Also, if you’re looking for a new healthcare option, we just heard about Dose, a company bringing back house calls for just $99.
Netflix binging usually grinds to a halt in January (or until the next full season of your favorite show gets released), so reading becomes more of a priority.
It’s often evident when starting a new year that being more selfless should be a part of the plan.
Friends of Radnor Lake hosts a volunteer project on the fourth Saturday of each month from 8am til noon. The Nashville Rescue Mission always needs volunteers to work in the kitchen or teach a class. For more in-depth and ongoing financial advice, companies like Peachtree Planning can assist you with a wide-variety of planning, from insurance to business to estate.
Join a recreational sports team or participate in an upcoming tournament via Nashville Sports Leagues. Go to Bonnaroo this summer. One of the world’s largest music festivals is just a short drive away! Experience Nashville’s museums and art centers like The Frist Center, Cheekwood, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Now that mobile browsing is ever increasing in popularity, it is in your best interest to start optimizing your websites to better fit the mobile platform and its limitations. Giving your site a fluid width layout is a major step towards making your website mobile friendly.
Fluid width, as its name describes, makes the width of your website stretch or squish depending on the browser size.
Advertisement clutter is a major issue for mobile platforms, the user ends up viewing more of the advertisements than content, if the layout has not been destroyed already.
Either one you use, using a simple display:none on the obtrusive advertisements will eliminate them from view and clear things up. If a user is accessing your website from a mobile phone and is not connected to a land based network connection, bandwidth will definitely be a limitation, which means the user will select through the sites he or she wants to visit rather than visit the sites they would on a desktop.
What this means is that you need to make sure your website utilizes a small amount of bandwidth during mobile browsing, which means images should be limited, and text content should be focused.
If your website is mainly based on imagery, it is in your best interest to create a separate mobile website, one that is optimized for that platform which can size down the imagery and highly compress them. As new web tools and effects continue to expand, it is hard not to include a nifty hover tooltip or a drop down navigation or even links that open up a small new window using javascript to display some information. Some mobile devices allow Javascript but it will not be able to utilize the effects you have on your website anyway, so the best thing to do is to detect the type of platform that is connected to your website and disabling or changing some tools and effects to suit it better.
Long pages for mobile devices are definitely a huge draw back because of the longer load time it takes to download the webpage.
As you know, typing on most mobile devices is a real a pain as the keypad or virtual qwerty keyboard is not going to be easy to work with at all. Today, many new mobile devices are touch screen, which means users will be using their fingers to navigate about their device and your website. To easily prevent this, try to eliminate links that are scattered within articles or paragraphs, as they are difficult to press or click on since they are surrounded by plain text. This is another typing related issue; when users have to type in a long URL to get to your site, chances are, they will not.
With the rise of both very large screens and mobile devices, web developers have to be able to create websites that display correctly and look good whatever the device is.
If you had a look to your index.html page with a screen resolution bigger than 800*600, you might find the layout is really small.
Now that we created a bigger version for bigger screens, what about a very small version for mobiles?
The solution to that problem is quite simple: As we resize the website layout, we have to resize images as well. Get one year of quality hosting + domain from A Small Orange for only $40 with our exclusive deal!
Very nice article, I was wondering for a while how to achieve this ^^ Finally got my answer ! I have another question though: Is it possible to have a separate css file using this technique (for big websites for example).

