The jam or jelly in these miniature thumbprint cookies is made using tiny plastic crystals or pellets from Makit & Bakit kits.
You can buy a kit based on the jelly colors you’d like, or use crystals you have left over from other projects. To make the jelly drops, spread some aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and drop the crystals on top. For the cookies you’ll need just one drop, but you can also group the crystals in clusters to make smears of jelly for other projects.
If the crystals still look too round or the smears of jelly haven’t spread out, keep baking and check on them every 5 minutes or so. Cut the circle shapes with a drinking straw and give them some texture by pressing a piece of rough sandpaper against the top and sides. I brushed on a bit of powdered brown pastels to give the edges a golden-brown color, but this step is optional. To ask questions email us now or call the Sales Department at (562) 916-3280 Sales Inquiries Only. All doll house kits, and assembled dollhouse shells come un-painted and un-finished except as otherwise stated. Illuminating a dollhouse with electric chandeliers, ceiling lights, table lamps or fire places gives the look of a real house and often brings the finishing touches Dollhouse Lights and Dollhouse Lighting Supplies by Cir-Kit Concept Chandeliers . I mean, I love dolls,? and would LOVE to make my very own dollhouse and I would love a video on tape wiring a dollhouse.
However, the magic of lights in a dollhouse is an allure too strong to resist individual GOW bulbs, usually without male plugs, to make your own light fixtures. Dolls' house miniature lamps and lighting projects for beginners who want to explore making their own dollhouse lights.
This junior sized bed for a dolls house is made from wooden stir sticks and built in the shape of traditional picket fence gates. This junior dolls house bed for a dollhouse child is made of wooden stir sticks filed into pickets using the instructions given in the miniature techniques section.
You can make the bed in a number of different sizes and styles using the techniques that follow. To make a basic picket gate, decide how wide you want your gate to be, and how many pickets you will need. Measure for the cross members by measuring on one arm of an x across your gate and making two double ended picket pieces which measures this length.Lay the pickets out in the pattern of your choice, then mark the cutting line for the base of the gate.
When the first cross member for your miniature picket gate is securely glued in place, lay the second cross member across the first, and mark where it crosses the first cross member. Finish the basic miniature picket gate by cutting and fitting a base board to cover the bottom edges of your gate.
Completed miniature dollhouse Christmas tree in 1:12 scale with lots of space for decorations. Realistic Christmas trees suitable for several scales, including common dollhouse and railway scales, can be easily made using preserved branches of lycopodium also known as prince's pine,princess pine or erica moss a sustainably harvested form of club moss available over the internet, by mail order, or through dried floral supply outlets.

Bottle Brush Base, Miniature Plant Pot and Lycopodium Moss to Make a Miniature Christmas Tree. To make a realistic miniature Christmas Tree for a dolls house, Christmas village or railroad scene you will need:Three to four clumps of preserved lycopodium moss. A bottle brush designed to be used as the base for a miniature Christmas tree for a dolls house scene.
Thin and shape the bottle brush baseBegin by thinning out and shaping the brush that will form the base of the miniature Christmas tree. Try to make your brush resemble the one in the photo.Use a bit of modeling clay or scrap of dry floral arrangement foam or styrofoam to hold your brush stable while you add the greenery.
Insert sections of lycopodium all around the bottle brush to create a realistic miniature Christmas tree. Determine the length of moss you need for branchesDepending on whether you want to make a tree for a Christmas Village scene, a Christmas Railroad, or a Dollhouse, you will need a particular size of miniature tree. Finish Your Tree ShapeWork your way around and up your tree to the top adding slightly shorter pieces of lycopodium to each layer.
Using just polymer clay and Makit & Bakit crystals used for suncatcher craft projects, they can be baked up in no time. These kits are used to make suncatchers and include packets of various colors and a metal frame. The crystals don’t spread out much when baked, so if baking them in clusters make sure to place the pieces close together. Baking for 10 minutes will make smaller jelly drops, 15 minutes will make slightly larger ones.
Each brand has a different temperature and baking time, but since they’re baked at a lower temperature than the plastic crystals, the jelly drops won’t melt.
The ones in the jar below were baked for only 5 minutes and have a rounder shape that’s perfect for use as colorful hard candies or bath beads.
Even if electric light fixtures don’t fit into your decor, you still need lighting to make the most of your dollhouse. I did mine but some lights? won't Offering dollhouse wiring kits, lighting fixtures, miniature light bulbs, dollhouse Christmas lights and outlets, plugs and switches. Garden of Imagination demonstrates how to make a real working miniature chandelier light for a doll house. This basic waterfall chandelier can be made in More elaborate chandeliers may use similar crystal bead Beautiful hassle-free Miniature Dollhouse Lamps. Make a battery operated fire, a chandelier, or Shop miniature doll house lighting fixtures. Trim the section out of the second cross member and glue it in place on the gate top, clamping it securely to the gate while the glue dries. This tree was created from a kit available in the UK through the Cancer Foundation as a fundraiser at dolls house fairs.
Your tree can be any size that will fit with your miniature scene, Christmas Village, or dolls house scale.

Insert a single stem piece of lycopodium moss into the centre of the bottle brush at the bottom of your tree to get a sense of how long your pieces of moss will need to be. Work all around the tree, turning the tree as you go and inserting branches so they droop down slightly (the weight of ornaments will cause them to droop a bit more after the tree is made). The pellets are placed into the frame and baked in the oven until they melt, creating a faux stained glass look.
If you are planning to make your own dollhouse, it is advisable to think of lighting your dollhouse wiring and lighting fixtures. The number of pickets will depend on the size of your stir sticks, which vary widely.Cut the number of pickets you need to make the correct width of gate, plus two double ended pickets to use for the cross members of the gate. To make a bed, one gate section was designed with an arched top and the footboard was designed with a reverse arch. If your brush has too many bristles the lycopodium stems will break when you try to insert them.Brushes with fewer strands will make more open Christmas trees which are better for showing off hanging ornaments. You want the moss to protrude beyond the end of the bottle brush, but not so far that the tree becomes too wide at the base.
The kits are available at most craft stores and are usually found in the children’s section. If you have selected a platinum level dollhouse, The dollhouse lighting enhances the beauty of the dollhouse. Miniature File half round to file pickets as well as tenons for the mortise and tenon joins.
A pill bottle lid the width of the gate was laid out on top of the pickets to position the pickets to form the arch shape. Several suppliers make these, find one with very sparse branches if possible, Lemax have a suitable one in their Christmas accessory line.
You will be able to trim the tree to its final shape later, but the more complete ends of moss you leave, the more realistic and less pruned your tree will look. By placing an order with Mott's you certify that you have read and understand our ordering policies.
Miniature Drill to drill holes for the mortise of the mortise and tenon join.PVA (white) glue Four Glass Topped Sewing Pins as finials for the bed posts. Then the ends of the pickets were marked to length and cut.Finish your pickets with the paint or finish of your choice and set them aside to dry.
If you wish to weather the pickets, sand the paint when dry to distress the finish.When the paint is dry, lay out your pickets in the pattern for your gate, and glue the first cross member in place, clamping it to the gate pieces.

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