Have you ever wondered how exactly search engine marketing works or how search engine optimization can help your business? Search engine marketing uses search engine optimized content to make your website easier for the spiders to find and for people who are searching the web to find.
If you want your website to show up higher on the search engine results page then you use to use search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques in order to get the spiders to notice your site and put your site higher on the search engine results page.
The number one rule to remember when you are planning out search engine marketing strategies or trying to figure out how use search engine optimization effectively on your website is that your website should have 100% original content. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is more than just taking one word or phrase and repeating it a certain number of times. 5 Web Design Techniques to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly You are using an outdated browser. The next page shows the control panel from which you can edit all the things about the search engine you created.
Search element displays the search results on the same page where the search query was typed. At this point you can customize the appearance of the search box, change the font, font color or background color of the search results also. I will demonstrate iframe hosting option because this is the most better option to display results and also needs a bit more customization.
On the next page you will see the options about where to place ads on your search result page. You will now need to enter the url of the page on which you want the search results to be displayed. Now copy and paste the search result code at the place where you want the search results to be shown but only on the page you created specifically for search results. If you want to place the search box in a fixed width column which is less wider than the default width of the search box, the search box makes the column expand enough to fit itself in. If you show the search results in a fixed column layout which is less wider than the default width of the results block, than the results block will expand the column to fit itself in. So, go ahead, setup google's custom search feature on your website and improve you site's performance. A search engine uses thousands of little bots called spiders to index the millions of web pages that are on the Internet.
People who are using a search engine to look for websites will rarely click to the second search engine results page. The spiders will place your site higher on the search engine results page if the content that is on your site is original. Your title should have a 50 – 60 character limit and your meta description should be of 150 – 160 character limit.
Right will place the ads on the right, Top and Right will place the ads on top and right side of the search results and Top and Bottom will place the ads on top and bottom of the search results. Just make a web page similar to the design of your website or if you have made a template of your design, just make a page from that template. Search engine optimization makes it possible for a search engine’s spider to find your web page and add it to the search engine results page whenever someone does a search for a word or phrase that shows up on your website.
These spiders start at the most well known websites and work backwards following links and searching for common words and phrases. It’s crucial that your site be on the first page of the search engine results page or people will probably not find your site.

When websites duplicate copy the spiders pick up on the repeated phrases and language and will sometimes not index a site at all if the spider determines that the content is too similar to the content on another site. Every page that the spiders come across with those particular words on them is indexed and saved. One of the common mistakes that businesses make is, including important information inside pictures. The major thing which you become aware of at the time that you begin your SEO job on Joomla website happens to be the URL or every page.
Those pages are the ones that show up in the search engine results page when someone uses Google or another search engine to look for websites on a particular topic.
The place where each site shows up in the search engine results page ranking is based on the content of the site, how many times particular words and phrases appear on the site and the relevance of the site to those search times.
But here are the top five things that you should begin with in your website design.5 Must Use SEO Friendly Web Design Tips Your Site Cannot Do Without#1 – Make it ResponsiveThe number of website visits that you would get now-a-days are from mobile devices. If you want to add a phone number or a contact address, then place them somewhere else like below the image. They have at all times query parameters that do not provide a great deal of information for search engines to correctly index as well as rank such pages. Out of these, 50% of the search made by the consumers lead to a store visit within the next few days.
This will make it easier for the search bots as well as for people who are interested to contact you.
At the time that you perform on-page search engine optimization, among the things you ought to pay much additional notice happens to be the URL of the page you wish optimizing. 78% of the mobile searches made result in offline purchases.A responsive web design makes it easy to access a website from any device be it the smartphone, tablet or a laptop. From the developer’s side, you do not need to create multiple pages to adjust into different screen sizes.
This will boost up your page keyword optimization and help people identify what is inside your page.#3 – Optimize Your ImagesOptimize your images with texts that will increase their search visibility.
Make use of Search engine friendly URLFor making the URL of your Joomla website search engine friendly, you have many options. All that you have to do is develop a responsive template that will reshape itself judging your device screen size.
As far as the platform is concerned, you can decide to run the website using static HTML template files or a content management system that uses a responsive theme.
WordPress for example, is a popular content management system that can help you create a static website, e-commerce store, blog, forum or anything that you want to run online.#2 – Include Important TextsText has always been the best option that the search engine bots crawl. That is why, it is fair enough to reason out why content marketing is an important marketing tool.
When designing your website’s navigation structure, make sure not to take your links three level deep. Your navigation structure should be important for viewers to understand and this also applies to your search crawlers.#5 – Remember to RedirectWhen redirecting to a new web version, do not forget about your old web pages. Typically beginners do not notice that and the manner you alter that title also somewhat obscure initially. If you have uploaded a video or an image in a particular web page, make sure to include a text based transcription below. Deleting the old pages, will cause you more trouble since when visitors enter your new page, they will receive a 404 error instead.

As you recognize, page title happens to be among the major on-site criterion taken into consideration by search engines at the time of positioning web pages.
There are more problems because, search engines will remove the page from the search results, thinking that the page no longer exists. Thus you ought to provide your pages with meaningful title with your key keyword incorporated in it.
You will lose all the organic traffic that you have been receiving till now.Use 301 redirects to inform the search bots about transfer from the old web version to the new one. Setup Meta data for all pages inside your websiteMeta data might not have as a lot of value to search engines as happened to have a small number of years earlier but still you ought to do correct optimization job on them. This will help you to maintain the domain authority that you have managed to build using SEO efforts.
While optimizing a webpage’s metadata you ought to center additionally on the description instead of keywords.
You write high-quality descriptions regarding your page, if possible 160 characters in length.
You can also contact a web development company that can help you create a new .htaccess file on your website server. You can even use a customized 404 page to help you back up any links in case you have forgotten to redirect to the new web page. Certainly on search engines not being able to discover applicable description inside your Meta tag, they will attempt to take out some text from your editorial body on top of the page and make use of that to be description on the search engine outcome page. Nevertheless, you contain the possibility to settle on what to put in its place, so make use of this gain to draw additional guest from search engines.The main problem I observe on many Joomla powered website happens to be that they employ a single set of Meta description as well as keyword for every page on the website. It is also about designing a template that brings in the right functionality that makes the user experience visitor friendly. So the next time you design your website, ensure that it’s both search engine as well as visitor friendly. Make the most of 404 error page pagesMost frequently you observe a Joomla website by way of the default 404 error page with tiny information regarding the error as well as a link to the home page. You ought to be setting up a 404 page, either making use of some kind of plugin or setting up one manually.
Take in important resource on this page for directing the user someplace back to the website. Or make use of a few of the phrases from query of user on the preceding page and create a search outcome page yourself.
Put in H1 Tags in JoomlaIt is an excellent idea to use H1 tag to be your article title decorator. It contains some implication to wards persuading search engines that the page’s in fact regarding the keyword you have been talking about beginning from the page title.Tags: joomla tips, Joomla Tutorials, seo Did you enjoy this article?
A flawless design will help you attract the web world which has improved extremely over the past few years.

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