Whenever Japanese people ask what your favorite food is, do everyone a favor and don’t say “sushi.” Because sushi is what they think you’re going say.
When you look at your naked body in the mirror, how much do you think, Oh the hell, I might as well just eat that tub of ice cream and worry about dieting tomorrow? How sure are you that you won’t suffer a massive coronary in the next half hour should you suddenly introduce a significant amount of saturated fat into your arteries? Once you’ve determined that you’re A) broke and B) don’t give a damn what you look like, it’s time to get cooking. All right, once you’ve laid your hands on the necessary ingredients, first wash and peel the vegetables. You can eat curry without any toppings, but a lot of people (okay, me) like to add something cooling to contrast the heavy flavor. Curry goes with pretty much anything—-rice, bread, hell, just dip your palms into it and it’ll taste fantastic.
Well, you gotta speak truth to power, but when it comes to Naoko, I suggest you use a spoon. That’s hardly an ingredient, but like a melding of two food groups, like one of those things where they stuff a turkey with a chicken and then stuff a robin or something in the chicken. I love udon too (actually, I love pretty much all Japanese food), but I can never remember which is kitsune and which is tanuki. Kitsune Udon is called that because it has aburaage in it, which is said to be the favorite food of foxes!
I do think about making little video sketches of Japan, but that would be a whole other project.
If you care to give it a try here is my version (not at all authentic) of a dish called Doro tibs. In a pot over low heat, combine the oil, onion, garlic, ginger, chili powder, cumin and cardamom, and cook, stirring, for 30 minutes.
Chicken i liked to grill half of so some bits where nice and chewy and other soft and crumbly it’s up to you, but if your going to grill some its best to do it while the spices and frying. I agree that a lot of Japanese curry from restaurants has some meat in it, although the amount is so minor that you wonder why they bothered.
You might be trying to deceive newcomers, but I have been to Japan, and ate what you describe, and this food is called KAREH.
I just imagined someone’s breath after eating curry made with fresh ground togarashi peppers topped with kimchee, followed by a beer. Yes, curry should either be eaten all by yourself, or with someone else eating it at exactly the same time. Ever since childhood I’ve eaten everything with chopsticks (with the relatively recent exception of curry). Man, put me at a yatai with a bottle of Asahi and a little plastic box of red ginger and some sesame seeds and I’m all over that.
The texture was very nice, sort of a mix between regular oven bake polymer clays and rubber.
For the tarts that I made I wanted them to be very realisitc, so I actually let the clay set out for about 10 minutes until it just started to dry out.
The other thing I did was to make paint some browning marks onto the waffles and crusts of the tarts with a mixture of glaze, and powdered colored chalk.
If you are wondering how to get that great powdered sugar look on the top of your cakes, just use some ground up white chalk! This Mont Blanc Maker comes with six plates for making all different thicknesses of strings, and ribbons. These Mont Blanc Makers can be used with many types of clay, but I especially love the texture of lightweight paper clay!
To make tulips : shape with your hand, and then snip the petals in with a little pair of scissors! I love some of these easy ideas for working with everyday items, like making this plate from a coffee creamer! If you want something more permanent and sturdy, use this little plate with some mold maker. This is a great little tutorial on how to make a miniature cucumber for your Japanese Deco projects or dollhouse.