The start of every New Year is when we all make plans to change our life for the better over the forthcoming twelve months. A study from the University of Scranton reveals that 71 per cent of us stick to our annual promises for the first two weeks; six months later, less than 50 percent are still on track to keep their resolutions.
Web development has been a growing industry since its beginnings, but thanks to the smartphone boom, the design rules have changed quite a lot, and now every web developer knows that it's a must that his website functions properly on all major platforms: desktop, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The big problem of making a website mobile friendly is the multitude of platforms, devices and resolutions.
Flat Design seems to be everywhere today, and for good reason, because this style tries to simplify the design in a way that is both user-friendly and also easy to implement for the web designer. Although right now there aren’t many websites that use it, Fixed Header Bars seem to be growing in popularity.
Adding transparency to your website can be annoying for the users, or can be a delight, depending on the implementation. We hope this Nashville New Year’s Resolutions Guide will help you start and maintain your motivation to make 2016 your best year yet.
Here’s a list of local bookstores so you can support Nashville businesses while bettering your book collection. Nashville has many non-profit organizations that make it simple to give back to the community.
Our favorite is the Individual Food Sorting since there are a lot of time slots each week and it’s easy to sign-up and show up. The company is rallying 10,000 people to make a pledge to better humanity. Their goal is to challenge, inspire and motivate people to make a difference in the world. Whether you’re moving within the city or moving to Nashville from out of state, we have some resources to help you. Explore the outdoors and do fun activities like rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking with other Nashvillians.
There are many easy ways to enhance you website for mobile browsing without hindering much of your website; we discuss eight popular ones that can make a huge impact on usability. It not only gets rid of the extra dead space surrounding your website, but it additionally enables viewing across many different resolutions or platforms.
There is an easy fix to hide this clutter without creating a mobile specific version of your website.
You should always remember that most handheld mobile devices have limited real estate, meaning the screen size can only fit a few things, and those few things should be the content the user visits your site for.
A lot of mobile websites tend to stick in a lot of unneeded clutter in this spot such as images or advertisements, however the webmasters need to understand that displaying the content users came for is exactly what they need to focus on. An alternate way is to create mobile applications for applicable mobile devices that allow third party applications, as this could be a helpful tool for your users.
However, to a user on a mobile device, these effects and tools may not work on their platform, leaving many unusable links and tools. Therefore, keeping your web pages short and compact makes your website accessible across all platforms even on a device that has a very limited download speed, thus, the last thing users want to be doing is waiting for pages to load rather than spend the time browsing through it. Therefore, creating a thorough navigation for your website is a key aspect to making your website mobile friendly. If your website’s content and links are not large or clear enough, navigating through your website will be a pain. Instead, place these links above or below the bodies of text while keeping them fairly large, this allows users to easily click them with their finger without hassle.
As mentioned earlier, using a keypad or virtual qwerty keyboard is not ideal for typing long text blocks, so make sure your website has a short and easy to remember domain. Sure, you can use good old techniques like fluid layouts, but I’ve got something better to show you today. So, what about allowing large screens to display a bigger version, while still using the small version for people with lower resolutions?
Maybe using percentage for the width of the images, logo images and so on would be better… Don’t you think?
They are usually the identical resolutions that were not fulfilled from the previous year, and the years prior to that. The most common vows include losing weight, volunteering to help others, quitting smoking, saving money, and getting fit.

Most people who give up on their resolutions do so because of a lack of willpower and the use of the 'escape clause' that they will 'try again next year'. So how are you going to perfectly fit the layout of the page in all the different resolutions and screens? By using CSS3 media queries, the web developer is able to create a website layout that will dynamically change and re-arrange based on the screen's resolution. Well, actually it is not… what am I trying to say is that Flash seems to be breathing its last (at least for mobile), so the trend in 2013 is "Bye bye Flash"! Also, the lack of distracting elements, such as: 3D effects, shadows and other "showy" design ideas give an appealing and "clean" look to the website, that’s why many think that Flat Design is here to stay, at least for a while. In this way, the user can navigate through the website a lot easier, because the navigation bar is always in front of his eyes, regardless if he scrolls down or up. Although the transparency option is available for quite a while, it is only lately that many web designers are using it in order to create cool and lovely things in their websites.
Of course, there are others, but few will be able to stand the test of time, because new trends will make their way into the World Wide Web in 2014. There are plenty of gyms, fitness programs, yoga studios, hiking trails, and personal trainers to get you moving.
Eateries like Avo, Juice Bar, Calypso Cafe, Sunflower Cafe, AMOT, and Wild Cow are all health-conscious options if you’re looking to dine out and stay healthy. Parnassus, a local bookstore in Green Hills, has a reputable book club that provides three meeting times each month to cater to everyone’s schedules. Hands on Nashville is an organization dedicated to making volunteering more accessible, so check them out! You just sign-up and receive weekly emails reminding you to be a better person. Get more details.
See the Best Apartments Guide for insight on some of the hottest apartment communities and the Moving to Nashville Guide for details about each neighborhood.
The material on Nashville Guru may not be reproduced or republished without the written permission of Nashville Guru, LLC. If you have a simple easy to work with layout, changing your width property to a percentage is all you need to modify of your css style sheet to get it working. You can either use the css’ handheld stylesheet type or simply detect resolution size. An easy solution to this is to always provide an alternative for users who cannot view or use them. If you offer a genre of content, you need to assure users can get to them via browsing and not through using a search engine. Additionally, eliminating typing work as much as possible to get around while they are on your website is also ideal, as usually they are accessing your site to quickly pull or reference information. It’ll be interesting to apply these techniques to sites with more complicated layouts.
The website says people, "tend to make the same resolutions year after year, even though they have a hard time sticking to them". How to ensure that the website has a proper look, both on a PC monitor and on a smartphone screen? For dining at home, The Turnip Truck (East Nashville or Gulch) is a locally-owned, natural foods grocery store with thoughtfully-sourced food and ingredients.
The Empowerment Center is ideal if you’re getting out of debt and need help saving money.
If you cannot get to certain parts of your website without searching, chances are, they will not either.
If these requirements are met, then the code within the parenthesis is taken into consideration by the browser, and redefines previous styles.

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