It’s one of the easiest ways to make money marketing online, and the good news is that you can get a profitable website up and running in no time!
In this post I’m going to outline a proven 6 week schedule I’ve personally used that will take you from no website and no income to your first affiliate earnings in 6 weeks or less.
Usually it takes 2-3 months before you begin seeing affiliate income earnings, but in this post I’ll show you a few tips to jumpstart the process.
Your main task for your first week is going to be to launch your website and to begin to produce content for that website. If you’re not technically inclined, you should sign up for a one-click website setup, like the one provided by Wealthy Affiliate.
If you didn’t already sign up for Wealthy Affiliate in week 1, I highly recommend you do so now. The information there will help make sure you’re creating content that will rank in the search engines and sell the right products to your users. If you’d rather not use Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama Blueprint is a second good option, and comes with a $1 trial. By your third week, you need to sign up for at least 1 affiliate program and begin to promote a product. To promote your product, all you’re going to do is link to it from your website, using the specific affiliate link provided by your program.
Amazon Associates is a great program to start with, since it’s a recognized brand and you can find virtually any product category to promote something related to your niche.
Now that you have the makings of a real website, it’s time to start sharing that website with the world.
As you keep writing new content, be sure to share your posts via your existing social networks.
In addition to sharing these posts on your own social networks, you’re going to find other blogs and forums in your niche. When you find a good forum or blog, leave a comment that is helpful and relevant to the content on the page.
Your content will begin to rank in the search engines, and you social sharing is going to drive your first affiliate commissions until the organic traffic picks up.
Keep writing posts regularly and your earnings will begin to become consistent and grow month by month. Now that you understand a little more about what it takes to get a successful affiliate business up and running in a couple of weeks, it’s time to put that knowledge to work! If you do one thing today to help your future, you should sign up for a free affiliate training from Wealthy Affiliate. Click the link above to get access and learn what’s included in the free starter course, or read my review of the full Wealthy Affiliate program.
If you want to make money with affiliate programs you need two things: a great product that you can recommend and people that you can offer that recommendation to! Generally, the way affiliate programs work is that the product seller will pay you a percentage of each sale they make to the people that you send to their website. They do all of the selling, they supply and ship the product and they deal with taking the payments from the customer. Before you can make money with Affiliate Programs you need to find a program that is offering a great product.
That product might be a physical product or it might be an electronic or digital product but whatever form it takes, it needs to meet a need in the marketplace. Not all products available through affiliate programs will deliver everything that they claim.
The people who buy through one of your affiliate links might not tell their mates about a great product that you told them about, but they are sure to tell everyone about a bad experience. And you don’t get to keep the commission for product sales that are later refunded when the customer is unhappy with the product.
Sometimes a great solution to a problem will still not sell (or will suffer from a high level of refund requests) because the implementation is unpleasant or too hard. These days people expect things to be instant and effortless, and tend to get a bit grumpy when they need to invest a bit of time and effort to get the results they want. Most people associate affiliate marketing online with having a website, and that is the way a lot of affiliate marketers do operate their businesses.

