 5 yrs old with Halo CE(at that time I was only allowed to drive warthogs and not shoot at all).
I Think that the Arbiter Will Be in Halo 5 Because The Whole The Prophets Are false thing in halo 3 is now debunked(Forerunners) and i want to see how that affects his new group of Elites. I hope that we see Master Chief get a little stronger or more bad*** because everyone loves Master Chief.

I think chakas (343 guilty spark) will come back to help the master cheif cuz he was found and oni has a hold of him amd chakas wanys to find the librarian which i think that when the librarian takes you to power you up she copies cortana and gives the copy to cheif and keeps the real one.
If any one has been paying attention, we hear that Spartans exhibit sociopathic behavior and were originally created to suppress human rebellion. It’s pretty clear from that cinematic that whoever that man worked for intends to re-create the Spartan II program.
So the Didact gets punished, the galaxy is attacked by the Flood, the Forerunners assist humanity and the races from the Covenant, and Halo 5 will be much darker.
I think that so because if you played Halo wars, that is the answer, they were on a sheild world like reqium and the creator (precursor) to the Flood should also come back. That works out to be about $54 million, or about 8 percent of Warner’s total revenue for the period. We also detailed a timeline here, which shows how the previous release dates have gone and what names the games received from this franchise, although things could be very different for the next incarnation. We’d also love to hear from Xbox 360 gamers about the possibility of the game being a launch title for Xbox 720, if it happened how would you feel about this? After all, the composer could digitize living things and the librarian even talk about effort of returning them to life forms (although failed). Every Halo game has always excited me, and with the exception of ODST, have been my constant go-to games. Also I want to see the Flood and the Forerunners, like the Flood attacks both of them so it’s more of a giant battle. The Spartan-II’s were indeed conceived and created before any contact with the covenant (or any alien life, for that matter) and so, as a military unit, they were necessarily created to fight other humans. If the firing of the halo array couldn’t stop them originally, then why should we believe the Chief actually finished them off in Halo 3?
Remember The Librarian Indexed mankind and hidden seeds from the Didact that took 1000s of life times of planning, then master chief says “Planning for what”? It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
We’ve seen some really good ideas as to what we need to see happen in Halo 5, and some gamers want to see a more explosive Master Chief that loses it a bit.

Upon failure and capture by the covenant, master chief is questioned and learns about the librarian and a possible connection to Cortana, maybe he finds cortana in a state similar to the promethean knight soul in spartan ops since she was in the didact when he was pushed into the composer. Plus the Didact is probably still alive (and pissed), so he’ll probably make a return as well. I think it’s planning for the Success She wants humanity to have when the Precursors test them. This would also deliver a lot more insight into how MC had been created, and what process he had to go through. Inspired by a chance of recovering her, He escapes in all manners of badassery and hijacks a covenant ship on a course for the librarian. My one main concern is that I’m worried it will only be released for the 720 which will seriously put a dent in my gaming funds. Then the didact is still alive and tries to kill them and then i dont know what may happen next but tell me if you think this is cool.
A bunch of six-year-olds at a military boot camp, without live ammunition or truly threatening enemies, barely able to function as soldiers would almost certainly make for a downgrade in the playable character’s abilities. They are antisocial because when most kids were learning patty cake and house they were being dropped off in the middle of Reach with fragments of maps and ODST’s with batons guarding their only way back. This new evil Cortona is possibly sent in as a spy or as a scorch earth operative, possibly used to mess with the MC’s head, driving him beyond his sanity. The plot line will probably revolve around a race between Humanity and the Forerunners (specifically the Didact) to obtain the Mantle, with the flood constantly spreading to mix things up. It’ll end with some sort of cliffhanger, and then, in Halo 6, Chief will come back and finish the fight or something.

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