A nontraditional Equipale table and chairs could be just the conversation starter your dinner party needs.
A little bit of Mexican Talavera goes a long way towards making your table a unique standout that your guests won’t soon forget. Choose a pine table and chairs to get an authentically rustic look that will make your guests feel right at home no matter how large your group is or how far they’ve come.
Elan Event Rentals in Southern California uses Equipale's for wedding ceremonies and photo shoots. MAKE + MODEL will have a set of four Equipale chairs available for purchase at the upcoming POP-UP SHOPPE (Sunday, May 4th).
Equipale furniture is made from real pig skin leather that is soaked in natural pigments for color and woods sourced locally in Mexico, our Equipale furniture is of the highest quality available.

Use talavera selectively for the ever important pop of color, or go for bold and deck out your entire table with colorful hand painted ceramic accents pieces.
The classic blue rims and heavy duty glass ensure they will be fitting for virtually any setting. The round table style can also enhance intimacy for a smaller gathering of close friends and family. Showcase that mouthwatering turkey you slaved over all day by placing the best carvings in a Talavera serving dish.
Dress up your table with wine glasses and decanters, spotlight your home brew in a pilsner glass, or mix it up with blue swirl cups. The craftsmanship of these Equipale furniture pieces is so amazing that you will hardly need any tabletop decorations at all.

Your mashed potatoes will have an extra visual appeal when served from a distinctive Talavera platter. Place a simple centerpiece of corn husk flowers and you’re ready to impress with minimal effort. The juxtaposition of these styles really created an artistic vibe that I am still inspired by.

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