The dagger is a light, One-Handed weapon with a short blade and hilt that is found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Even though daggers do not do as much damage per hit as other One-Handed weapons like the Sword, Mace, or War Axe, the dagger's attack speed is faster, allowing the wielding character to be more nimble and making the dagger a very suitable weapon for the Thief. Since the dagger has a shorter reach than most other weapons, it is suitable for fighting in close quarters and avoiding hitting friendly characters or creatures accidentally. When dual wielding daggers with the Assassin's Blade perk and Shrouded Gloves, the daggers sneak attack can do a total of 30x damage.

Even though they are One-Handed weapons, daggers are uniquely unaffected by Fortify One-Handed enchantments. The dagger, being the smallest of the wield-able weapon, is the weakest one to use for blocking, since weapons larger than the blocking weapon will force damage through, i.e. So, I finally had time to test out my theory about the silence of weapons, and it turns out that my hunch was right. These two statistics are consistent for all daggers regardless of material; therefore, they are not included in the table below.

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