I was looking at this one up close and does'nt it look like it could be made by stamping one of those old school wax letter sealing stamps into some clay? I am not currently carrying these in my shop, but I guess it was only because I did not have the vision to see how awesome they were until I saw this book!
Okay so this book has lots of great clay craft tutorials which you can figure out mostly just by looking at the pictures. You will need to knead the polymer a little bit to get it soft, then shape it into an egg shape.
I also go a step further than what is suggested in this tutorial, and I paint it with a high gloss finish, so to make it look ripe and juicy! Now fold over the clay so that it captures the paint inside, and then gently knead until a uniform color is reached, with no striping or marbleing. Now using a box cutter, or razor blade, you want to apply a texture to the surface of your banana.
Once you have all of the outside texture, you will want to cut off the end on a slight diagonal cut, and throw away the end piece.
I mean, I guess if you’re black, you could say “sushi,” because at least that’s your second worst answer, but still, “curry” is better.
Some people put in chocolate, apple sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, coffee, or some crazy thing they dreamed up when they were stoned. Anyway, if you do the whole thing right and don’t drink too much beer during the cooking process, you should be able to make a flaming vat of wonderful in about 30 minutes, which if you eat it for a month like, uh, some people I know, works out to exactly one minute of cooking per day. I was only able to read the first half however, as my status of Man’s Man required me to read no further than ingredient #2. Honestly, my favourite japanese food is kitsune udon, (strange I know), but I like to say it’s natto for the kicks I get when I see their japanese faces. My only issue with curry is that as a person living alone, I feel like I’m eating curry for a week straight after I make it. By some genetic defect, I’m completely content to just eat the same stuff day after day. I remember walking into restaurants that claimed to serve SUSHI and instead they sell you something called NIGIRI, which is shaped like a little pillow with stuff on top, has no imitation crab, no avocado, no cream cheese, or any other sushi ingredients.
People in the West have somehow bought into the notion that MSG is horrible, where in Japan supermarkets are selling salt shakers full of the stuff. All you’d have left is an empty bowl with some artificially red ginger and a few grains of MSG. Boiled a bit of it up, pan-fried some lamb, some veggies and then chucked the whole lot in a slow cooker for 8 hours. My recollection of the UK (okay, London, really) is that curry is basically the national food. Not 100% sure though, because there are also some confusingly similar other red pickled things that can get served together with curry.
All you gotta do is use a razor blade to scrape some brown pastel chalk into some Sculpy glaze, and stir and stir and stir until it looks like coffee!
You can find these little drinkable yogurts on the top shelf over all the other spoonable yogurts at the grocery store. Then using an old ( or new but saved for this specific task ) toothbrush, dab the toothbrush bristles all over the cake.
Then press it down onto the wax paper, smashing and molding it as you go to make the perfect cut in half strawberry shape.
There are many ways to add texture to your berry creations, but I think this is the best way if you want to have a realistic looking berry! If you will please notice, the berry above, does not exactly look like the real berry that I showed you earlier.
If, on the other hand, you’re a guy who moved to Japan for some reason he can no longer remember and then started trimming his eyebrows and wearing skinny trousers, then you probably need a few more details. If you’re worried about losing the valuable vitamins in the skin, well, take a multivitamin or something, and that’ll give you the strength to keep peeling. But make sure to use Japanese pickles, not those damn green dilly things that come in a jar. Okay, that’s still a lot, but it beats spending eight bucks at CoCo Ichibanya down the street on a daily basis.

If I was stuck alone on an island with nothing but a pot of curry, I’d be completely happy. Then next door they sell O-NIGIRI, which you would think is a donut-shaped NIGIRI, but it’s a triangle of rice and seaweed instead. One thing that you should point out is that Japanese curry from a Japanese market is preferable. I used to do a lot of slow cooking, before I moved to Japan where everything seems to be done at hyper-speed, and it was fantastic. I have had fine results painting before baking, but it still makes me nervous for some reason? But before you rush off and mix up a steaming vat of deliciousness, you need to make sure that curry is appropriate for your situation.
I really gotta buy some curtains.  Anyway, you’d ideally want to make curry after blowing your entire monthly paycheck on too much booze and sushi, then failing to hunger-strike your way to payday. Packaged curry comes in spiciness ranging from Mild to Holy Fuck, and you can probably find it in your local Japanese grocery store. Cube the potatoes and soak them in water for a couple of minutes so your curry doesn’t taste all starchy.
Also I might just have to keep this article handy for the next time hunger is knocking and the pockets are empty.
Without all that MSG it just wouldn’t give you the crackish fiending you get so accustomed to. They make a great assortment of Deco Sauces, in lots of colors, but for this project they make a perfect chocolate that looks just like this. You do not need to frost the entire top of the cake since it will be covered by the smaller cake. People are really good at talking about how to do this or that, and really bad at discussing whether or not you should. Or if you live in the middle of a forest or swamp or somewhere, you can order it from Amazon. You can put in any damn thing you want, because in the end it’s all just going to taste like curry anyway. If you’ve got guests coming, like maybe some Japanese girl named Naoko or something, you can pile on some flash-fried vegetables, such as broccoli or eggplant, and she’ll say Oh, that looks so nice.
Unfortunately I live in a place without any Japanese curry now, and am unable to afford the hiked up prices of buying Japanese food online. I once found them in a Japanese food mart, but then i moved and forgot what they were called.
Depending on how freaky you like to get, you might want to add garlic, mushrooms, beans, Japanese pumpkin, okra, asparagus, or spinach. Like there’s probably not some Quality Control manager saying, No, that would make our product taste too good, better not put that in. To balance out any lingering feelings of health, you can also liberally apply Japanese mayonnaise to your plate while she’s not looking. Those bright red semi translucent squares every western japanese eatery dumps on top of your food.
It’s packaged like chocolate, and no, you can’t just eat it straight with some carrot sticks, because I know a guy who tried that while drunk and it was not tasty at all. Personally, if it’s vegetable matter and it’s in my kitchen, into the fiery cauldron it goes. My Japanese market is the only place I can get a mix of salt, pepper, ginger, lemon, msg, and sesame seed seasoning. I think it’s time to head to my local Japanese market for a big bowl of MSG infested pork cheek ramen. The cubes will dissolve and create a rich and deliciously artery-clogging stew where the longer you simmer it, the better it’ll taste.

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