If you have a Facebook account, or if you are on Twitter, Pinterest, or any of the other social media sites, you can start a business doing Affiliate Marketing online without having to build yourself a website. Another way to start is to either buy or build a mailing list and start sending out emails promoting your affiliate products. If they ask or if you can turn the conversation in a direction that doesn’t make you look super pushy, you can tell them about your affiliate product. Not all affiliate products will be suitable for this kind of marketing approach, but some will be perfect for it.
Really all you need to do is to find or reach out to a group of people who might be interested in the products you have to offer and convince them to trust you and your opinion enough to click on your affiliate link. You don’t need to sell anything, you just need to make a connection with your audience and pique their interest. Building a website requires a whole different skill set and not everyone has the time or resources needed to learn how to do it themselves.
The good news is that you can still get started with Affiliate Marketing online using your social media accounts (or new accounts if you don’t want to use your personal accounts) or offline by just talking to people who seem interested in what you have to offer.
An affiliate marketing business developed using a proven Affiliate Marketing System generally has a low cost of entry, depending on how you set up the business (the system you select) you will may decide to spend a little bit of money on a domain name and hosting for a website.
You don’t have to buy stock, although if you are going to promote products online, even as an affiliate, then it is usually a good idea to buy the product at least once. That way you can check out both the product itself and the purchasing funnel the vendor uses. As an affiliate you don’t need to physically handle any product, all you need to do is to send people interested in the product or products to the vendors website.
They handle all aspects of the sale, the take the orders, handle the money and ship or digitally deliver the products to the customer. My name is Deb and what you see here was created by me for you so that you can learn more about one proven way to be successful Affiliate Marketer online.
Amazon is famous for online selling and buying, therefore it doesn’t need a brief introduction.
My this month (December 2014) Amazon affiliate earning is around 110 US dollars, but I’m targeting to reach 1000$ per month by end of 2015.
You may be getting 70% commission of a electronic product you sell ( let’s say, a WordPress theme), but the Amazon’s music system may pay you around 6% commission only. So, the need and demand of these physical products in Amazon is always higher than other higher commission rated electronic products. Amazon is having a great showcasing sales page with multiple products, options and user reviews in the target sales page. Selling Amazon products on your blog is not only by the affiliate links, but also plenty of different and professional ways available. Their Links & Banners, Widgets and the famous astore would be the great tools to make the selling professional.
These above 5 points would mostly convince you to start concentrating on Amazon associate (Affiliate) to make extra money from your blog. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Affiliate marketing is that it is a way of making money online whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site. If your Blog is getting high traffic then Hostgator Affiliate program will be the best way for you to make higher earnings. Are you searching for the best Affiliate program to utilize your traffic to make money then Hostgator will fulfill you. Many other web hosting providers are there to pay you for referrals but you cannot get this much of payment.
Hostgator allows every user to sign-up and use its affiliate program so without becoming as a client we can able to easily become as an part of it to publish the hosting plans using referral links. Hostgator is giving attractive affiliate banners for users as HTML code so you can pick a beautiful and catchy banner from the list and display it along with your article.
Hostgator is giving another great option to create custom coupons for affiliate program users.
Advertising your referral links along with the coupon code is a one of the legal method to earn money.

Hostgator is the best and cheapest leading hosting provider in the world with more than 80 million domains hosting in this company and they giving unlimited bandwidth and Disk space.
Facebook is a legend in internet world and it gets one billion unique visitors every month.
This is a most interesting Facebook trick which helps you to find who really views (visits) your Facebook Profile most often. Don’t hesitate to tag friends you think might be interested, or reach out and ask a buddy for an share or retweet. You need to do some quality checks before you put your name and reputation behind a product.
So managing expectations and being up front about what the product will actually do for them is very important. You can also go offline, and talk to people that you already know, or people that you meet as you go about your day. If it sounds complicated, then I have to assume that you have little or no experience with building websites or affiliate marketing online. After they have started the service in India, the market has grown and expanded, so Indian bloggers can make use of it. So, the users you send may end up buying completely different product from Amazon, but still you get the commission, cool isn’t it?. Frankly I do not promote any of the blow items( 80% of sold items are not related to my blog), but I still get the commission. The Publisher studio tool and API integration will add more comprehensive support to WordPress and it’s plugins to sell Amazon products. Many popular bloggers revealed that Hostgator Affiliate program is the great source for them to make money.
Because for each successful referrals using your affiliate referral link they will pay you 50$+. So Hostgator will be the best option for every webmasters if they interested in Affiliate marketing. After doing signup you have to fill the payment details with your correct address to receive payment. Not only in Facebook, share it in other popular social media sites to gain some extraordinary referral income and make your friends and family to join in this great program to earn some extra revenue. So selling the plans through referral links is not at all a big task for us because it was already popular on market. The conversion rate is great and compared to other physical products selling affiliate programs, Amazon associate affiliate is reasonably good. Some of the best way to attract users along with your article is writing advantages and displaying payment proof. And the important thing is should not write about coupons and reviews because it will hurt Hostgator terms and conditions. You can make income using Hostgator more than $2000+ and they are not giving any limits in payment so you can able to get unlimited money growth.
Even though I do not make much money from Amazon associate (affiliate) program, but still it is one of my favorite program since it doesn’t require any additional work. There are plenty of people make handsome amount of money by selling their own or others products on Amazon.
Also, the demand and need of these physical products are always higher compared to other electronic products which give higher commission.
If you take the same example I have mentioned earlier, when you send a reader to WordPress theme sales page, he doesn’t have any options to buy different items. Should not use your own coupon code to sign-up an account by yourself it will affect you lot. Generate the coupon with your site domain name because it will make good opinion for your blog in front of users.

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